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  1. Interview With Hannah Fierman (SiREN)

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    Is it her smile? Is it the sound of her voice? Is it the trance she'll put you into when she begins to sing her alluring song? Any way you slice it, Hannah Fierman's character in SiREN is one that will captivate you, and if you're one of the unlucky ones, MAYBE she'll have some mercy on your soul and make your demise a quick one. We here at Killer Reviews were honored to have a few minutes to speak with Hannah regarding her role and upcoming projects ...
  2. Film Review: SiREN

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    Back in 2012, when the anthology piece V/H/S was unleashed upon the viewing public, the short "Amateur Night" (to me, anyways) best seemed like one of those quickies that most deserved to be stretched out into a full-length feature. So here we are in the year 2016, and lucky for us all, we've got ourselves a near-90 minute presentation that focuses squarely on the woman who'd love to fly us all home with her - SiREN.

    Directed by Gregg ...