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  1. Stephen King's Ghost Brothers of Darkland County

    Most people probably have no idea what the hell Ghost Brothers of Darkland County is. This is a play that was written by Stephen King and the music was done by John Cougar Mellencamp. It has been in the works for many years and now has finally made its debut. The Alliance Theater in Atlanta, Georgia has been the chosen venue for its first run before ...
  2. Porn on your XBox 360!!???!!

    That's right!!!!!
    According to sources, Microsoft is currently testing modified versions of Internet Explorer on the Xbox console. Along with this are rumors of full kinect support, including Bing and hand motion gestures....
    Finally an entertainment system where we can play games watch movies and masterbate in the comfort of our living room, sorry pc, just hope that the kinect doesn't get confused by the rapid hand movements when watching redtube.
    Expect to hear more on this ...
  3. Horror Games and Film: An Undeniable Connection

    Once in a while, we all want a good scare. For most, this scare comes from film. For others however, we get our horror fix from within the medium of gaming.

    Why? Simple- the act of controlling a character stuck within an environment creates an intimate atmosphere that is often unrivaled. Now, I’m no movie expert. I’ve never claimed to be, nor attempted to be. ...

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