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  1. DVD Review: The Purging Hour

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    I tried to hide. I really, honestly and truthfully, made every iron-clad attempt to hide from you... but you sniffed me out, like a rabid animal looking for something to sink its fangs into. Found-footage, there apparently is no eluding you, regardless of where I may run to, so I might as well bare my jugular and let you slice me for the final time, and the name etched on the cold-steel serrated edge this time is, The Purging utterly poetic. ...
  2. Review: Hate Crime

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    Before I jump into this particular review, I'd like to state the fact that in my 35 + years of watching movies that have claimed to be "shocking" or "one that will stick with you for a long time," I've mostly had the psychological reserve to shove numerous instances of depravity way back into the septic tank that is my brain. I handled SALO with a grain of salt many moons ago, shrugged off the baby scene in A SERBIAN FILM, and have seen FAR too many ...
  3. Making Off: DVD review

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    I could say deplorable, but I'd be lying.....I could use the term "reprehensible", but that would be an's about "opprobrious" ? Ok, how about this one (and this should sum it up).....ENTERTAINING. - Shocked ya, didn't it ?

    Honestly, I've never been a fan of foreign films (I DESPISE subtitles & the artificial voice-overs); not to say that there haven't been some FANTASTIC overseas horror productions put on in the ...

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  4. Black Water Vampire: DVD review

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    Found-footage films are slowly becoming the bane of my existence - it appears that the majority of horror films in this day and age have at LEAST some sort of shaky-cam rushes prying their way into the photoplay. Unfortunately, I'm at the point in my movie-watching life where a found-footage film is the cinematic equivalent to dealing with a sharp stone in your shoe - you know it's there, yet you try to sidestep it , and while this tactic may work ...