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  1. DVD Review: Mischief Night

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    Every year people take the opportunity on October 30th to spend the evening pulling pranks on people. This usually entails something non- threatening like rolling someone's house or just throwing eggs at it. At some point the day had been specifically labeled "Mischief Night". The intent of this film is to create something a bit more terrifying by proving that these traditional pranks are childish. Death is something much scarier especially if you are blind like ...
  2. TV Review: Under the Dome: Season One

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    The best thing someone could do that was going into watching this TV series is not to have read the book first. They are 2 completely different entities. The only similarities are the characters names and that they are in fact under a dome. That is not to say that the TV series is not good at all. If you read the book you will spend most of your time yelling at the screen on which parts of the book you loved that no longer exist on TV. After the first few episodes ...
  3. Animated Childrens Movie Review: Monsterous Holiday

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    I know you guys are thinking that this is a strange review for the site. Since many of our readers have children and are often looking for something Halloween related to watch with their children. I was offered the opportunity to check out Monsterous Holiday and thought some of you would appreciate it for your children. Monsetrous Holiday has many big names attached to it. The voice actors include Drake Bell, Matthew Lillard, Jon Heder, Brooke Shields ...

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  4. Movie Review: 23:59

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    This Taiwanese film follows the story of a man that goes missing during a military march on a military base on an island. The Island apparently has a long running superstition that if you die at 23:59 your soul will be trapped between two worlds. It's unclear if this happens to you if you are being punished or just have bad luck. That is beside the point though. Tan is one of the recruits and he is constantly bullied by Dragon (yes that is his name). Tan ...
  5. Movie Review: Shiver (2013)

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    A serial killer is on the loose known as The Gryphon. He is taking beautiful women and removing their heads to add to his eccentric collection. The killer is armed only with a simple garrote wire to strangle his victims to death. If a killer is going to remove heads I guess that a garrote wire is the best option if you don’t want the bloody mess of a chainsaw. The Gryphon is searching for his perfect woman and no woman is safe. Not even genre Queen Danielle ...

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