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  1. DVD Review: Nurse 3D

    With a series of film posters that oozed blood and sex, Nurse 3D quickly affirmed itself to my Must See list of 2014. Sure, that might sound shallow. But why should I pretend differently. Any of the one-sheets that were put out by the studio highlighted actress Paz de la Huerta in a tight nurse’s outfit either drenched in blood or riding a giant syringe phallic symbol. Yip, my libido was sold.

    Add to the mix that the film was an entry into my favorite genre and ...
  2. DVD Review: Cabin Fever 3: Patient Zero

    I am guessing that when Eli Roth brought his small debut film Cabin Fever to the Toronto International Film Festival in 2002, he had no idea that the story of an infectious skin disease would generate two sequels over twelve years. But that is exactly the grounds to which we find ourselves with the direct-to-DVD release of Cabin Fever 3: Patient Zero due on DVD and On Demand later this spring.

    The original film took place in a remote forested area. The sequel took ...
  3. DVD Review: The Invoking

    There was a few times throughout my viewing of The Invoking that I thought that I missed something. The first 40 minutes of the film I really was disinterested because I felt it was taking too long to get to the point. I guess what I missed was that atmospheric buildup of tension. This could have been partially my fault since a handful of distractions were going on during my viewing. When I finally realized what was going on and the direction ...
  4. Interview with actress Emma Greenwell

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    Hot on the heels of her latest film, "Holy Ghost People", up-and-coming actress Emma Greenwell gave me a few minutes of her time to discuss her start in the industry & how she prepared herself for the demanding role of "Charlotte" - read on & enjoy.

    KR - Can you tell us how you got your start in the business ?

    EG - Sure, I went to drama school when I was in England, and then I came out here and was booked as ...

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  5. Robocop (2014) Review

    Starring: Joel Kinnaman
    Michael Keaton
    Gary Oldman
    Samuel L. Jackson

    Rated: PG-13

    Release Date: February 12, 2014

    Well folks, it's finally here! The most talked about movie of 2014 has arrived, so.......let's cut to the chase shall we? The question on everyone's mind is: Is the ...

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