View Full Version : Black Panther is new Man Without Fear

GregMO ROberts
09-19-2010, 09:07 AM
Source: Craveonline

In an exclusive announcement made on last night's Attack of the Show on G4, Marvel Comics revealed who would be replacing Daredevil as the new Man Without Fear upon the ending of Shadowland. As teased in the Who Will Be the Next Man Without Fear teasers, Black Panther will be the one stepping up as protector of Hell's Kitchen, starting in November when Shadowland concludes.

It was previously announced that the Daredevil ongoing series is ending, and while that is essentially true, Marvel has pulled a fast one. Taking a cue from what they did with Incredible Hulk/Incredible Hercules, Daredevil will indeed be ending with issue #512, but the series will continue with that numbering and re-debut as Black Panter: Man Without Fear with issue #513. Writing the book will be David Liss along with art from Francesco Francavilla.

Any hint as to the fate of Matt Murdock post-Shadowland is still up in the air, but with Daredevil: Reborn coming in January from Andy Diggle and Davide Gianfelice, we can assume that he'll be taken out of the picture for a few months while he recoups from his apparent possession (pretty sure he's not going to die).