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  1. The Quiet: Short Film: review

    Some short films can take the most miniscule of time and cram every possible bit of information into it, submerging the viewer into what seems like an eternity of detail. Edifying plot points are condensed (even left out) of some shorts, and we as the collective eyes are dropped off to figure out just what we are feasting our optics on. Every movie in some aspect is open to each's own interpretation, but with a short film, there almost seems ...
  2. Flesheater cleaning his ears while talking about Now You See Me

  3. Another embarrassing Flesheater video

  4. What Happened To The Reboot Sequels?


    A few years back Platinum Dunes decided to reboot a few old horror franchises due to a lack of original ideas. Hmm, sound familiar? Maybe they were just going along with the changing times. Lord knows that action films are treated no better.

    In 2009, they decided to take on the Jason legacy and make a brand new Friday The 13th in hopes of starting ...

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  5. Nightmares In Red, White, and Blue (2009) Review


    This is a 2009 documentary that chronicles the evolution of American horror films from the 1920's to the present time. It is narrated by Lance Henrikson, who takes you through decade after decade of how horror changed through the eyes of the filmmakers, and the opinions of the public.

    Horror started off as monster movies like Dracula, The Wolfman, and The Mummy, which were the scariest things that ...
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