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Gavin Schmitt

  1. Mink Stole talks "Serial Mom" and more!

    If you know the name Mink Stole, it is most likely in connection with John Waters. As of 2017, she has appeared in every single one of his feature films, going back to “Roman Candles” in 1966. She is perhaps best known for “Pink Flamingos”, simply because that is Waters’ most notorious film. But over the years she has had many memorable roles, both with Waters and outside the “Dreamland” troupe he cultivated. She has also appeared on the stage throughout the country, and even had her own band for ...
  2. Blu-ray Review: Ken Russell's "Crimes of Passion" (1984)

    A sportswear designer leads a double life as a hooker named China Blue (Kathleen Turner). One of her clients, a man on the verge of divorce, decides he loves her and figures out who she is. He then begins wooing her, which she fights against since he was a client. Meanwhile a street preacher (Anthony Perkins) works the red light district trying to save souls.

    Allegedly, the male lead passed over Patrick Swayze and Jeff Bridges before landing on John Laughlin. Not that Laughlin does ...