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  1. Blu-ray Review: "The Neon Demon" (2016)

    When aspiring model Jesse (Elle Fanning) moves to Los Angeles, her youth and vitality are devoured by a group of beauty-obsessed women who will take any means necessary to get what she has.

    Although classified as a "horror thriller", this categorization might throw potential viewers off. The horror elements are relatively few and far between, and the thrills are rather subtle. This is not to say the film is in any way a bad picture, simply that it defies conventional categories. ...
  2. Blu-ray Review: Atroz (Atrocious)

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    Let me just preface this particular review by saying that if blatantly graphic depictions of horrendous violence are right up your alley, then I'm speaking DIRECTLY to you when I drop the hammer on director Lex Ortega's uber-heinous crime-spree shocker, Atroz (Atrocious, for us gringos). Now how would one properly concoct such a gritty, slimy, sleazy product and toss it up onto film, why having one of the most shocking directors act as an executive producer, ...
  3. Book Review: Francesco Borseti's "It Came From the 80s!"

    Before I get into the book in a little detail, let me made something very clear. Francesco Borseti’s “It Came From the 80s!” is the best horror reference book of 2016. There is no question about it. If the folks behind the Rondo Awards read this, don’t even bother to have a vote because we already have a winner.

    What Borseti has done is gather interviews from 124 filmmakers focusing on 25-30 films (though many others come up in conversation). Through editing, it seems as though the ...
  4. Blu-ray Review: Female Prisoner Scorpion: The Complete Collection

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    Bordering on both a bit of the insane (and inane), the Japanese exploitation series Female Prisoner has come home to Blu-ray, and I've got to be honest, this could possibly be the weakest presentation that we fans could have hoped for...sorry to bum out all you voyeuristic pervs.

    So here we are, with a 4-pack of these oddly interesting features jammed into one pretty tight set, and let's run them down in order, shall we? First up we've ...
  5. DVD Review: The Purging Hour

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    I tried to hide. I really, honestly and truthfully, made every iron-clad attempt to hide from you... but you sniffed me out, like a rabid animal looking for something to sink its fangs into. Found-footage, there apparently is no eluding you, regardless of where I may run to, so I might as well bare my jugular and let you slice me for the final time, and the name etched on the cold-steel serrated edge this time is, The Purging utterly poetic. ...
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