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  1. "Saw" Regular Kevin Greutert Unveils a New Horror: "Jessabelle" (2014)

    Returning to her childhood home in Louisiana to recuperate from a horrific car accident, Jessabelle (Sarah Snook) comes face to face with a long-tormented spirit that has been seeking her return -- and has no intention of letting her escape.

    "Jessabelle" is directed and edited by Kevin Greutert, who made his name as part of the "Saw" franchise crew (he was involved in all of them, and directed parts six and seven). Keep in mind, though, these may be targeting ...
  2. A Surprisingly Welcome POV Horror: Grace (2014)

    This is the story of Grace (Alexia Fast), an orphan whose mother died in childbirth and a father she never knew. These are her experiences in her college days and the terrible things that happen soon after.

    Up front, it must be said that this "Grace" has nothing to do with the film "Grace" from 2009 starring Jordan Ladd. This shared title is unfortunate, as it will likely confuse horror fans. On the plus side, this is probably the better of the two films, so if ...
  3. Our Top 5 For TADFF

    The 2014 edition of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival is now just a few restless sleeps from inauguration. Our sweaty palms, dry mouth and forehead drenched with beads of perspiration are direct evidence to our anticipation of the annual event.

    This year the programmers will be parading out a line-up that is stellar in both content and scheduling. The best in horror, science fiction and all-round WTF’s will be in full display over 9 days and 20 screenings. ...

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  4. The Twilight Zone: The 5th Dimension Limited Edition Box Set - get it NOW!

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    Attention all Twilight Zone aficionados, once again we're looking at one of the most complete collections that any Zoner could ask for, and it's going to be released on November 11th, 2014.

    From Image Entertainment comes The Twilight Zone: The 5th Dimension Limited Edition Box Set - a total of 225 episodes (the 1959-1964 series as well as the 1985-1989 reboot) - all on 41 discs, stuffed into a beautiful 3D black and white lenticular package, ...

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  5. As TADFF Nears Excitement Follows

    The Toronto After Dark Film Festival is sharpening its teeth to take another bite out of the starving genre market in the heart of the city starting October 16th through October 24th.

    With all screenings at the Scotiabank Theatre (and let me again praise the organizers for this now second year venue), the Toronto After Dark Film Festival or TADFF will showcase the best in horror, science fiction and thrillers over nine days and 19 feature films.

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