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  1. Blu-ray Review: Return of the Killer Tomatoes! (1988)

    Years after the original batch of evil tomatoes was destroyed by the song "Puberty Love", a new batch has been created -- a batch that can be transformed into a humanoid appearance, to blend in with the human population. Wilbur Finletter, the original hero, returns as his nephew unknowingly falls in love with Tara, a tomato and the girlfriend of the evil Dr. Gangreen.

    While there's something to be said about sequels not being able to surpass the originals, I find this to ...
  2. Blu-ray Review: Hired To Kill

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    Something about that guy's face - creeps me the hell out! Any fans of Stallone's 1986 cop-hit, COBRA will certainly remember Brian Thompson's mug as one of the heroes of the "New World." The axe-toting lug was definitely a handful, and the attempt to capitalize on his physicality in certain roles was none more present in 1990's HIRED TO KILL.

    Freshly restored by Arrow Films, this Blu-ray presentation absolutely exceeded my expectations ...
  3. Blu-ray Review: The Stuff

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    It's white, sticky, edible, and literally will change your thinking if you ingest it...and while I could potentially get into some serious trouble if I were to say what I REALLY thought, I'll just jump to the review - Arrow Films has released the 1985 cult hit THE STUFF on Blu-ray, and the ingredients are indeed filling.

    For those that might not be too terribly familiar with the plot, allow me to set it up for you briefly: The Stuff itself ...
  4. Review: Dr. Wes Gehring's Book, "Chaplin's War Trilogy"

    Although the debate rages on about who was the better silent film star – Chaplin or Keaton – there has never been any question of which was the greater veteran of the silent era. When Keaton faded to obscurity, Chaplin was just getting warmed up. Some of his most critically acclaimed work came in his later years. And with such a long and distinguished career, it should come as no surprise that many authors have tried to tackle a biography of Chaplin.

    Dr. Wes Gehring, a film professor ...
  5. Film Review: The Last Heist

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    Cops and robbers, ladies and gentlemen...that's pretty much what it boils down to in Mike Mendez's (BIG ASS SPIDER!) blood-soaked shoot (and slice) em-up flick, THE LAST HEIST. Now I erroneously offered up the tagline of "cops and robbers" on purpose to jokingly give this amazing film a bit of a stagnant label, and for that I apologize...NAH!!

    In all honesty, Mendez absolutely knocks this film out of the park with a seriously blurred ...
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