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  1. The Millennium Bug

    In the current state of horror we as viewers have had the unfortunate abuse of terrible CGI in filmmaking. Even many indie films are guilty of this. So when I found out about The Millennium Bug being free of CGI blood and CGI monsters I am sold. Being an independent release I was very reluctant of how good it could be. My first hope is that the money is in the effects ...

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  2. Is Mainstream Horror Dead?


    Grave Encounters.

    Red State.

    All amazing movies that were appreciated by the Horror community at large, except for one thing: None were in theaters, for the average American to walk into and enjoy. What was in theatres?

    Don't be Afraid of the Dark.

    Apollo 18.

    Shark Night 3D. ...
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  3. 17th Annual Emma Crawford Coffin Races in Manitou Springs, CO - Oct 29th 2011

    Manitou Springs, CO 2011 Coffin Races.
    If you’ve never been to Colorado you probably have never heard of Manitou Springs, hell even some people that live in Colorado have never heard about it. Manitou is known for all sorts of spooky goings on. Manitou is home to haunted hotels (which are said to be the majority of all the hotels down there) and hippies. But one thing that this sleepy little valley town is becoming known for is the annual Emma Crawford Coffin Races.

    Here’s ...
  4. Toronto After Dark Film Festival - All Good Things...

    The Toronto After Dark Film Festival is over. After a fantastic 8-day run showcasing the best in horror, science fiction and cult films from around the world, the curtains have lowered for the final time on the 2011 campaign.

    It all ended this past Thursday with the double feature showing of Lucky McKee’s The Woman and Ti West’s The Innkeepers. Two radically different films (see last year’s closing bill of Rubber and The Human Centipede) that was a tribute to the festival’s diverse ...
  5. 3D Tribute to Lord of the Rings - The Battle of Evermore

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