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  1. Top 10 Plane Crashes in Film

    In The Grey, the new film starring Liam Neeson released this Friday, a team of oil drillers fight the elements and the indigenous wildlife of the Alaskan landscape when their plane crashes in the rural backdrop. The plane crash that establishes the setting for the film is as thrilling as it was terrifying and ensures that The Grey will never be an in-flight film during any Southwestern Airline trips across the country.

    Stellar plane crashes are nothing new for big budget Hollywood ...
  2. STEPHEN ROMANO returns to Killer Reviews with RESURRECTION EXPRESS

    Hey, kids! It's the return of the Klown Prince Of Darkness! Yep, it's me, MASTERS OF HORROR scribe, SHOCK FESTIVAL author, champion of all things wet and slimy and pyschotronic. Most recently also, I've become the author of BLACK LIGHT, a really icky, action packed novel written in collaboration with those fun boys who write the SAW films. It's about a guy who vomits up ghosts. (Umm, trust me, it's awesome.) ...

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  3. In Old Cinema

    The Cabinet of Dr.Calligari review

    I really love the golden age of cinematic horror and I find it still interesting despite its age and antique style. If I could vote for the most disturbing and creepy picture of that era, it would be definitely The Cabinet of Dr. Calligari.

    The Cabinet of Dr Calligari is one of the greatest achievements of German expressionism ...

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  4. "We Need to Talk About Kevin" VIDEO Review

    "We Need To Talk About Kevin"

    Written & Directed by: Lynne Ramsay

    Starring: Tilda Swinton, John C. Reilly, & Ezra Miller

    It is believed that a mothers love is unconditional. However, in this indi-thriller a woman's motherly affection is put to the ultimate test when her son is help responsible for a shocking crime. A crime that permeates the entire town and destroys her persona.
  5. Nightmarish and Bloody Bad

    Title : A Final collapse-Final Destination 5 review

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    After the first part of blockbuster from the creators of X files, it was pretty obvious that it will be transformed into a income business. The story from the Director and screenwriter James Wong was fresh and unique and he has delivered to audience a phenomenal thrill. It was a Himalayas of truly bloody entertainment with black humor.

    In the case of Final Destination series, any ...

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