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  1. Blu-ray Round-up! Special MGM Family Edition

    MGM Classics Make Their Debut on Blu-ray March 29, 2011

    When MGM asked me if I would like to cover these releases on my site, I jumped at the chance. I'm a fan of all these movies and yes, even "Material Girls." I jump at the chance to watch a fun easy going movie featuring an attractive blond like Hillary Duff.

    My favorite part of watching all these movies over again was the "The Secret of NIMH" commentary featuring Don Bluth and Gary Goldman. I had never heard it ...

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  2. Interview: John Lasseter - Executive Producer of Disney's 'Tangled'

    What makes the newest Disney animation, Tangled, so special?
    This movie is special because itís the 50th animated motion picture from the Walt Disney Animation Studios. This is the studio that started it all with Snow White And The Seven Dwarves many years ago. This is the studio that has never stopped making animated films. Itís never closed its doors. Iím so proud that Tangled is the 50th feature in our history. Itís a very fresh-looking ...

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  3. My Kids Most Watched Movies in 2010

    Mini Butcher LOVES movies. His Blu-ray collection of kid flicks already exceeds the average Joe's DVD collection. He does enjoy Caillou and other television programs like Dora the Explorer, but he absolutely loves to watch full-length feature films.

    This year was all about Toy Story for Mini Butch. He saw the third film at my local drive-in and immediately fell in love. He was upset actually because we couldn't replay the movie, like we do at home. But ever since then it's been all ...
  4. What I Got for Christmas

    It's always embarrassing opening up my gifts in front of my family. Everyone is getting freshly ground coffee, best selling novels or sweaters while I'm opening comic books from 1985 or a Jason Voorhees bobble head. But I feel right at home posting this stuff here. I know only some of you will judge me.

    The Class of 1984 laser disc is my favorite gift I got this year. We'll be reviewing this on an upcoming 80's podcast.


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  5. 5 Things I'm Totally Digging Right Now

    CoCo is back on the air and I'm loving every minute of it. I watch pretty much every late night host from time to time, but none of them have that twisted sense of humor like Conan. I also enjoy Conan's choice of guests. I'm always interested in all of them. I guess that means that I'm dab smack in the middle of his demographic. I'm also enjoying Andy Richter, which surprises me. I haven't found him all that funny until recently. My only gripe about the show ...

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