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  1. DVDs I Got for Christmas

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Just opened my presents which contained the following DVDs:

    Thor and X-Men: First Class were the super-hero films that I most wanted to see this year. The trailer for Captain America didn't leave me feeling that this was a must-see at the cinema. I'll probably make this the first film I watch this afternoon, though.

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  2. DVD Review : Lustful Illusions (2008)

    Has this ever happened to you? There you are arranging flowers in a vase when you leave the room for a couple of seconds just to pick up the mail. When you come back, you find your vase has mysteriously vanished and in its place sits an old cine camera. Well, this is exactly what happens to Allison (Darian Caine). She’s not too upset at the disappearance of her flowers, though, ...
  3. Book Review: Granta 117 - Horror

    How do you like your horror literature? If you’re a traditionalist who enjoys collections of short stories with supernatural or gore-filled content then you may want to give Granta’s Horror Issue a miss. For those unfamiliar with this publication, Granta is a literary magazine that’s issued in the form of a paperback book (or as an e-book) four times a year. Each edition’s subject matter is usually themed, comprising short stories, ...
  4. DVD Review: The Sex Merchants

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    Esoteric magazine. Seems like a highbrow kind of title for a porn mag - more so given that sleazy photographer, Peter (Tyrone L. Roosevelt) is their top snapper. Peter has no need of a studio. Instead he takes his pictures in his spacious living-room, free from the clutter of photographic paraphernalia, using a camera with a fixed lens and no flash.

    “I hear you’re a hands-on type of guy,” a model (Mia Copia - a.k.a. Tina Krause) remarks ...
  5. The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) U.K. DVD Review

    What once was banned is now unbanned. Unbanned, but not uncut. ‘The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence)’ arrived on DVD in the UK recently - minus the two and a half minutes (comprising 32 cuts) that the censors in their wisdom denied us. But let’s not rant about what’s not on the DVD. Instead, let’s rave about what is

    Martin (Laurence R. Harvey) is a car park attendant: a short, fat, asthmatic, ...

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