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  1. some of your favorite genres of music and bands of the genres?
  2. What song are you listening to right now?
  3. Best coversongs ever made
  4. Last Concert you saw
  5. Horror themed Music vids
  6. Cheesiest 80's song for 80s movie end credits
  7. Iron maiden announce new studio album "the final frontier"
  8. South park song
  9. Charred Walls of the Damned
  10. Post Your Favorite Music Videos Here
  11. Favorite Music collectible
  12. Rob Zombie's Hellbilly Deluxe 2
  13. Rubbin' elbows with rockstars...
  14. Best show you have attended?
  15. CD release dates for 2010
  16. have you heard of these guys????
  17. What movie are these song lyrics from?
  18. Music your ashamed to admit you like
  19. Eddie Van Halen to Hold Apology Press Conference
  20. Best Guitar Solos Ever
  21. Slayer back
  22. Malcolm McLaren RIP
  23. Health's awesome Gory new Music Video
  24. If Bill and Ted showed up....
  25. Peter Steele dead
  26. Summer Slaughter Tour 2010
  27. New Black Keys album and Music Video
  28. RUSH Guitarist Says New Material Is 'In-Your-Face Guitar Stuff'
  30. JANE'S ADDICTION Debuts New Song At Cinco De Mayo Concert; Video Available
  31. 'Lemmy' Documentary Co-Director/Co-Producer Interviewed
  32. Primus Announces North American Tour and First New Album In Over 10 Years
  33. Korn Posts New Song, "Oildale," Online
  34. A7X News
  35. DEVIN TOWNSEND Says His Friendship With JASON NEWSTED 'Ended Strangely'
  37. ALICE COOPER, ROB ZOMBIE Talks To 100.5 KTED About 'The Gruesome Twosome Tour'
  38. As I Lay Dying Streaming Entire New Album "The Powerless Rise"
  39. Deftones Announces More U.S. Tour Dates
  40. HENRY ROLLINS And GLENN DANZIG In Fictional Comic-Book Love Story
  41. DANZIG East Coast Support Acts Revealed
  42. Former Vocalist Joey Belladonna Rejoins Anthrax
  43. Sick Of It All Comments On Upcoming Tour Dates
  44. Howard Jones To Perform With Killswitch Engage On May Dates
  45. Buckcherry's New Album
  46. Slayer goes to Church
  47. RIP Ronnie Dio
  48. Shinedown?
  49. Axl Rose suing former GnR manager for $5 million
  50. Slipknot Bassist Paul Gray Found Dead
  51. KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Premieres New Claymation Video
  52. Soulfly Releases "Rise Of The Fallen" Music Video
  53. The Black Keys - "Tighten Up"
  54. Concert i might be attending
  55. VRA! Split Screen Dream Theater Cover Collaboration - Metropolis Pt. 1
  56. STONE TEMPLE PILOTS Announces North American Tour Dates
  57. Disturbed - New Album This Fall
  58. DANZIG: Performance Footage Of New Songs Posted Online
  59. Miley Cyrus - Can't Be Tamed Out Now!
  60. Rob Zombie To Host WWE's Monday Night RAW
  61. Hellyeah's New Album Stampede
  62. Murderdolls Premiere New Track Titled 'My Dark Place Alone'
  63. NEVERMORE - Emptiness Unobstructed
  64. Awesomely Bad Music Videos
  65. Post the most ridiculous hairmetal video here
  66. Travis Barker remix
  67. Miley Cyrus: Live At The O2 Arena In London DVD
  68. Best work out and pump up songs
  69. What Are The Bands or Music Groups That You Just Can't Stand?
  70. List Your Favorite Music Groups here
  71. Hottest Rockstar daughters
  72. Best horror songs!
  73. TOOL Frontman's 'Blood Into Wine' Documentary: New Teaser Clip Released
  74. JOEY JORDISON Says 'SLIPKNOT Will Return'
  75. IMMORTAL: 'All Shall Fall' Video To Premiere This Friday
  77. Irish Journalist Slams 'Bloated' AXL ROSE Over Dublin Concert Fiasco (Audio)
  78. DANZIG: 'On A Wicked Night' Video Released
  79. Rob Zombie: The Dennis Miller Radio Interview
  80. Alice In Chains Uploads BlackDiamondSkye Performance Footage
  81. Radiohead considers new release
  82. Drummer Mike Portnoy Leaves Dream Theater
  83. A Perfect Circle Returns From Hiatus, Plans Shows and TV Appearance
  84. Quiet Riot To Return With New Singer Mark Huff
  85. GWAR To Film 'Zombies, March!' Video With FANGORIA
  86. Mushroomhead Posts New Music Video Teaser Clip Online
  87. OZZY OSBOURNE Dedicates 'Road To Nowhere' To His 'Old Friend' RONNIE JAMES DIO (Video
  88. 10 Album covers that changed everything!
  89. Scott Ian's plastic! Just in case you missed it!
  90. The 50 Most Controversial Album Covers
  91. Dave Mustaine with Daffy Duck!
  92. ZAKK WYLDE: 'The Reason I Drink Is Because I Enjoy Copping A Beer Buzz'
  93. ANTHRAX: Performance Footage Of 'Only' From New Orleans Available
  94. ROB ZOMBIE Interviewed On FUSE ON DEMAND's 'Uranium' (Video)
  95. Revolver's Hottest Chicks In Metal
  96. Failed Celebrity Albums
  97. Nirvana Reunion??
  98. rock star mugshots...post it here fuckers
  99. My New Favorite Band - "My Darkest Days"
  100. Cradle Of Filth Posts New Album, "Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa" Online For Streaming
  101. STEEL PANTHER To Guest On PLAYBOY TV's 'Playboy's Beach House'
  102. Kataklysm Reveals Dates For North American Headline Tour
  103. Murderdolls Announces December U.S. Tour
  104. Metallica kicks kid off stage
  105. Map of Metal
  106. Def Leppard tribute band looking for drummer
  107. Best guitar solo ever!!
  108. 'Black Metal: The Music Of Satan' Documentary Due Next Month
  109. vERY COOL fucking video
  110. Merry Christmas from Gwar
  111. best song of 2010
  112. Best Drinkin songs ( a Gregmo tribute)
  113. Happy Birthday Peter Steele
  114. Dead Milkmen Putting Out A New Album (First in 15 years)
  115. Muppets do Kayne West
  116. Groban sings Kanye
  117. Gauchos cover rock songs
  118. Tool Uploads Two New Rehearsal Clips Online
  119. Onslaught Audio Interview
  120. revisiting some oldies
  121. Nirvana Baby
  122. 2 Guys, 2 Cellos
  123. The Big 4 +
  124. Any fans of Swollen members out there?
  125. Thin Lizzy guitarist Gary Moore found dead
  126. Do You Have A Favourite Song Of All Time?
  127. Music Videos that give you a boner!!
  128. 2011 Album Releases
  129. fEB 2011 heavymetal releases
  130. MaRch 2011 heavymetal releases
  131. Soundgarden to record
  132. Alice In Chains' Mike Starr Reportedly Found Dead In Salt Lake City
  133. Annoying Song
  134. Butcher's Gay Music Thread
  135. Audio Interview with Amon Amarth's Fredrik Andersson
  136. Death Metal Friday
  137. Best Rock Band
  138. Fight the power
  139. Hair Metal Thread
  140. ALICE COOPER, ROB ZOMBIE: Clip From 'Mad Genius' Documentaries Available - Mar. 25, 2
  141. Official Movie Score Thread
  142. The Future of DJ'ing - Bye Bye LP's
  143. Cradle Of Filth's Dani Filth Reportedly Dating Justin Bieber
  144. Happy Deathday Layne (August 22, 1967 c. April 5, 2002)
  145. The Cars are back!
  146. Lady Gaga Falls on Stage
  147. Britney Spears: Then and Now
  148. Mumford & Sons
  149. Stone Sour Appreciation thread
  150. Rolly Stones Cereal Commercail
  151. Led Zepplin : Were they just rip off artists?
  152. Bieber targeted by eggs
  153. Cyrus Sings Nirvana
  154. Poppity Pop
  155. Japanese Metal Band Music Video
  156. Hot Women of Metal
  157. Lady Gaga vs. Judas Priest mashup
  158. Amy Winehouse in incoherent again
  159. Eric Clapton is God
  160. Hammerfall
  161. Rob Zombie Woolite Commercial: "Torture"
  162. Faith No More appreciation thread
  163. BREAKING NEWS: Amy Winehouse, 27, found dead at her London flat
  164. Songs Dedicated to Amy Winehouse( not to be confused with Gregmo drinking songs.
  165. The Kill Screens
  166. CRUISE CONTROL is set in motion
  167. Happy Birthday Freddie Mercury
  168. Foo Fighters serenade a Westboro Baptist Church Rally
  169. Mini Metallica Perform Enter Sandman
  170. B.C.'s Soundtrack Blog
  171. Steel Panther
  172. William Shatner Does Bohemian Rhapsody
  173. Manfredini's Friday the 13th scores come to CD for the first time!!!!
  174. RIP Flattus Maximus
  175. mojo workout
  176. New Rammstein Video
  177. Henry Rollins: on the state of music today
  178. Best unheard of.....
  179. Steven Tyler, Alice Cooper, Weird Al Come Together
  180. Hot videos
  181. Van Halen's New Song Tattoo
  182. Athena Vs. The Vinyl LP Record
  183. Great musician, Great man, & Great cause
  184. Angry Music
  185. Zakk Wylde Roast Red Carpet Footage Posted
  186. Christina Aguilera Sang At Etta James Funeral
  187. Tim Sullivan directed Psycho Charger "Chillerama"
  188. 'Hot for Teacher' Star Surfaces after Band's Grammy Buzz
  189. David Lee Roth Explains Brown M&M's Clause
  190. Does anyone else still buy vinyl?
  191. Four Heavy Metals
  192. 80's One Hit Wonders Compilation
  193. Metal Movie Themes
  194. Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby
  195. RIP Earl Scruggs Jan. 6, 1924 - Mar. 28 2012
  196. the wraith soundtrack
  197. The Avengers Soundtrack
  198. Guess Who's Back?
  199. the gg allin thread.....
  200. Why Megadeath Rules!
  201. SWEET! Previously unreleased PANTERA (from Vulger Display of Power sessions)
  202. Heavy Metal + Wine = GOOD TIMES, GOOD TIMES
  203. Six Feet Under - Undead-May 22nd
  204. how bout some 60's garage for your fat face
  205. Rip mca
  206. If you like Metal
  207. Van Halen Stops in Butcher's Home Town
  208. GMO's Fucked Up Videos Thread
  209. Nickelback Comes To Idaho
  210. Kid Uses Blink-182 Lyrics As Pick-Up Lines
  211. Jim Morrison Prophet
  212. Chris Brown 'Fortune' Review
  213. Who Wants To Hear The Predator Sing Death Metal?
  214. Whats Androidvirus listenting to?
  215. State of the Music Industry
  216. Think I may buy some new music! Texas Hippie Coalition
  217. Lead singer of Megadeth believes Obama staged massacre in Colorado
  218. Aerial View of Neil Pearts Kit
  219. Happy Birthday Freddie Mercury
  220. Koffin Kats Tonight @ Asbury Lanes
  221. The Lady Gaga Concert Pot Video
  222. Green Day`s Billie Joe Freaks Out On Stage At Fest
  223. Jason Eisner "likes" my song on facebook.
  224. Metal Gangam Style \m/
  225. Justin Bieber Throws Up On Stage
  226. Lady Gaga Throws Up On Stage In Barcelona
  227. The Ogre Closing Theme Music
  228. What the fuck happened to Axl Rose?
  229. Robots Play Motorhead
  230. The 20 Worst Hipster Bands: The Complete List
  231. Punk vs Metal
  232. Fights in Music LOL
  233. Sheep circle pit
  234. Chicks in METAL!
  235. 6-Year-Old Drummer Avery Playing Hot For Teachers
  236. ShortOrder - 80's Post Apocalyptic Theme. Free Download.
  237. Alice In Chains on Funny or Die
  238. Jason Newsted`s New Band: Newsted - Soldierhead
  239. Estonian Punk Rock Werewolf Wrestlers (watch if you like any or all of those words)
  240. Girl Covers Voodoo Child On The Gayageum
  241. Goblin Perform `Deep Red` Theme Live-in-Studio
  242. Hey Jude Lyrics
  243. R.I.P. George Jones
  244. R.I.P. Chris Kelly
  245. SLAYER Guitarist JEFF HANNEMAN Dead At 49
  246. 14-Year-Old Girl Covers Van Halen`s Eruption Solo
  247. They All Fall Down Video
  248. 39 Minutes of Hell Courtesy of Slayer
  249. Lady Gaga Vs Gasai Yuno
  250. Heavy Metal Meets Anime