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  1. Movie Review: Varsity Blood (2014)

    High school horror films have been engraved in every young horror lovers past. For many of us it was the gateway to a world of other horror films. Teens we could relate to that only wanted to party and have sex. Every one of these characters could possibly represent someone in your own immediate group of friends. Even if you were the outsider looking into the popular crowd there is a place for you in the film. Varsity Blood is a film tries to encompass all of the necessary traits for a successful ...
  2. God is NOT dead

    Just watched God Is Not Dead. Good movie... a little corny at times but pretty good. But the one part of the movie that I thought was funny and odd (IF YOU DON'T WANT ANY SPOILERS ABOUT THIS MOVIE THEN DO NOT READ ON; OTHERWISE PROCEED) was when Kevin Sorbo's character who is a college professor angry at god crosses the street and is struck by a car and two priests happen to be there so the one priest runs to get help while the other stays and says to Sorbo that in a few minutes you will learn more ...
  3. Interview with Director Paul Tarnopol (Jersey Shore Massacre)

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    I recently had the opportunity of speaking for a few moments with Paul Tarnopol, who recently directed Jersey Shore Massacre, aided by Shore regular Jenni "JWOWW" Farley, who acted as executive producer - we spoke about his start in the biz, and what it was like to work alongside Farley. Read on and enjoy !

    KR - Can you give us a look at how you got started in the business ?

    PT - My background actually started ...

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  4. Interview with Jason David Brown (Septic Man)

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    I recently had the opportunity to speak with the Septic Man himself, actor/production designer/art director: Jason David Brown - with so many hats that this man wears, I had to chase him down just to secure this interview (ok, not really - but it sounded good) - he discussed his start, how much the makeup process sucks, and what he's doing to fill his spare time - so read on and enjoy !

    KR - Can you give us a look back at how you ...

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