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Gavin Schmitt

  1. Blu-ray Review: "Stormy Monday" (1988)

    A crooked American businessman tries to push the shady influential owner of a nightclub in Newcastle, England to sell him the club. The club's new employee and the American's ex-lover (Melanie Griffith) fall in love and inadvertently stir the pot.

    The production was initially a low-budget project funded by Channel 4 and British Screen. When the film attracted American financing, it was suggested that the film be recast with American actors. Both Melanie Griffith's and Tommy Lee Jones' ...
  2. Third Time's Not the Charm: "Sleepaway Camp III"

    Angela (Pamela Springsteen) is back, in the form of an angry inner-city camper on the hunt for blood. Camp New Horizons, on the recycled grounds of the former murders (Camp Rolling Hills), intends to pair high class teens with underclass counterparts.

    Despite being filmed back to back with part two, it appears they cared even less about this one... the deaths are cheesy, but at least they somehow were able to convince Michael Pollard to make an appearance -- giving it some sort of ...