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  1. DVD Review: Deadly Revisions

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    A Toyota Prius amongst Lamborghinis, a poodle amongst pit bulls, a creepy guy hanging out in the women’s lingerie section… OK, that last one may have been a bit uncomfortable to conceptualize, but the comparison I’m trying to make here is what out of each of the three examples doesn’t fit? Much like his performances in the past that have personified the evil, stone-faced looking guy you would most likely avoid in the street late at night, Bill Oberst, ...
  2. TIFF Review: Green Room

    I’ll admit it – Green Room wasn’t so much on my list of movies to screen at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) as it was just a film that fit my schedule. Searching for a film to fill a gap in my schedule after Sicario and before Black Mass, I swept up tickets to the screening more due to convenience than interest.

    But that was before I did a little research. Director Jeremy Saulnier would hardly have been a name to which I would have recognized in conversation ...
  3. "Dismembering Christmas" (2015): Slasher Studios Returns With a Vengeance!

    Not long ago, Slasher Studios screened their film “Don’t Go to the Reunion” before a full house at HorrorHound Indianapolis. The crowd cheered, laughed, and it was a big hit. Maybe not scary, but the kind of movie you want to see with some friends and a few beers.

    Now they're back... with a vengeance. That same great mix of blood and belly laughs, but with an improved video quality, some great camera shots, and a beautiful soundtrack. We even have a killer with black gloves, which ...
  4. An Introduction to Movie Lumps

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    An Introduction to MOVIE LUMPS
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    It’s not easy being as smart as I am. Believe it or not, it’s a goddamn hassle. When you’re smart(not ‘smart’ the way you are, actually smart)every marvel and mystery of the universe, no matter how notorious or confounding, is deconstructed by this prodigious talent; exposed, dismissed, then flung down and ...

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  5. Interview: Chris Mulkey (The Surface)

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    We here at Killer Reviews recently were granted the opportunity of speaking with Chris Mulkey, whose latest film THE SURFACE, was released on September 1st - we talked about his role, his love for music, and his future projects - so settle in and enjoy!

    KR: Can you give us a brief description of the film, as well as your character, Kelly?

    CM: My character Kelly flies a plane that delivers packages around the Midwest - from ...
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