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  1. "Dawn of the Dead" Meets "Blue Valentine"

    "Dead Weight" (2012)


    Charlie (Joe Belknap) is traveling through the wilderness to find his girlfriend, Samantha (Mary Lindberg), after civilization is destroyed by widespread biological attacks. He must try to survive while dealing with other survivors and his own emotional burdens.

    The post-apocalyptic world is a well-trod staple of the horror genre. Some would say, not without good reason, that it has been trod just a few too many times. ...
  2. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. A Detour Worth the Time?

    As many will already know, Capcom decided to take a bit of a detour with their latest installment in the Resident Evil series. It is very safe to say that because of the survival horror background established by this game’s history, RE: Operation Raccoon City is not the kind of game long-time fans of the series were expecting. This title takes a break ...

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  3. Ending Sold Seperately

    As a lover of video games I found this news to be rather odd and highly disturbing.
    After the debacle that was the mass effect ending there was some speculation that perhaps bioware was saving the real ending for future dlc, which sounds like a crooked dickheaded move, but it turns out that that scenario is more likely then originally thought.

    Capcom announced that it will soon be releasing the true ending for their game Asura's Wrath later next month. Which is well and ...
  4. Killer Book Reviews: Olden by James Newman

    First and foremost, I want to apologize. James Newman, the author of this book, sent me a digital copy because he is awesome. What he probably doesn’t know is that I am the world’s worst fan. He is always asking me for feedback on his work and I greatly enjoy reading his work. I want him to know that I literally received this book and stayed up reading it until it I had finished it. I love it and I’ve re-read it a few times. I received this book the day I returned home from visiting family ...
  5. FYI for Collectors: New $5 DVD Sets Popping Up

    While I was crazed with moving and looking for work, it seems as though Lionsgate released a couple of DVDs with absolutely zero fanfare for the community. Obviously, they underestimated these discs' worth as collectors are working themselves rabid trying to find them. The reason these are so desired is that they contain many films that have never been released here in the States, previously you would have had ...
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