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  1. GregMO ROberts's Avatar
    I am hoping to see this tomorrow wherein I can comment more educatedly. Ok. Educatedly is not a word.
  2. hanzolo's Avatar
    I wasn't very enthralled with either, but I would have been happy for more sequels. But at this point there's been such a long break that I expect another round of reboots for all the major slasher icons, and I'm totally fine with that. Of course I do have my own ideas about some of those as you know.
  3. psychobillyjekyll's Avatar
    Well, you wanted it, you get it. Paramount landed the licence rights to the F13. Just heard about it on BD.
  4. killerklown's Avatar
    I'm usually in the majority when it comes to Rotten Tomatoes, but I have to admit I borderline loved the Friday reboot. I see no reason why they don't make more. It's not because of reviews. 90% of horror films get bad reviews.
  5. GregMO ROberts's Avatar
    I am not sure what happened to them. Not sure I want more either. I am tossed on the issue. They do make money though. No one can deny that.