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  1. Movie Review: Rebound (2014)

    It is not very often that I have been given the opportunity to review a horror movie that is directed by a female. It is a genre that is overcrowded with plenty of male directors and not many females insight The number of woman that are at the top of the list as genre fans favorites are even less. However, there is a surge of female directors coming out that are trying to push through. I donít know if this is because filmmaking is becoming ...
  2. DVD Review: The Squeeze (2015)

    Who knew golf and gambling went so well together? In The Squeeze we have a small town amateur golfer named Augie. He has a dream of making it big as a professional golfer. After winning a local tournament he catches the eye of a man known by the name of Riverboat who wants to use him to make some money in a not so honest way. Augie is stuck in an abusive household and the only way he can help out is by using his golf skills to earn so much ...
  3. Review: Time Lapse (2015)

    Any fan of movies that involve some sort of time travel aspect always seem to have a tough road ahead of them. It's one of the strange sub genres that involve suspending your disbelief on one hand but accepting something completely off the wall on the other. We are all aware that time travel is not a real thing. It still doesn't stop people from writing books or making movies about it. The fascination with being able to go back and manipulate ...
  4. Review: The Barber (2015)

    Long time veteran actor Scott Glenn portrays Eugene Van Wingerdt in The Barber. He is the main character that was previously accused of 17 murders and acquitted years ago. He has quietly resided in a town with no problems until John McCormack comes for a visit to reveal that he in fact knows his secret. McCormack will stop at nothing to get the truth out of him even if that means doing unspeakable acts. The story unfolds from here and we see just ...
  5. Movie Review: The Casebook of Eddie Brewer (2012)

    A documentary style independent horror film is usually a guarantee that I will not like it. The main problem is that usually I can never get behind any of the characters. This style of filmmaking is usually done when there is simply no money to go around. Sometimes the director alters the story to make it work in the sub genre and that is a kiss of death for me. When we received The Casebook of Eddie Brewer the first thing I thought was ...
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