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  1. darthballsac's Avatar
    I totally agree with the number 1. That segment made the whole V/H/S 2 movie worth a watch to me.
  2. UNCLE FRANK's Avatar
    Always look forward to seeing GregMOs list. And everyone else's.
  3. androidvirus's Avatar
    Ive only seen 6
  4. GregMO ROberts's Avatar
    Great list. There are some overlaps with mine that will be posted shortly. I have seen Banshee Chapter, The Green Inferno and You're Next but have yet to fully sculpt my full list. hmmmmm
  5. UNCLE FRANK's Avatar
    Thx Gregmo. your list was awesome. Just not lucky enough to see some of them. But im sure Lords would make it. Cant say forsure though.
  6. GregMO ROberts's Avatar
    Gosh I love lists. Both creating them and debating others. Yours is solid. I didn't like VHS much at all. The Collection and the ABC's didn't make my list either so I am not sure they would make yours. Good to see The Loved Ones continue to get love here.
  7. astraton's Avatar
    I don't like how people always blame digital tools for inferior art. If any medium is rushed and a derivative of something better then it will be crap. Blame producers and marketing for wanting posters cheap and fast.
  8. flesheateralive's Avatar
    Those just blew my f--king mind.
  9. Andy Marsolais's Avatar
    Nice job on the interview. I love the illustrated posters from vintage horror movies, they all look so much more interesting and fun than what we get today.
  10. Gronith's Avatar
    Great stuff! I would've guessed that it was pencils digitally colored, not entirely digital. I wanted to try this myself with The Trespassers Poster but I ended up just using screen caps. Definitely a great artist an a great interview.
  11. GregMO ROberts's Avatar
    What Wonderful Art!
  12. Boombata's Avatar
    I've seen the original Black Devil Doll From Hell. Its filmed on a video camera, and I'm still shocked i was able to rent it in a video store. I was convinced that it was made by couple of kids because they were bored one weekend. It's so bad, but good if you watch it with a bunch of friends to rag on. We did that in highschool. I'm surprised someone wanted to make another movie on a killer, raping doll, but hey what else is new lol.
  13. Gronith's Avatar
    Would the House of the Devil fit this genre too? Even though it doesn't go out to spoof it as much as most of these flix.
  14. cducharme's Avatar
    Black Devil Doll is one of my favorite recent films. I mean, any film with an anti-piracy ad telling you not to be a jive ass nigro is A+ in my book
  15. UNCLE FRANK's Avatar
    Yeah Dusty is right, the concept of the doll is from the original but not much more. I think. Never seen the original. Thanks everyone for your comments!
  16. Dusty B's Avatar
    No, I believe the director, Shawn Lewis, said it was just an homage to the older movie since he was cribbing the basic concept from it for his movie.
  17. Boombata's Avatar
    I have heard of "Black Devil Doll From Hell". Is that Devil Doll movie have a connection to Devil Doll From Hell? A Sequel of sorts? A Prequel? Just curious
  18. Dark Deadite313's Avatar
    Wow this was fantastic man!! I have to catch a few of these! Thanks so much for taking your time and writing this! Solid 5 outta 5!
  19. Dusty B's Avatar
    Great list. There's a number on there I've been meaning to check out.

    I'm always torn on movies like these. On one hand, it bugs me when filmmakers rely on cribbing older movies, but on the other they can be pretty damn entertaining so I don't know.
  20. GregMO ROberts's Avatar
    Fantatsic list and wonderful article. Father's Day was F-U-C-K-E-D!

    I have to get my hands on Dear God No. It's articles like this that bring titles to people that they might not have heard of before. Mucho thanko.