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  1. Interview with actress Sarah French

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    I recently had the pleasure of speaking with actress Sarah French, a Minnesota native that got her early start after being spotted at a metal concert years ago, and has become a force to be reckoned with in the independent horror movie scene.

    KR - Can you give us an insight into your horror origin ?

    SF - Well, I've always been a huge horror fan ever since I can remember - I've been watching horror films since I was a kid. ...

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  2. "Lord Of Tears" Owlman pays a visit to ChatRoulette

    "Lord Of Tears", the immensely frightening new horror film from Director Lawrie Brewster that has had fans lauding its presence for it's return to classic, gothic terror on film, has decided to up the freaky factor by having it's nightmarish icon show up on ChatRoulette to scare the piss out of some unsuspecting online conversationalists, and the results are both terrifying and hilarious ! Check it ...
  3. Holy Ghost People: movie review

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    "Sent to us is the savior that will provide shelter to us all" that ? I just made it up - further proves my point that with an INKLING of a creative mind, someone can at least give the appearance that they know what the hell they're speaking about...or can possess the power to lead the multitudes with a few simple phony phrases. Now DON'T get me wrong, I'm not trying to spark a colossal religious debate with my comments....I'm just trying ...

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  4. I Will Follow You Into the Dark: DVD review

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    Death is no joke - in whatever form it may be attached to, whether it after an accident, or a long illness, or maybe just the fact that someone's life has run out, kind of like a wound-down clock. Regardless of the scheme or structure of the passing, grief can become entirely another entity which can take over a person's life, almost making them the one that has faded away.

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  5. Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy: Blu-Ray review

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    Attention all "Fred-Heads" - the documentary explaining all of the mayhem behind the #1 dream killer's franchise has finally hit Blu-Ray, and we all as a collective group of dream warriors can certainly appreciate a killer 2-disc set such as this.....even if it is lacking in a few aspects....but more on that in a bit.

    The documentary, originally released in 2010 is PACKED full of interviews on it's first disc, taking us right from ...
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