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  1. Teenager From Hell: "The Crush" (1993)

    A journalist (Cary Elwes) becomes the unwanted center of attention for a 14-year-old girl (Alicia Silverstone), who proceeds to sabotage his life after he refuses her sexual advances.

    This is Alan Shapiro's baby. He wrote it, directed it, and as of 2016, it remains his best-known film. According to Jennifer Rubin, Shapiro also worked closely with Cary Elwes during the shoot to revise some lines here and there. (Incidentally, Rubin also recalls Elwes as "mannered and proper", ...
  2. Blu-ray Review: The Zero Boys

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    Low-budget horror's on the slate, as Arrow Films sets up another almost forgotten 80's release, THE ZERO BOYS with an admirable Blu-ray touch up, and for the sake of making this looking a LOT better than it actually was, I'll give a thumbs up to the gang at Arrow for working their tails to the nub on this one.

    Following a small group of friends, heavily into the paintball-combat scene, known as "The Zero Boys" - their latest tournament ...
  3. Blu-ray Review: Sheba, Baby

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    Arrow Films has got some SERIOUS love for Pam Grier, don't they? William Girdler's 1975 flick starring the ever-so-sexy, and extremely bad-ass Ms. Grier punches its way onto Blu-ray, and I've got to admit, the old gang at Arrow really knows how to touch up and put a shine on a gritty film!

    Grier plays Chicago detective Sheba Shayne, and she returns to her home to find that her pops is getting the business squeeze from a band of local ...
  4. Latest "Clown" Clip Will Have You Covering Your Nose!

    Fresh off the wire from our pals over at Katrina Wan PR comes the latest clip from the Eli Roth horror film, CLOWN - set to hit select theaters and On Demand services on June 17th, this quick clip will literally make you think twice about cutting your nose off to spite your face. Watch on and ENJOY!

  5. A Look at Margaret Goss' New Novel, "The Uncommitted"

    Today's post is not the usual review or interview. I wanted to alert readers to a new novel, "The Uncommitted" by Margaret M. Goss.

    Is it horror? Perhaps. It has been called paranormal, supernatural, a thriller, a romance... Amazon calls it "metaphysical and visionary"... it is what could probably only be called "genre-defying". Some have likened it to "The Sixth Sense" for its supernatural elements, while another common comparison is "The ...

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