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  1. DVD Review: Motivational Growth

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    Jeffrey Combs is a man who has covered the proverbial gamut in both horror and shock celluloid, from lunatics to straight guys (bordering on lunacy), the man simply knows how to project in virtually any facet, and with the job of "motivational life coach" open, who better to fill the role? Oh forgive me, did I mention that a large festering mass of bathroom mold will be the figure out of which you'll orate your glimpses of positiveness?
  2. DVD Review: The Walking Deceased

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    "If ya can't join em, at least you should be able to make fun of em!" - Please use the following adage when applicable, especially when it comes to hooking up your trailer to the never-ending glut of zombie movies currently littering the horror genre, and thankfully someone decided to do just that.

    Director Scott Dow takes his initial leap into the undead-infested wasteland with THE WALKING DECEASED, a spoof of some of the more successful ...

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  3. Interview With Amy Matysio (Wolfcop)

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    I recently had the opportunity of grabbing a quick interview with Amy Matysio, who is co-starring in the newest cult-hit, WOLFCOP - she plays Leo Fafard's partner, Tina, a tougher-than-nails deputy who aids her fellow officer after his transformation into the ferocious crimestopper. Matysio, who is no stranger to the industry, gave me the lowdown on a number of topics, so settle in, grab a frosty beverage, and enjoy!

    KR - Can you give ...
  4. Shout Factory Releases an "Eddie and the Cruisers" Double Feature (Review)

    Feature #1: Eddie and the Cruisers (1983)

    A television newswoman (Ellen Barkin) picks up the story of a 1960s rock band whose long-lost leader Eddie Wilson (Michael Pare) may still be alive, while searching for the missing tapes of the band's never-released album.

    The 1980s, among many other great things in the movie world, were apparently the decade of music films. We really do not see them anymore, but the 80s brought us this film (1983) "La Bamba" (1987) ...
  5. DVD Review: Something Wicked

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    Maybe it's just me, but there's something that gives me a case of the willies when I see a film released with a recently departed star holding ground in I said, it might just be me, and when I received a copy of director Darin Scott's SOMETHING WICKED, a film that was created in 2009, and starring Brittany Murphy, who passed away later that year, I'll admit that I got a chill down my spine.

    Now for whatever reason, this ...
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