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  1. War of the Worlds: Goliath - DVD review

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    If you love H.G. Wells' timeless classic, " War of the Worlds", then it's a more than safe bet you'll enjoy the loosely-based sequel "Goliath" from Director Joe Pearson, and it will come crashing into your homes in both DVD & 3D Blu-Ray format this April 1st (no foolin !).

    This animated-steampunk style shoot-em-up takes place 15 years after the initial attacks upon the Earth by a race of ultra-violent martians that basically laid ...
  2. Empire of the Apes: DVD review

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    Lord help me.....for I've seen the end of the world....or at least what may be showing on TV as the world is ending. I don't toss away ANY chance at reviewing something, regardless of what the DVD cover may look like, or overhearing public opinion, or other critics ramblings (that's the beautiful thing about being a reviewer - we ALL have useless opinions !) Anyway, when something comes across my desk I'm usually MORE than happy to pop it in my DVD ...
  3. Wolf Creek 2: movie review

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    I never considered myself an international traveler...sure, there are places I'd LIKE to visit - to see where my relatives resided in Ireland, or to cruise the canals in a gondola in Italy...but after watching "Crocodile Dundee" WAY back when I was a little turd back in 1986, all I wanted to see was the Australian Outback, the roos, the Aborigines...just the scenery.....then 19 years later, I was introduced to Mick Taylor....and needless to say you ...

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  4. Interview with Jon Polito (Locker 13)

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    I recently had the honor of conducting an interview with an actor who for MANY years, always managed to entertain not only myself, but millions with his vast spectrum of performances & characters... the only thing is, if you saw him, you'd most likely say "oh yeah ! THAT guy !!" Well, his name is Jon Polito, and for the past 33 years, he has over 200 different credits to his name between film, TV & voice-over work. His most noticeable performances came ...

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  5. Phantasm V is a GO !!...maybe ?

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    Fans of the sphere REJOICE !! After much posturing & proposing, it appears that there could possibly be a long-awaited Phantasm sequel ready to launch at our sightline in the (hopefully) not too far future. The movie, subtitled: Ravager, will follow on the heels of 1998's Phantasm: Oblivion (WAY too long of a span), and is rumored to have been filmed over the past couple of years in small increments (interestingly enough, some scenes were ...
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