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  1. Interview with Director Geoff Redknap, "The Unseen"

    Geoff Redknap. Let that name sink in, make note of it. Although Geoff has been in the film and television industry for decades, you probably aren't familiar with his name because he is one of those unsung heroes that never appears on screen... he just soaks the screen in blood. From "The X-Files" to "Falling Skies" to "Star Trek Beyond", you've probably admired his work o na dozen or more projects.

    And now, Geoff is taking the big leap... with "The ...
  2. Blu-Ray Review: The Vigilante Diaries

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    The notion to supplant a very exhausted plot with explosive quantities of action and low-level CGI is none the more true, especially with director Christian Sesma's latest shoot-em-up, The Vigilante Diaries.

    Looking a lot like a Punisher-clone, Paul Sloan plays The Vigilante, a war veteran who was double-crossed by Michael Jai-White, and has spent his time away from killing baddies killing more baddies here in the States. ...

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  3. Blu-ray Review: Ken Russell's "Crimes of Passion" (1984)

    A sportswear designer leads a double life as a hooker named China Blue (Kathleen Turner). One of her clients, a man on the verge of divorce, decides he loves her and figures out who she is. He then begins wooing her, which she fights against since he was a client. Meanwhile a street preacher (Anthony Perkins) works the red light district trying to save souls.

    Allegedly, the male lead passed over Patrick Swayze and Jeff Bridges before landing on John Laughlin. Not that Laughlin does ...
  4. Interview with Debbie Rochon, "Model Hunger"

    If you don't know Debbie Rochon and you're a horror fan, you need to have your "horror card" revoked. She is the queen, or some might say godmother, of the independent horror film. From her work with Troma to time with Greg Lamberson or Chris Seaver, no face has appeared in more productions than hers. In the next year or two, she may reach a daunting milestone of 300 horror films notched on her belt.

    But until now, she could never make the claim of being a director. As she ...
  5. Interview with Tiffany Shepis, "Crimson Dance"

    I make no secret of the fact that Tiffany Shepis is my favorite scream queen. With all due respect to Jamie Lee Curtis, Neve Campbell, or the many other "big names" out there, you're a distant second place. From "Tromeo and Juliet" to the films of Rolfe Kanefsky, to "Tales of Halloween" and beyond, Shepis comes out on top.

    So when given the chance to talk with her about Patricia Chica's "Crimson Dance", a short film premiering at the 2016 Fantasia ...

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