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  1. Blu-ray Review: The Ghoul

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    The first time-directorial voyage of Gareth Tunley is certainly an impressive one - his film, THE GHOUL will definitely make your mind spin in a myriad of directions - make sure your brain bucket is tightly affixed so as to not rattle your gray matter - step inside and let's check out yet another fantastic release from Arrow Films.

    Starring Tom Meeten as a homicide detective with an intently focused eye for cases that border on "interesting", ...
  2. Blu-ray Review: The Stuff

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    It's white, sticky, edible, and literally will change your thinking if you ingest it...and while I could potentially get into some serious trouble if I were to say what I REALLY thought, I'll just jump to the review - Arrow Films has released the 1985 cult hit THE STUFF on Blu-ray, and the ingredients are indeed filling.

    For those that might not be too terribly familiar with the plot, allow me to set it up for you briefly: The Stuff itself ...
  3. Hollow: Blu-Ray Review

    Let me just start this review off by saying that I will give almost anything a chance, it doesn't mean that I will always find the joy in a particular movie. If I look back at a certain percentage of movies that I've seen and disliked, I can usually pull something out of it that could potentially be considered "redeeming". When I spotted "Hollow" at my local Best Buy, the first thing that appealed to me was the artwork on the cover...looked ...

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