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  1. Blu-ray Review: Clown

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    Those mystifying painted faces, be it in an expression of sadness or extreme joy, still manage to polarize people's perceptions of clowns just as easily as the looks that are if you ask me, I simply can't stand them. It's not a fear, and even though I had a pretty traumatic experience at the hands of one of those mimes while at a circus when I was a kid, I can still appreciate the scare factor that's involved with these pranksters - enter ...
  2. Latest "Clown" Clip Will Have You Covering Your Nose!

    Fresh off the wire from our pals over at Katrina Wan PR comes the latest clip from the Eli Roth horror film, CLOWN - set to hit select theaters and On Demand services on June 17th, this quick clip will literally make you think twice about cutting your nose off to spite your face. Watch on and ENJOY!

  3. Aftershock: DVD review

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    Eli Roth's staple in movie-making has been nothing less than fantastically achieving the chore of making audiences sick to their stomachs with his directing talents in both Hostels I & II & Cabin Fever, but for Director Nicolas Lopez latest movie: Aftershock, Roth was merely one of the creative minds that helped write the disaster/horror pic.

    Based on the catastrophic events surrounding the 8.8 magnitude earthquake that decimated Chile in ...