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  1. It's my birthday and damnit I'm crying for my childhood

    You know what I want for my birthday most of all? A solid Friday the 13th sequel, the latest ones have gone for a crossover, a reboot, or being funny and thus not focused on scary. I want Jason to just go back to slaughtering the fuck out of some teens... Is that REALLY too much to ask New Line? Since they've taken over the F13 franchise we've gotten 4 films since then.

    Jason Goes To hell - Fun sure, but it's not really him slaughtering, it's folks who body he's possessing... Yawn, ...
  2. Exclusive Interview With The Writer of "The Fields" Harrison Smith

    I have had the great opportunity to talk with Harrison Smith multiple times via Twitter. Harrison has written the upcoming film The Fields starring Cloris Leachman and Tara Reid. The film is set for release on April 24 of this year and is available for pre order at Amazon. After reading about it and watching the trailer I was excited to find out more. The end result is the following ...

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  3. American Pie and Police Academy

    After rewatching most of the American Pie series, I came to realize how similar it is to the Police Academy series. Both series are popular and have strong editions in the comedy genre. The Police Academy series forced out a sequel every year after the original released in 1984 until Mission to Moscow, which was released in 1994. The American Pie series started in 1999 and released a couple years apart until the straight to DVD releases started. The DVD releases went every year from 2005 to 2007 ...

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  4. Top 10 Modern Day Exploitation Films

    Exploitation films
    Films made with little or no attention to quality or artistic merit but with an eye to a quick profit, usually via high-pressure sales and promotion techniques emphasizing some sensational aspect of the product.

    Back when these movies were being made as authentic pieces of cinema, they used to have little or no care at all about the actual movie itself. They would usually come up with the title and marketing before they even had a story let alone the movie ...

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  5. Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!

    It may be hard to believe today, but just a few decades ago, zombies were the low dead men on the horror pantheon totem pole. In the mid-1970s, as I delved into horror history via monster magazines and picture books, I was really only aware of two types of zombies: the Haitian voodoo zombies of I Walked with a Zombie, White Zombie, one of the few truly frightening episodes of Kolchak: The Night Stalker, and Marvel Comics’ black and white magazine, Tales of the Zombie (another traditional voodoo ...

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