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Midnight Releasing and Brain Damage VOD Sale

Check out the new paperback HEAVY METAL MOVIES (2013)

Iron Man 3 Opens Strong

Perlman Wants Hellboy 3

Review: The Colony (2013)

Scream Set To Become TV Series

King's 11/22/63 May Be Headed To Small Screen

Weird Science To Be Remade

Expendables 3 Gets A Director

Video Violence Diehard Videovore Edition Announced

Wesley Snipes Becomes Expendable

Michael Rooker Joins Guardians of the Galaxy

ROAD HELL Coming to DVD July 16, 2013 - Watch the Trailer

Independence Day 2 and 3 Plot Details

Captain America 2 Gets Redford, Pierre

Review: The Cottage (2009)

Wes Craven Wants To Revisit Shocker

Review: Dream Home (2011)

Mendes Will Not Return For Skyfall Follow-Up

Edward Furlong Gets His Judgment Day

Dexter Comes to an End

Review: Room 237 (2012)

McAvoy Up For The Crow

Sinister 2 Secures its Writers

Gary Oldman Joins Planet of the Apes Sequel

My Amityville Horror Trailer

The Conjuring Trailer

Fantastic Four Reboot Getting Interesting

Chemical Peel Trailer

Mad Max Trilogy Coming to Blu-Ray

Night at the Museum 3 is Happening

The Raid 2 Begins Production

Zombieland To Become A Series on Amazon

Lundgren Talks Expendables 3

Leprechaun Franchise Getting Reboot Treatment

Ron Howard Eyeing The Graveyard Book

Sandler and Carrey Considered for Guardians of the Galaxy?

Wicked Bird Media Announces First Project

"Natalie's Lose Lose" Release Date Announced

Spielberg/Hanks Reteam for HBO WWII Series

Review: The Iceman (2012)

Frank Darabont Joins Godzilla

Exclusive: Retired Actors We Miss Dearly

Dead Snow 2 On The Horizon

Movie Review: Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013)

Bates Motel Premieres March 18

Evil Dead Remake Has No CGI

Movie Review: The Loved Ones (2012)

Movie Review: Excision (2012)

Top 8 Horror Movies of 2012 : GMO's Picks

Dexter Season 8 its Last?

Storage 24 Red Band Trailer

Jackie Chan Joins Expendables 3

Insidious Chapter 2 Gets Barbara Hershey Back

Roger Rabbit 2 Script Ready and "Very Good"

Stewart, McKellan Join X-Men Sequel

God of War Adaptation News

New Trailer - "Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie" (2012)

Paul W.S. Anderson Heads to Pompeii

The Dead Matter Now Available at RedBox/Amazon/iTunes

First Images from Dan Walton's Indie Horror Flick BIND

Cusack Circles King's Cell

Kurt Russell to Star in new Horror/Western

Singer Heads Back to The X-Men

Riddick to be Rated-R

Review: Grave Encounters 2 (2012)

Review: Inbred (2012)

Review: In Their Skin (2012)

Review: Dead Sushi (2012)

Stephen King's Gramma Next In Line For Adaptation

The Legend of Conan Now Official

Review: Sushi Girl (2012)

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