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  1. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. A Detour Worth the Time?

    As many will already know, Capcom decided to take a bit of a detour with their latest installment in the Resident Evil series. It is very safe to say that because of the survival horror background established by this game’s history, RE: Operation Raccoon City is not the kind of game long-time fans of the series were expecting. This title takes a break ...

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  2. Bioshock Infinite Preview- Will “Fragmenting Reality” Innovate the Series?

    Let’s get something out of the way- the original Bioshock game was incredible.

    The game released at a time when FPS games were becoming run of the mill “go here and blow this up” shooters. Bioshock set itself apart by taking the most exciting elements of FPS gameplay and refocusing the format into an immense, masterfully created universe- while simultaneously creating what has been argued to be one of the best story lines in modern video-gaming history.


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  3. I Am Alive: Survival, Done Right.

    A good survival game forces the player to make decisions that dictate whether or not they will succeed in the game and survive its outcome. Thus, it’s fair to say that games within the survival genre are, themselves, made and broken by decisions. Did I Am Alive make the right ones?

    Many may not know, but I Am Alive has been a developmental idea since 2008. Since that time it has been passed amongst a handful of developers, causing the game’s scale to be reduced from a full retail ...

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  4. Silent Hill: Downpour- More Psycho Scares and Puzzles, Less Gunplay.

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    Most of us are aware that Silent Hill: Downpour failed to deliver on its original release time when last November came and went without even a mention of its release.

    However, as the new release date enters our radar (scheduled March 13th launch) the game’s producer, Devin Shatsky (it’s okay; you can laugh- he probably won’t read this) has revealed some interesting new directions the series will be taking in this next big release.
  5. Survival Horror: The Roots and Evolution of a Genre

    In 1996 Bill Clinton began his second term as President, MSN revealed Hotmail as a free email client, the 26th Olympic games were held in Atlanta Ga., and MTV started a second television channel which promised to be “more about the music.” However, if you were a gamer fiddling with a PS1 controller in 1996, you may have missed a great portion of these events because you were trying to guide Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine through an inventive maze of puzzles and an unrelenting hoard ...

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