• Available Now On VOD! Movie Reveiw: Odd Thomas (2013)

    Novelist Dearn R. Koontz hasnít exactly had a stellar run at the in Hollywood. While fellow horror writer Stephen King has seen his works of The Shining, The Mist and The Green Mile all win over audiences, Koontz has had to endure seeing inferior films such as Watchers, Phantoms and Shattered carry his name in the opening credits.

    Things look a little more promising for Koontz with Stephen Sommersí (The Mummy) adaptation of his novel, Odd Thomas which had its Canadian Premiere last night at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival.

    Fright Nightís Anton Yelchin stars as Odd Thomas, a young man with the ability to see the evil that surrounds us. The dead communicate to Odd Thomas and he has used this ability to assist the local police chief (played by Willem Dafoe) to solve crimes and, in some instances, stop crime before it even begins.

    But when stranger Bob Robertson (Shuler Hensley) comes to town, his presence is surrounded with evil Ė a signal that a mass killing involving the outsider is about to take place. With the town on the edge of potential ruin, Thomas and girlfriend Stormy (Addison Timlin) must quickly put together clues, one of which includes a portal to hell, in an effort to thwart the evil forces threatening the community.

    Best described as John Dies at the End meets Peter Jacksonís The Frighteners, Odd Thomas was a very entertaining movie that had elements of fantasy, horror and thriller all wrapped up in a Koontz ball of fun.

    The movie benefits greatly from the experienced directing of Sommers. Having handled big action effects such as The Mummy and Deep Rising, Sommers is able to direct CGI moments with precision and the effects in Odd Thomas are top rate. The story is fairly involving as well. Subsequent research has revealed that some characters in the book have been excluded or have changed in features, but for those without a direct comparison to the source material, Odd Thomas is sure to be a film that when most catch up with it on DVD or VOD will be speaking highly of its merits.

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