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Dusty B

  1. 2012 Kiss Off

    Another year has come and gone and if you're reading this, well, I guess you made it through it. Me too, it seems. While on a personal level, 2012 was a living hell for myself, but for film, it was a helluva year, you have to admit. Comparing the lists between this and last, just about anything in my top 20 of this year is better than than the top 5 of last year. One of my goals for this year ...
  2. 2011 Kiss Off

    Another year gone which means it's time once again for countless top lists. Of course, the rest of the world did all this shit like a week ago but everyday life here has been sapping up my time lately. Still, I can't hold off from doing one of these. I love doing year-end wrap up stuff. It's fun to reflect back on what I watched lately, as well as creating an archival post I can look back upon in the future ...

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