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  1. DVD Review: Conspiracy Theory

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    Originally titled LAKE ON FIRE, the freshly crowned CONSPIRACY THEORY attacks the "are they really out there" question (in amazingly hokey fashion, at times), but overall it's somewhat of an entertaining watch for those who can't get enough of the UFO-catching bug.

    The tv show that the film centers around is called "Alien Engineers", and their latest jaunt in front of the cameras brings them to the Lake Mead area in ultra-hot Las Vegas, ...
  2. DVD Review: Bleed

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    Instances such as the ones portrayed in director Tripp Rhame’s “backwoods town with evil history” film Bleed baffle my ever-shrinking gray matter, mainly due to the inane thought processes of supposedly fairly intelligent folks… ah well, at least it makes for interesting viewing, doesn’t it?

    Our spotlight shines on young newlywed twosome Sarah (Crisp) and Matt (Steger), and their love for each other is only eclipsed by the hopes ...
  3. Blu-Ray Review: Comin At Ya!

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    Come on, what could be more fun than a cheesy, dusty exploitative western flick thrown out at the masses in eye-popping 3D? Well, maybe not ENTIRELY eye-popping, but eye-straining - how about that? Today, we look at the 1981 action-packed smackdown, Comin At Ya!

    Distributed by MVD Visual, the 34 year old presentation about two lawless brothers (Gene Quintano and Richard Palacios) who kidnap a beautiful woman (Victoria Abril), and the ...