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  1. Big screens, big screams

    From the smell of freshly popped popcorn to the carbonated fizzing of a soda pop filled cup, certain movies just had to be seen in the cinema and those movies imprinted on me, changing the course of my life. Let's go back to 1986. My Father was a big fan of "Alien" and with the sequel "Aliens" opening up in the theater, he had to be there and more importantly, he was taking me to see it!


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  2. I, Misogynist?

    With this being my first blog, I want to share with you what a film-maker such as myself deals with on a daily basis. The movies I write and direct are adult cartoons. The content is dark and comedic. Adults are put into situations where they maim and murder. I don`t discriminate and the gender of the adults is not important. I`m an equal opportunity offender or so I've been called.

    Writing and directing these low-brow exploitation movies is fun part, the fall out after wards ...

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