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  1. Daniel: short film review

    If you like your horror like you like your fast food - hot, fast & fresh (okay, I may be reaching a bit with the fast food thing,) then kick back and focus your peepers on a 3 minute short film from Director Peter Dukes titled: Daniel - the feature is actually LESS than 3 minutes but don't let that sway you - the short is direct to the point and creepy as hell !! I feel as if you'd be wasting your time checking out the film if I even laid out one iota of detail for you, so give it a look and refresh ...

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  2. Septic Man: review

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    Somethin' sure tastes funny with this water...and after watching Director Jesse Thomas Cook's dirty-as-hell film Septic Man, I'll be sticking to the bottled stuff for the remainder of my life, if you don't mind. Upon first impression, this movie looks like another run of the mill gross-out flick, but after settling in for 85 minutes or so I can assess that this movie runs a close parallel to a little Troma feature from years ago that maybe some of you ...

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  3. Movie review: Jersey Shore Massacre

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    I've never been keen on the whole Jersey Shore phenomenon, or any other reality show where what once was looked upon as tacky and tasteless, is now seen as normal, acceptable and all the rage. Anyone either in the business of monitoring celebrity actions or not can tell you that overexposure can be a killer. If you put yourself out there for too long you'll most assuredly burn under the hot rays of fame, much like the SPF-deprived Jersey-ites that have ...

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  4. Interview with Rachel Mills & Joshua Zeman, “Killer Legends”

    In 2009, Joshua Zeman and Barbara Brancaccio unleashed “Cropsey” into the world. This documentary explored an urban legend (Cropsey) and a real-life case (that of killer Andre Rand) that was eerily similar in many respects. While looking at the link between true crime and urban legend, they also found some disturbing things out about history, society and mental illness. If you have not yet seen this film, buy or rent it immediately.

    Zeman is back, and this time he has brought along ...
  5. "Found" finds a North American home this August !

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    Horror as it is, and horror it shall be, and make no doubt, this August it will be horror we will see ! Courtesy of XLrator Media, whose recently acquired distribution of the incredibly anticipated film, Found, will give fans the opportunity of checking out this feature that has ALREADY snagged 15 Best Film awards and multiple Best Actor awards while playing at over 40 horror film festivals this year so far. So, are you ready ?

    The ...
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