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  1. Stitches: DVD review

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    The perception of clowns has been viewed as negative for quite a while - at least as long as I've been alive. My hatred of the painted happy performers goes back to when I was a young lunatic at an age of 8, when my father took me to a Ringling Brothers circus knockoff that came to our town in the Summer of 1981. We managed to get front row under the big top, and I was a little nervous when I saw all of those harlequins spill out of their compact ...
  2. IronMan 3 Review

  3. Flesheaters world

  4. Flesheater's new rambling video about his trip to Tombstone

  5. Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection - DVD review

    How many ways can you find to describe a turd of a movie ? Does the idea of someone that obviously feels it's audience must be completely devoid of common sense annoy you as an avid horror movie fan ? Is there a place for a movie that has done nothing other than piggyback itself on the shoulders of a classic title, for no other reason than getting it's name out there in the vast annals of the zombie cinematic catalog ? If you for no ...

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