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Dusty B

  1. Top 10: Dennis Quaid DVD Covers

    Every once in a while, we are blessed by greatness. A greatness that sweeps through whatever art form it was destined for, changing that medium for patrons and artists alike for decades to come. And sometimes, only sometimes, we are blessed by two such forms of greatness meeting, creating a work so majestic as though to bring you to your knees weeping in exaltation.

    In this case, we are graced not only be the supreme acting delights of that thespian of our time, Dennis Quaid, but ...
  2. Top 10: Amityville Horror Moments

    Somehow, there's roughly 58 new Amityville movies rumored or scheduled to be released over the next few years, all at varying degrees of legitimacy. I have no idea what sparked new interest in horror's most recognizable house, probably an executive throwing a dart at a billboard covered in franchise names to exploit, but they're coming.

    Now, in my long horror life, I wasn't too ...

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  3. Top 10: Friday the 13th Moments

    Another Friday the 13th is upon us. Another chance for horror fans to look back and commemorate one of the most iconic slashers in genre history, Jason Vorhees, along with the stand-ins that have filled in for him in a few of the entries. Over the course of 12 movies worth of carnage, there's no shortage of memorable scenes featuring our favorite goalie. In celebration, I figured I'd go through and rank my favorite moments through the series.

    Be warned that I'm not going to hold back ...

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  4. Top 10: Collectible DVD Labels Part 2

    After a bit of a delay, I now bring you the final countdown of the most collectible dvd labels. I'll try to keep the intro brief as most of the relevant information can be found in the opening entry, but I will ask that if you have the means, please support these labels if you can. Some of them are barely hanging on in this rough economic climate. Times are tough on everyone right now but downloading or bootlegging these labels will only hurt the chances of even more genre goodness getting released ...
  5. Top 10: Collectible DVD Labels Part 1

    (I had originally posted under my old blog but thought I'd post it here as I'm working on the second part now. Besides, no one read it over there anyways.)

    As someone who's been fanatical about spending any free dime he can (something hard to come by lately) on a disc encased with cinematic goodness, I've found certain labels call to me, much like music fiends who follow specific ...