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  1. DVD Review: Dark Cove

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    Just when in the blue hell will people learn that camping outside of their comfort zones almost always leads to some particular kind of trouble? In director Rob Willey's adventure/thriller, Dark Cove, the aforementioned caveat once again comes into play when five amigos take their desire for a little outdoorsin' in the far reaches of the Vancouver coast of Canada - yep, you guessed it...trouble ahead in more ways than one.

    First off, ...
  2. DVD Review: Bubba The Redneck Werewolf

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    With the comic already having survived over the past 20 years, it should come as no surprise that Bubba The Redneck Werewolf was destined to have been slapped on celluloid at some point in its existence...and lucky for us all, it's finally here. Hope on the parade float, cause we're gonna cruise this bitch down main street.

    Fred Lass leads the charge here as Bubba, a bungling hillbilly dog catcher from Cracker County, Florida, where he ...
  3. Momentum Pictures Acquires "Voice From The Stone"

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    From our friends over at Katrina Wan PR comes a nugget of good news, especially those looking for an Emilia Clarke fix until the next season of Game Of Thrones hits the airwaves. Read on for the skinny -

    Momentum Pictures announced today that it has acquired North American rights to the anticipated thriller VOICE FROM THE STONE. Eric D. Howell (Ana's Playground) makes his directorial debut with the screenplay written by Andrew Shaw ...

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  4. Blu-ray Review: Vamp

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    2 fraternity hopefuls. 1 insanely creepy stripper. 1 club inhabited by vampires. Now with just a couple of tweaks here and there, we'd have a From Dusk Till Dawn prequel backed up about 10 years, but this comedic-blood-drainer is called Vamp, and it just got the Blu-ray treatment from our pals over at Arrow Films.

    The story follows two college buddies (Chris Makepeace and Robert Rusler) who are trying to slide their way into a prestigious ...
  5. DVD Review: The Devil's Forest

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    I had to keep re-checking my facts with this one - all the damn name changes this film underwent - first, it was called The Devil Within, then it was re-named The Devil Complex, finally The Devil's Woods was the settling point (lucky for us all). Jeez, you'd swear the next Star Wars movie was in pre-production with all these damn switches! In any event, I was offered the chance to check this one out for review, and based on the artwork alone, I was ...
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