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  1. DVD Review: Diamond Cartel

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    In the pantheon of "odd" films that I've managed to check out over my life, I honestly think I can surmise DIAMOND CARTEL will have a cemented spot in my top 10 - it's not only off the beaten path, but ultimately depressing for those hoping to view a slam-bang action thriller. Let's slap this slab of meat on the grill and see what crawls out when the flames get jacked up.

    The film tells the tale of a casino dealer who decides (bad move, ...
  2. Blu-ray review: Devil's Domain

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    I think that we as a collective can attest that the topic of bullying in school is becoming an epidemic to which it seems that there's no end, and especially with the advent of social media, the deplorable tactics continue to grow. However, the fashion in which bullies are portrayed in film today makes them even more reprehensible and bound for hilariously gore-tastic retribution, regardless of how inane the backing plot could be - what are we waiting ...