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  1. Scary or Die: Not a Tough Choice

    Classics like Creepshow and Body Bags might seem easy to make, but watch a few anthology films and you quickly realize how difficult it is to build and balance a truly cohesive collection of terrifying tales. Things start badly for Scary or Die when we are treated to a mysterious stranger sitting down to a computer to visit an ominous website. The website is named 'Scary or Die' and it is the vehicle used for the wrap around story of the ...
  2. The Orphan Killer: DVD review

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    Getting tired of the same old stale serial killer movies ? Is the latest slasher film you rented making you wish you were in a medically-induced coma due to the excessive boredom ? If you are in fact willing to accept a balls-to-the-wall gorefest that will grab your skull and attempt to squeeze your eyeballs out with extreme prejudice, then look no further than The Orphan Killer.
    Director Matt Farnsworth comes forward in a huge way, kicking ...
  3. You who it's flesheater again aka mr.cassanova

    Me again not making much sense when I talk and sounding and looking like a Down Syndrome
  4. Phantasm II: Shout Factory Blu-Ray release

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    As a huge fan of the Phantasm franchise, my initial surprise of hearing that Shout Factory was reworking a Blu-Ray release of 1988's Phantasm II was slightly hindered at the idea of the original 1979 feature getting skipped over, but after receiving this nice surprise in the mail last week, I realized that my bemoaning of the aforementioned complaint was now a non-issue.

    This film that was produced by Universal Pictures, was widely disapproved ...

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  5. The Beast (Horror Short)

    If given the opportunity to make a horror short film I would. If you told me that I had to snag the biggest name in independent horror films as my lead I would be intimidated a bit. If then you told me I had to have some special effects, a full score, and have very little money to do it all. I would probably tell you that is crazy and move along with my day. However this did not deter Peter Dukes from making his horror short called The Beast. Starring the ...

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