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  1. Survival Horror: The Roots and Evolution of a Genre

    In 1996 Bill Clinton began his second term as President, MSN revealed Hotmail as a free email client, the 26th Olympic games were held in Atlanta Ga., and MTV started a second television channel which promised to be “more about the music.” However, if you were a gamer fiddling with a PS1 controller in 1996, you may have missed a great portion of these events because you were trying to guide Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine through an inventive maze of puzzles and an unrelenting hoard ...

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  2. That's deathtastic

    For someone who's dealt with more death than he'd like to admit, when I got the news today that my childhood best friend's mother had passed from her stage 4 breast cancer I was kind of taken away. You see, when my mother passed two years ago my friend and I hadn't seen each other in a few years aside from in passing. We never had a major rift, or violent fight, we just grew apart. He didn't go to my mother's funeral (his choice, I'm not angry, he's the one who has to live with not having gone to ...
  3. Live Oscar Blog

    Only two and a half hours to go until we go live to the (formally) Kodak theatre
  4. Based on a True Story: A Haunting in Connecticut

    Based on a true story: The Haunting in Connecticut
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    To the good people/readers of KR here is what I found involving the Haunting in Connecticut case. At the end I will give my opinion on all of these things that I have watched, and read.

    First a little background on why this case peaked my interest.

    When I first heard about this case it was through the Discovery Channels A Haunting series. When I first watched it I ...
  5. The History of Me as a Filmmaker

    I am taking this opportunity to tell you a little about myself and the history of this project The Trespassers. My name is Grant Leon Smith I am a 32 year old Filmmaker from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The Trespassers is my second Film.

    Growing up in the 80's I learned to love movies via VHS tapes that I'd rent from small local shops and the convenience store. Movies at a young age were always attached to big events like birthdays. ...
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