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  1. Blu-ray review: Devil's Domain

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    I think that we as a collective can attest that the topic of bullying in school is becoming an epidemic to which it seems that there's no end, and especially with the advent of social media, the deplorable tactics continue to grow. However, the fashion in which bullies are portrayed in film today makes them even more reprehensible and bound for hilariously gore-tastic retribution, regardless of how inane the backing plot could be - what are we waiting ...
  2. Blu-ray review: Effects

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    Just goes to show you that over the course of reviewing films, especially horror films, some little nuggets of presentation can manage to escape you...then again there comes a time when one of these aforementioned nuggets can pop up, making you wish that it had never discovered you in the first place. For a film that was essentially concocted with scraps of dough, EFFECTS is one of those movies that depicts a movie within a movie, yet the people in the ...
  3. Blu-ray Review: The Zodiac Killer

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    For a film directed by a former pizza restaurant owner, THE ZODIAC KILLER is certainly not what one would expect, but rather something that can be enjoyed in all its lunacy - come on in, grab a seat and a slice, cause we're going to cut this one up into 8 pieces and slap it in a box for the delivery kid to carry out.

    The film, created in 1970, takes a peek into the notorious (and intently mysterious) serial killer's work, and implores ...