View Full Version : Van Damme heart attack a 'hoax'

GregMO ROberts
10-20-2010, 10:39 AM
Contrary to initial reports, Jean-Claude Van Damme has not suffered a heart attack...

Earlier today, there was worrying news from the set of the new Jean-Claude Van Damme movie, Weapon. Production was delayed last week, it had been reported, with "complications" being cited as the reason why.

It was suggested that these complications were, in fact, Van Damme having a minor heart attack. But an update from the man himself has put the story to rest.

It's now been posted on his Facebook page: "Hours ago, I read a rumor online about me suffering heart attack!! Please, do not believe all what you read from rumors on any unofficial Jcvd sites. Jean-Claude Van Damme is 100% healthy, training well for taking the fight and sending his fans & friends much love. Jcvd"

Source: Den of Geek