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  1. Silent Hill: Downpour- More Psycho Scares and Puzzles, Less Gunplay.

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    Most of us are aware that Silent Hill: Downpour failed to deliver on its original release time when last November came and went without even a mention of its release.

    However, as the new release date enters our radar (scheduled March 13th launch) the game’s producer, Devin Shatsky (it’s okay; you can laugh- he probably won’t read this) has revealed some interesting new directions the series will be taking in this next big release.
  2. Pora Mroku aka Time of Darkness review

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    Polish horror as a movie genre has had always difficult situation in our Country. I could give a full number from the genre but it wouldn’t be bigger than number of my fingers in both hands. This is sad because it seems to be that Poland directors do not take seriously that sort of cinema, focusing only on artistic cinema or stupid comedies.

    You could ask, why the most famous genre in the world has no representatives in that particular region? ...

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