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  1. Film Review: Restoration

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    For all intents and purposes, I was completely into Restoration, directed by Zack Ward, who many of us remember as the ginger-haired bully Scut Farkus in the holiday classic A Christmas Story. He now turns his efforts towards the directorial chair, and with the help of James Cullen Bressack in a producer's role, the two manage to create something that looks good on paper, but slowly spirals downwards using cheap parlor tricks and very slow pacing. ...
  2. Review: Hate Crime

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    Before I jump into this particular review, I'd like to state the fact that in my 35 + years of watching movies that have claimed to be "shocking" or "one that will stick with you for a long time," I've mostly had the psychological reserve to shove numerous instances of depravity way back into the septic tank that is my brain. I handled SALO with a grain of salt many moons ago, shrugged off the baby scene in A SERBIAN FILM, and have seen FAR too many ...