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  1. A Superior Hessler-Kosugi Film: "Rage of Honor" (1987)

    A Japanese cop, Shiro (Sho Kosugi), and his partner Ray are after a bunch of drug dealers. But they are betrayed by an insider and Ray is killed. Shiro follows the murderer, a sadistic drug lord, up to Singapore.

    This is director Gordon Hessler's follow-up to "Pray for Death" (1985), also starring Sho Kosugi. The general consensus seems to be that the best Hessler-Kosugi team-up was "Pray for Death", but I respectfully disagree. I feel they stepped it up a notch ...
  2. DVD Review: Mansion Of Blood

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    I swear, if someone is playing a joke on me, all that I ask is that they come forward and admit their malicious intentions, because I simply cannot take another one of these nut-clustered fecal bombs packed tightly inside a DVD case...DAMN MY EYES!!!

    The turd in question is Mansion Of Blood, and for lack of a better description, this one was better left floating at the bottom of the porcelain. How in the blue hell is it feasible that ...
  3. Interview with Geek Icon James Marsters

    James Marsters is an actor who should need no introduction, but I'll give him one anyway. For better or worse, he is best known for playing the character of Spike on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", and its spinoff show "Angel". But this just scratches the surface. He has also been on "Warehouse 13", "Supernatural", "Smallville" and "Torchwood". When I say he is a geek icon, I say it lovingly... because he's been on just about every sci-hi / ...
  4. Interview with Glen Mazzara, creator of "Damien"

    Glen Mazzara has spent the last decade knee deep in the dead. He was a producer and occasional writer for "The Walking Dead" and was able to bring many of the characters that pop cultures loves to life (or undeath).

    On February 25, 2016 I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Glen. We mostly talk about "Damien", but touch on a few of his other projects. Don't worry, no "Walking Dead" spoilers. "Damien" premieres on A&E, March 7. Check ...
  5. Pam Grier Begins: "Black Mama, White Mama" (1973)

    When two trouble-making female prisoners (one a revolutionary, the other a former harem-girl) can't seem to get along, they are chained together and extradited for safekeeping. The women, still chained together, stumble, stab, and cat-fight their way across the wilderness, igniting a bloody shootout between gangsters and a group of revolutionaries.

    From a story by pre-fame Jonathan Demme, this is partly an homage to the 1958 classic "The Defiant Ones", which structured the ...
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