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Gavin Schmitt

  1. Fantasia Film Review: "Le Manoir" (2017)

    A band of students comes to celebrate the New Year in an old manor house isolated from everything. But soon after their arrival, strange events disrupt the atmosphere, before the party turns squarely into a nightmare.

    “Le Manoir” is a film that requires a little bit of patience. If you were to only watch the first ten or twenty minutes and then walk out, you would leave thinking this is just another slasher film about twentysomethings getting picked off one by one. For some people ...
  2. Fantasia Film Review: "The Laplace's Demon" (2017)

    A glass in free fall. Have you ever thought if it is possible to calculate into how many pieces it can break into? After numerous experiments, a team of researchers succeeds in doing just this apparently impossible task. Attracted to their experiment, a mysterious professor invites the scientists in his isolated mansion to know more about their studies.

    This film was intriguing before the first frame because of its name: “The Laplace’s Demon”. Anyone who knows philosophy or physics ...
  3. Interview with Kasra Farahani, "Tilt"

    A term that tends to be overused is “rising star”. An actor or director has one good film and they get tagged a rising star. A year or two later, they are all but forgotten. Not to jinx him, but I think Kasra Farahani might be a rising star who stays the course.

    His background is as a concept artist, working on many big films from “Men in Black III” to the latest Marvel Comics adaption. But he also has a feature under his belt. “The Good Neighbor” received positive buzz, and how can ...
  4. Fantasia Capsule Review: "78/52" (2017)

    An unprecedented look at the iconic shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho" (1960), the "man behind the curtain", and the screen murder that profoundly changed the course of world cinema.

    While it might seem like quite a feat to devote 90 minutes of coverage to a one-minute segment of a film, this documentary pulls it off. By exploring every possible angle -- the sounds, the editing, the casting -- we see just how much went into getting the notorious shower ...
  5. Interview with documentarian Steve Mitchell on "King Cohen"

    If you love 1980s horror films, you might recognize the name Steve Mitchell. When he wasn’t writing episodes of children’s cartoons (“G. I. Joe” and “Jem”), he was a regular in the world of low budget evil genius Jim Wynorski. Most notably, Mitchell can take credit for writing “Chopping Mall”, one of the all-time greatest horror films of the decade.

    More recently, he has been involved in the production of special features for DVDs and Blu-rays (including “Chopping Mall”), but has ...
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