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  1. Review: 50 Best Horror Films You've Never Seen

    I love lists. I also love horror films. So you can imagine my unparalleled glee when I heard of Shock Till You Dropís documentary 50 Best Horror Films Youíve Never Seen. The doc lists fifty lesser-known horror films counting down a half-hundred titles of films that every horror film should see.

    The film has various directors and historians introducing each new entry and they give a quick synopsis of the spotlighted film sometimes highlighting their favorite scenes. ...
  2. Devil's Knot - Blu-Ray/DVD review

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    Disheartening is a word that is best used to describe the depression of one's hopes, or their spirit, particularly following a specific event or words used to bring someone down. I couldn't find a better word to describe how I felt after watching Devil's Knot - the story itself is sad in its portrayal of events regarding the murders of 3 young boys back in 1993 SUPPOSEDLY by a group of devil-worshipping teens. More importantly, I looked at this film ...
  3. Cinefessions Summer Scream Challenge #3


    The last few years I have competed in a movie watching challenge with the guys over at Cinefessions. We have themed weeks and earn points for movies we watch throughout the month of June. A friendly competition between cinephiles to see who can watch the most films. It should be a blast as I try to complete my checklist for bonus points throughout the competition. I will post my progress here with my ratings and the film titles. You can follow the discussion on ...

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  4. Dan Curtis' Dracula now out on Blu-Ray (Review)

    It's Dracula Revived For the 1970s!
    Score: 7/10

    Bistritz, Hungary, May 1897: Natives in Transylvania seem afraid when they learn solicitor Jonathan Harker (Murray Brown) is going to Castle Dracula.

    Who thought that Jack Palance would make a good Dracula? Clearly director Dan Curtis, who had previously worked with Palance on "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", saw the potential. He has a very distinctive look, different from what might be ...
  5. "The Possession of Michael King" - all release dates RIGHT HERE !

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    Someone call an exorcist !!! From the titans at Anchor Bay films comes long awaited supernatural thriller, The Possession of Michael King, which will be unloaded at an unholy speed towards our saintly selves on August 22nd (theatrically), and on Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack, iTunes & OnDemand services on August 26th.

    The movie tells the story of documentary filmmaker Michael King, who has no belief system in either the man upstairs, or his ...
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