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  1. Dan's Avatar
    I agree. I was waiting for it to get good all movie long.
  2. Evil-Jello-Man's Avatar
    Great review Gavin!!!! Thanks for the good info!
  3. killerklown's Avatar
    The chainsaw duel was classic. I don't know how Farmer Vincent would be able to see through the pig head but, hey, it's fucking Motel Hell.
  4. killerklown's Avatar
    Could Michelle DeFraites be the next Ally Sheedy? War games was only her second movie. I look forward to watching Project Almanac and her future projects.
  5. cducharme's Avatar
    I shall check it out once it's available, the review even interested the old lady (I shall call her "The Duchette" because she'll never read this!) so this is high on our list of films to check out now.
  6. cducharme's Avatar
    You just got me doing my Peter Griffin, Ahhhh Eeeeh, oooh, sounds. I could call rollerball a better made film, but the one I remember more over all... Definitely corman's Death Race
  7. Gavin Schmitt's Avatar
    That sounds about right. The key, as always, is to keep your hopes low and you'll come out alive.
  8. Dusty B's Avatar
    Nice review. Sounds like The Asylum is at least still trying a little harder than they have in the past. I'll probably pick it up for $2 at some point like I always do.
  9. Gavin Schmitt's Avatar
    GregMo, yeah, I was being nice... I think it helps that I just watched "A Summer of Massacre" the day before, which is easily the second worst film I have ever seen.
  10. Dusty B's Avatar
    I have a obsession with all these shitty Syfy movies, but I have to admit the words "Brendan Fehr" gives me a reason to back away slowly.
  11. GregMO ROberts's Avatar
    You were a lot nicer to the film than I would have been. Still, that is why there is chocolate and vanilla in the world. Everyone has different tastes. And even though you still gave it only a 2 out of 5, I think you are still a tad generous.
  12. GregMO ROberts's Avatar
    Watched Exit 33 two days ago and have already forgotten much about the plot and the characters. That, I suppose, sums up my feelings.
  13. GregMO ROberts's Avatar
    I thought it was middle of the road. Not bad, not great. Will make a worthy entry in a box set once they do 3, but I liked the route the Rec2 took more than Q2: Terminal.
  14. Gavin Schmitt's Avatar
    Dawnkat, episodes 3.5 and 4 are done... and should be on iTunes... not sure how they go from there to here, though.
  15. dawnkatdead's Avatar
    I think I'll have to check this out. Since it isn't a remake of the sequel this could be interesting. I did like the first one (remake that is) but found REC way better. Thanks Gavin. Oh and any new Faecal Tsunami’s coming?
  16. Gavin Schmitt's Avatar
    Well, we recorded on Thursday and the Butcher has the file. It sounds like complete shit, but we figured for the first time out of the gate, we'd keep it raw.
  17. GregMO ROberts's Avatar
    I will miss my ass. Kinda liked it.
  18. Xander_Kane's Avatar
    Awww!! Shit Gavin is joining the podcasting world!! Looking forward to it man
  19. Gavin Schmitt's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Butcher
    I watched half of this movie. It's truly painful.
    When the Butcher and I agree, you know it's true... not even girls in their underwear saved this film.
  20. Butcher's Avatar
    I watched half of this movie. It's truly painful.
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