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  1. Flesheater talking Leonard Part 6

  2. Guffaw At The Rich Folk With These Peter Arno Laffs!

  3. My Recent Horror Blu-ray purchases

    I recently did some shopping and got five new blu-ray horror movies. I will list them below and give a brief description of each one.

    Trick R' Treat - A perfect movie for halloween and for my collection. This horror anthology comes with some cool special features including additional scenes and commentary.

    Children of the corn (1984) - When I saw this in the 7.99 bin at Best Buy in needed to get it. Unfortunately it doesn't come with any special features but the ...
  4. Butcher's DVD and Blu-ray Collection Update - 08/26/13

    Hello Killer Reviews readers! If you listened to our last Killer Reviews Podcast then you already know that I'm getting back into DVD and Blu-ray collecting. This past weekend I picked up a bunch of DVDs at my local Newbury Comics and I made some great additions to my collection. Well, I guess 'great' is arguable considering I did buy Parasite starring Demi Moore. But I did make some nice new additions to my Midnight Movies series from MGM that I'm collecting.

    Enjoy the video and ...
  5. No One Lives: DVD review

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The day that World Wrestling Entertainment announced that they had jumped into the filmmaking industry, the collective movie fanbase almost universally groaned in unison, following the massive splat that the XFL Football experiment left in the sports world years before. Should Vince McMahon have just stuck to perfecting the money-making empire he had taken over from his father ? Could a considerable gap in creative brainpanning translate into dollars ...
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