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  1. Blu-ray Review: Clown

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    Those mystifying painted faces, be it in an expression of sadness or extreme joy, still manage to polarize people's perceptions of clowns just as easily as the looks that are if you ask me, I simply can't stand them. It's not a fear, and even though I had a pretty traumatic experience at the hands of one of those mimes while at a circus when I was a kid, I can still appreciate the scare factor that's involved with these pranksters - enter ...
  2. Chiller Films To Release "Siren" This December

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    From our cohorts at Katrina Wan PR come yet another nugget of upcoming horror goodness with the following press announcement - read on for the frightening news!

    Chiller Films will be releasing SIREN in theaters on December 2, 2016 and on VOD, Digital HD and DVD December 6th.

    The film stars Chase Williamson (The Guest, John Dies at the End), Justin Welborn (The Final Destination), Michael Aaron Milligan (Three Billboards ...
  3. "Bloodthirsty: One Nation Under Water" - Available Now

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    Listen up, screwheads - if you're tired of all those moving-pictures on them there big ol' TV sets that seem to occupy your every waking moment, might I suggest a little dark reading? I mean the stuff that will make your blood run cold, and those little hairs on your neck stand at attention (if you have any, that is)?

    The latest press release from our pals at Katrina Wan brings some good news to those page-scanners we all commonly know ...

    Updated 08-15-2016 at 02:04 PM by bronxtko

  4. Giallo Cinema’s Folktale Roots: A Book Review

    In “Giallo Cinema and Its Folktale Roots”, Michael Sevastakis takes ten films from 1962 through 1987 and compares their plots with Vladimir Propp’s study of the narrative structure of folk tales. In each one, he picks ten sample plot points to illustrate the connection. Interestingly, to provide balance to the book, Sevastakis begins with a Mario Bava film and ends with one from Lamberto Bava, Mario’s son. This was no doubt intentional.

    There are some odd things about the finished ...
  5. Blu-ray Review: "Microwave Massacre" (1983)

    Construction worker Donald (Jackie Vernon) is having a hard time getting anything good to eat since his wife has decided to only cook gourmet foods. That and her constant harping cause him to snap, and he whacks her. Somewhere in the confusion he comes up with a new use for the microwave oven, and begins to eat much better. Soon he's experimenting with different recipes. And different meats.

    AllMovie wrote, "Despite utterly failing as comedy, horror and pornography, Microwave ...
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