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  1. Live Oscar Blog

    Only two and a half hours to go until we go live to the (formally) Kodak theatre
  2. Based on a True Story: A Haunting in Connecticut

    Based on a true story: The Haunting in Connecticut
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    To the good people/readers of KR here is what I found involving the Haunting in Connecticut case. At the end I will give my opinion on all of these things that I have watched, and read.

    First a little background on why this case peaked my interest.

    When I first heard about this case it was through the Discovery Channels A Haunting series. When I first watched it I ...
  3. The History of Me as a Filmmaker

    I am taking this opportunity to tell you a little about myself and the history of this project The Trespassers. My name is Grant Leon Smith I am a 32 year old Filmmaker from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The Trespassers is my second Film.

    Growing up in the 80's I learned to love movies via VHS tapes that I'd rent from small local shops and the convenience store. Movies at a young age were always attached to big events like birthdays. ...
  4. Torture Porn, Serbians, and Underground August: Taking Horror Too Far

    I have a confession to make:

    I saw Hostel for the first time the other day, and I felt sick to my stomach.

    I have vowed to never watch A Serbian Film, Cannibal Holocaust, or Necromantik.

    Human Centipede 2 made me want to throw up.

    Now, this is coming from a guy who can laugh in appreciation of Tom Savini's work, loves Rob Zombie movies, and is generally ...

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  5. The Memo... Err... Mission Statement of KR

    Iím writing this letter on a Monday morning over a cup of Folgers coffee and several handfuls of Pepperidge Farm pizza flavored goldfish. After a nice relaxing weekend at my dadís house, I was super stoked to get back to the KR forums and check up on my recent post where I asked KR podcast listeners what kind of shows they wanted to see in 2012. With over 50 views the thread only contains one lonely response. ...

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