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  1. Review: Time Lapse (2015)

    Any fan of movies that involve some sort of time travel aspect always seem to have a tough road ahead of them. It's one of the strange sub genres that involve suspending your disbelief on one hand but accepting something completely off the wall on the other. We are all aware that time travel is not a real thing. It still doesn't stop people from writing books or making movies about it. The fascination with being able to go back and manipulate ...
  2. Image Entertainment Snags U.S. Rights to "Some Kind Of Hate"

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    Image Entertainment has recently announced that they've acquired all U.S. rights to a film that just may be the greatest cautionary tale for those who might like to occupy their time with bullying others: SOME KIND OF HATE.

    Directed by Adam Egypt Mortimer, and starring Ronen Rubenstein (It Felt Like Love), Sierra McCormick (Disney’s Ant Farm), Grace Phipps (Fright Night, Disney’s Teen Beach Movie), Spencer Breslin (The Happening, The ...
  3. DVD Review: Frankenstein's Hungry Dead

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    You've got those movies over time that keep your eyes stuck to the screen like a fly that's just buzzed into one of those kill-strips, and then there are those movies where you can't rescue your peepers quick enough, and FRANKENSTEIN'S HUNGRY DEAD, on a sliding scale, is RAPIDLY sliding to the "Rescue 911" category...YEESH.

    Directed by Richard Griffith, this presentation takes a group of stereotypical high-school students on a field ...

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  4. Interview With Director LazRael Lison (Private Number)

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    I recently had the opportunity of getting a few minutes with director LazRael Lison, whose latest film, PRIVATE NUMBER, gives new meaning to the term "prank caller." We talked about his love for the genre, the inception of the film, and what he's got on tap for the future, so settle in and enjoy!

    KR - Can you tell us how you got your start in the business?

    LL - I was always a creative junkie, as far back as a child, so ...
  5. Review: The Barber (2015)

    Long time veteran actor Scott Glenn portrays Eugene Van Wingerdt in The Barber. He is the main character that was previously accused of 17 murders and acquitted years ago. He has quietly resided in a town with no problems until John McCormack comes for a visit to reveal that he in fact knows his secret. McCormack will stop at nothing to get the truth out of him even if that means doing unspeakable acts. The story unfolds from here and we see just ...
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