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  1. Movie Review: Curtains (1983)

    In 1980, fresh off of the moderate sucess of "Prom Night" Producer Peter R. Simpson decided to send out another slasher movie, and so commissioned "Curtains" to be made. The movie had very troubled production, many reshoots had to be done, and it was unceremoniously given a small release in 1983, the heyday of the Slasher.

    The film languished in ...
  2. Those were the days OTR: The Black Museum, Narrated by Orson Welles

    Let me get this out of the way really quick. I’m putting the Based on a True Stories on hold for a bit. With my husband having a crazy work schedule lately, and my work being crazy (more than normal, except for the last week), and we are trying to potty train our daughter. So I haven’t had much time to do research on any movies. I also found out that the Keddie Murders are going to have their very ...

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  3. Friday the 13th Review

    Friday the 13th
    Music: 4/10
    Difficulty: 8/10
    Pre-Internet Rating: 3/10
    Post-Internet Rating: 6/10
    Fun Factor: 6/10 Super Mario 3 Bear Suits
    Price: $5

    While sitting at home deciding what game to review for you fine folks I thought to myself “this website was created for horror so let’s try some horror” and that my friends ...

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