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  1. Review: The Barber (2015)

    Long time veteran actor Scott Glenn portrays Eugene Van Wingerdt in The Barber. He is the main character that was previously accused of 17 murders and acquitted years ago. He has quietly resided in a town with no problems until John McCormack comes for a visit to reveal that he in fact knows his secret. McCormack will stop at nothing to get the truth out of him even if that means doing unspeakable acts. The story unfolds from here and we see just ...
  2. Movie Review: The Casebook of Eddie Brewer (2012)

    A documentary style independent horror film is usually a guarantee that I will not like it. The main problem is that usually I can never get behind any of the characters. This style of filmmaking is usually done when there is simply no money to go around. Sometimes the director alters the story to make it work in the sub genre and that is a kiss of death for me. When we received The Casebook of Eddie Brewer the first thing I thought was ...
  3. Movie Review: The Cemetery (2014)

    Adam Ahlbrandt has made his presence known amongst fans of the underground horror scene. His previous film "Cross Bearer" received plenty of praise in the horror community. Now he has given us another film that should get him even more notoriety. Massacre Video has released a 4 disc collection of The Cemetery that includes Bluray, DVD, Special Features disc, and a Soundtrack. There are plenty of great special features on this set. I was pleasantly ...
  4. Movie Review: The Forbidden Girl (2014)

    The Forbidden Girl has a story that caught me completely off guard. I pretty much went into this film blind. It arrived to the website for review and I simply looked at the cover art and popped it in the DVD player. When looking at the cover art it gives the vibe of what seems like it might be some sort of possession film. In a round about way it is and it's not. Not in the traditional sense at least. The story focuses on Toby who is a young man ...
  5. Movie Review: Varsity Blood (2014)

    High school horror films have been engraved in every young horror lovers past. For many of us it was the gateway to a world of other horror films. Teens we could relate to that only wanted to party and have sex. Every one of these characters could possibly represent someone in your own immediate group of friends. Even if you were the outsider looking into the popular crowd there is a place for you in the film. Varsity Blood is a film tries to encompass all of the necessary traits for a successful ...
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