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  1. JESSE - coming to DVD August 12th

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    On August 12th, justice will be dispensed one shotgun blast at a time - from director Fred Carpenter comes Jesse, the story of an anguished cop (Stephanie Finochio - WWE's Trinity) who spends her days drinking away every conceivable bit of pain she's endured. Upon the disappearance of her brother when he associates himself with some Mafia degenerates, Jesse decides to travel deep into the seedy, sleazy back-alleys of the underworld in the hopes of finding ...
  2. Interview with Shane Johnson (The Possession of Michael King)

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    I recently had the opportunity of speaking with Shane Johnson, who is starring in The Possession of Michael King, which will be distributed by Anchor Bay Films on August 22nd - we talked about his preparation for the role (including one very odd circumstance that occurred during the shoot), and his upcoming projects - read on & enjoy !

    KR - For the people that might not be familiar with you and your work, can you give us a look ...

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  3. Movies Everyone Else Loves But Me

    Everyone has them. Those movies that are loved, revered and often quoted that you just… don’t… like. Maybe you have given the film another screening in hopes of finding those nuggets that have won over your peers. Or maybe you have just given up on the film entirely unwilling to waste more time on a failed venture. Either way, we all have our disliked films that put you in the minority when orated in social gatherings.

    I am no different. And ...

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  4. DVD review: Rage

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    Boy, I don't know about all of you..but I could certainly go for ANOTHER Nicolas Cage movie, couldn't you ? Honestly, it doesn't seem as if ol St. Nic has been filling his time with too many movies as of late...or has he ? In any regard, the almost-Superman has returned in director Paco Cabezas's Russian-mafia revenge film Rage (formerly known as Tokarev), and it will be unloading in full vindictive display on August 12th in Blu-Ray, DVD & digital download ...
  5. Review: The Expendables 3

    For two Expendables movies, the focus has been on the cast. And why not. The action franchise purposely went through its Rolodex of 80ís and 90ís action stars and coupled them with a few new faces outfitted them with guns and gave them a chance to save the world (or at least small pieces of it) as they limp towards retirement. Trotted out for two films were actors whose last names printed on the marquee were enough to incite fan foaming familiarity. Stallone, Statham, Li, Lundgren, ...

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