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Daniel Podolak

  1. Pora Mroku aka Time of Darkness review

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    Polish horror as a movie genre has had always difficult situation in our Country. I could give a full number from the genre but it wouldn’t be bigger than number of my fingers in both hands. This is sad because it seems to be that Poland directors do not take seriously that sort of cinema, focusing only on artistic cinema or stupid comedies.

    You could ask, why the most famous genre in the world has no representatives in that particular region? ...

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  2. In Old Cinema

    The Cabinet of Dr.Calligari review

    I really love the golden age of cinematic horror and I find it still interesting despite its age and antique style. If I could vote for the most disturbing and creepy picture of that era, it would be definitely The Cabinet of Dr. Calligari.

    The Cabinet of Dr Calligari is one of the greatest achievements of German expressionism ...

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  3. Nightmarish and Bloody Bad

    Title : A Final collapse-Final Destination 5 review

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    After the first part of blockbuster from the creators of X files, it was pretty obvious that it will be transformed into a income business. The story from the Director and screenwriter James Wong was fresh and unique and he has delivered to audience a phenomenal thrill. It was a Himalayas of truly bloody entertainment with black humor.

    In the case of Final Destination series, any ...

    Updated 01-29-2012 at 06:43 PM by Daniel Podolak