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  1. Dead Stars Drive-In

    With a band name like Stellar Corpses they should have been on my radar. Sadly they were not until I heard their newest album. ” Dead Stars Drive-In “was released recently and I heard a review of it and I liked the little bit I heard so I bought it. These guys are from Santa Cruz and have musical influences ranging from Elvis to Megadeath. They have a horror punk/rockabilly sound if you had to narrow it down to something specific. Many ...
  2. Review : Goon

    Doug Glatt, a bouncer and family outcast looking to find his place in life, finds solace in a semi-pro hockey team in need of a thug and leader. Doug battles to make his team see their potential and earn their glory on the ice.

    Doug (Sean William Scott) and his friend Ryan (Jay Baruchel) are friends and hockey enthusiasts that like the rough and violent sport of hockey. They like the game but find the ...

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  3. One of the All-Time Classics: "Death Race 2000"

    "A Missing Piece From My Childhood"

    In a dystopian future, a cross country automobile race requires contestants to run down innocent pedestrians to gain points that are tallied based on each kills brutality. Starring David Carradine and Sylvester Stallone.

    When I was younger and my family would go for a drive, my father would often make the remark that if he swerved and hit someone, it would be worth twenty points. In my youth, I never really ...
  4. Why Rocky IV is the Greatest Movie Ever Made

    We here at Killer Reviews always like to joke about the Hollywood knuckleheads pulling the strings. You know who we're talking about. The guys in the suits up on the 30th floor who research popular trends and study demographics and figure out how they can work this stuff into films. You know....reach a larger audience. Make more ka-ching. These are the guys who propose that a giant doughnut should be ...

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  5. What was wrong with Return of the Jedi

    It matters not whether Han shot first or he was reacting to Greedo’s aggressive trigger finger, Star Wars: A New Hope was one of the best and most defining films of the past few (or many any) generations. Then in a remarkable and unprecedented occurrence just a few years later, the unimaginable happened. Star Wars was bettered by its sequel The Empire Strikes Back. Hoth, family revelations, Yoda and a Carbonite Solo were only some of the highlights in a rare example of a sequel bettering an already ...
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