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    Quote Originally Posted by Gavin Schmitt
    Got mine today... very excited!

    Great stuff indeed!
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    Got mine today... very excited!
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    I rather enjoyed this one. I agree Danielle Harris appears for way too brief a time, but I love the idea of involving a real-life serial killer. It's like "Crawlspace" meets "Devil in the White City".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gavin Schmitt
    Well done snagging Bousman!

    Thanks Gavin! Such a cool guy to talk to!
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    Well done snagging Bousman!
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    Great mind-control stuff. Not quite up to the brutality level of Scanners, but definitely worth a look or two.
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    The movie has several pages of coverage in this month's Rue Morgue. It really does sound promising.
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    At least he's not hoarding piles of newspapers. Nonconformist HYPE!
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    Love this type of movie. Can't wait to see it. Thanks for the review, tko!
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    Definitely looking forward to this one. The other two in the box set are excellent.
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    I fucking love Amon Amarth. Can't wait to see this.
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    Sounds like a slow ride for me
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    Thanks, brother!
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    I absolutely loved "Wolfcop". Good work snagging this interview!
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    I got Joe Lynch, you got Adam Green. Seems fair.
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    See you at the party Richter!
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    Awesome interview and awesome questions. Thanks Bronx!!!!
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    I do like how we don't know why he is the way he is. Too many horror movies dive into past family stories where the killer was abused as a child, lost a parent or had something tragic happen to them that formed them into the killer they are now. Not so much here. He is cruel just because.
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