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  1. Chuckle-worthy Horror Movie Review - Parents(1989)!parents1989/cj9n

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    You know, I learned early on in life that I didnít have the kind of mind that people were glad to have to deal with. I remember when my sixth grade teacher found me reading a book about World War 2, and we ended up talking about it for a little bit. She found out that I knew all kinds of things ...
  2. Never Too Young to Die(1987)

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    I grew up in an era exemplified by gender confusion, fear, and paranoia - monsters that played out on television every night, but were more like multiple personalities every messed-up human being shared. As a child, I went sleepless well into the night, burdened by my impending doom. Missiles, in far ...
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  3. Movie review: The dorm that dripped blood(1982)

    Although my college dorm didn't drip blood, the guy I shared a bathroom with did. Actually, it trickled, more than it dripped, and it wasn't the right color for blood. The first time I saw the stuff, it looked little more than a puddle of some thin, cream-based soup. A chowder, perhaps a bisque, with little chives in it. When I asked my roommate about it, he said that all he really

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  4. Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Real Genius Tribute

    Everybody says 'war is hell'. Bullshit! Hell is editing video in Windows!

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  5. Horror Movie Review - WEIRDO: THE BEGINNING(1989)

    Trying to explain WEIRDO: THE BEGINNING in a thousand words or so is no easy feat. It's a lot like trying to explain what 'nothing' is to a child who's never heard the word.Q: Daddy, what is nothing?A: It's nothing.Q: But what is it?A: I just told you, it's nothing.Q: What's it look like?A: doesn't look like anything.Q: It doesn't look like something?A: No, something can look like anything, because anything other than something is just nothing. But nothing just looks like nothing.Q: Where ...
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