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  1. Horror Movie Review: Massacre at Central High(1976)

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    The word Classic is liberally, and irresponsibly, tossed about these days. The truth is that the quality of a film is subjective, as is the labeling of one as a classic. Take the classic teen horror film Massacre at Central High, for example.

    This is the second of several reviews of violent teenage rebellion flicks I hope to pen. I think I like reviewing them because they tend to address their themes with the utmost seriousness, as if the ...

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  2. Toronto After Dark Film Festival - One Day to Go (Until I Die)

    One day to go. The Toronto After Dark Film Festival comes to a close tonight and we are as sad as we are exhausted. We’ve seen zombies, an apocalypse, an animated gem, a supernatural thriller and exploitation just to ramble off what first comes to our heads.

    I must sincerely give credit to organizer Adam Lopez (who would surely want to recognize the volunteers and members on his team that make this all possible each year). But with The Woman and Ti West’s The Innkeepers closing ...
  3. Toronto After Dark Film Festival - Days Five and Six: A Painkiller By Any Other Name

    I have neglected my duties. No ifs, ands or buts about it. The Toronto After Dark Festival has been continuing through the course of the week and my reviews and blog coverage of the event has been spotty.

    But let me attempt to explain.

    On the third day of the Festival, I got hit with the perfect storm of ailments. I threw my back out which has put me on strong painkillers. The painkillers do not agree with my stomach and the narcotic that I take daily for a ...
  4. Toronto After Dark - Days Three and Four: Zombies Zombies Zombies

    Days three and four at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival were jammed packed with films and events that ensured there was a little something for every taste.

    It all got stated early on Saturday with the Shorts After Dark showing at 1:30PM. There were about 100 combined minutes of short films from around the world showcasing some incredible talent.

    That lead to the 3PM Toronto Zombie Walk which is always a hoot. We are so old, we fit in perfectly without make-up, ...
  5. Toronto After Dark - Day Two: Exit Father's Day

    Day two of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival looked to use the momentum of opening night’s film, Monster Brawl to maintain the adulation of the horror rabid fans with the double feature of John Geddes’ Exit Humanity and the World Premiere of Troma Entertainment’s much anticipated Father’s Day.

    Familiar faces from last night’s opening populated the early arriving crowd and even a late night at the Nocturne Nightclub for the after party did little to take wind out of horror brethrens ...
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