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  1. Review: Kokeshi

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    Who would of thought that a small, child's toy could be the epitome of such pure, unadulterated evil? - No, I'm not talking about Chucky! The impetus of the short film titled KOKESHI is just what it means - a small Japanese friendship doll that which also can be interpreted as "child death"- how infinitely freaky!!

    From director Paolo Del Fiol comes a 30+ minute short about what happens when you play with others...sadistically, I ...
  2. DVD Review: Dirty Sanchez

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    He's pissed...he's got a pair of garden shears...and he's not waiting a few extra days for you to pay him - he's DIRTY SANCHEZ. From the twisted mind of micro-budget director Anthony Cooney comes a 25 minute cautionary tale about not stiffing the Mexican gardener (ok, that's not exactly what it's about).

    Traveling the express-lane to cheese-town, this quickie offers up plenty of violence and gore that some horror films frankly don't ...
  3. DVD Review: Leaf Blower Massacre

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    Please do not attempt to rationalize the title of this movie, for there simply is NO rational explanation. I have seen the end of the world, my friends...and it begins with the push of the "play" button on Anthony Cooney's 12-minute foray into complete inanity, LEAF BLOWER MASSACRE.

    Two lovers, strolling down a city street are attacked by a figure in camouflage fatigues and a blacked-out biker helmet (NAIL GUN MASSACRE, anyone) - the ...
  4. Review: Burying The Ex

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    We've ALL had one - admit it. That needy, clingy, overly possessive and demanding girlfriend (or boyfriend, for the ladies). Their existence hinges on making your life not necessarily as miserable as possible, but just enough to where you debate daily if a jog into traffic would be a safer escape.

    Well, what if you finally had the opportunity to give your significant other the boot, only to have them die, and rise from the ...

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  5. Third Time's Not the Charm: "Sleepaway Camp III"

    Angela (Pamela Springsteen) is back, in the form of an angry inner-city camper on the hunt for blood. Camp New Horizons, on the recycled grounds of the former murders (Camp Rolling Hills), intends to pair high class teens with underclass counterparts.

    Despite being filmed back to back with part two, it appears they cared even less about this one... the deaths are cheesy, but at least they somehow were able to convince Michael Pollard to make an appearance -- giving it some sort of ...
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