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  1. When Gregmo Met.....Part II

    Boombata joined the KillerReviews forum in April of 2010. Boombata was a breath of fresh air to the site. He was always out there soliciting views and comments on various posts. An action movie guy more than a horror movie guy, Boombata was always on the site and quickly got into Hell with 1,000 posts in a short period of time.

    Boombata lived not all that far from my location. I live in Oakville, he lived in Hamilton. Not exactly walking distance, but not more than 20 minutes ...
  2. When Gregmo Met......

    I have been lucky to have met more than a few members of the KillerReviews family. Butcher, Brainchomper, jamesa114, Shane14, Breeanimal (bitch!), Kaylacap, Boombata and more. Over the next two days, I will tell you the story of when GregMO met.....

    First up, When GregMO met thedarkhours

    Meeting thedarkhours (a.k.a Mr. Stoner) was a scary proposition. Likely for the both of us. Thedarkhours was a regular on our website and even had his own podcast running about ...
  3. Academy Award Nominations Are Announced. KR Members Sleep.

    I am in the minority. The 85th Academy Awards were announced this morning inside the luxurious Samuel Goldwyn Theatre in California, and I was front and center in front of a television screen at 8:30AM hanging off every name that was rambled off by co-presenters Seth McFarlane and Emma Stone.

    But I realize, that few, at least of those that visit this site, share my enthusiasm. According to our recent data, there are over 4,700 members on and I am guessing that ...
  4. What I Hope For in 2013

    It’s 2013 and it is projected that more than one-quarter of the world will have New Year’s Resolutions or specific hopes for the upcoming 2013 days. I am no different. Although I have no true ‘resolutions’ (drinking less and losing the small bit of a beer gut that makes me look like a white Ethiopian, notwithstanding), there are 5 things that I am wishing or hoping for as my new calendar gets magnetically posted on my refrigerator. Nothing unachievable. I will not suffer disappointment and expect ...
  5. GregMO's Best and Worst of List 2012

    We still have yet to see Zero Dark Thirty, but with over 400 other titles already screened, I think I can stand confidently behind my list of the Best and Worst of 2012. Here are my lists:

    Best of 2013:

    10. Moonrise Kingdom
    9. The Impossible
    8. End of Watch
    7. Looper
    6. Life of Pi
    5. The Sessions
    4. Chronicle
    3. Lincoln
    2. Silver Linings Playbook
    1. Argo

    Worst of 2013:

    10. Dark Shadows ...

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