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  1. 31 Other Horror Movies for Halloween

    Itís that time of year again.

    The time where countless lists of horror movies to watch start popping up on just about every website in existence. In an ideal world, there would be a moratorium on just repeating the same group of titles every year, just to keep interest up. I think even the most uninformed Average Joe knows that The Shining, Psycho, Halloween, ...
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  2. Digital Quarters - DuckTales & Castle of Illusion

    For long-time gamers, the thought of Disney-based games used to be one of excitement, unlike today where the sight of cartoon characters in a videogame brings eye-rolls at obvious quick cash-ins. But back in the 2D side-scrolling era, these characters used to be a symbol of polished gameplay and impressive animation. Games based on the likes of The Lion King and Aladdin still hold up and are often brought up as requests for HD remakes. Well, two such games were recently worked over ...

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  3. Digital Quarters - Summer of Arcade 2013 Part 2: Charlie Murder

    Brothers was a game that told an emotional story rich with the feeling of traveling through lands of magic and wonder. So what follows such a game in this yearís (end of) Summer of Arcade? Why, a game about a Satan-loving rock band that beats the hell out of creatures until limbs and organs fill the screen, of course!

  4. Digital Quarters - Summer of Arcade 2013 Part 1: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

    Hello again. Iíve been itching to get back to writing on a regular basis again and at the same time was looking for new things to write about to keep me going and allow me to mix it up. This is part of a series of blogs Iíll call Digital Quarters which will be all about the XBLA, PSN, and indie games that Iíve become fairly engrossed in during these last few years. For these ...
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  5. 2012 Kiss Off

    Another year has come and gone and if you're reading this, well, I guess you made it through it. Me too, it seems. While on a personal level, 2012 was a living hell for myself, but for film, it was a helluva year, you have to admit. Comparing the lists between this and last, just about anything in my top 20 of this year is better than than the top 5 of last year. One of my goals for this year ...
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