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  1. "I Spill Your Guts 2" - IndieGoGo campaign - let's make it happen !

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    Attention all acid-bathers: if you were one of the multitudes that got that "special-feeling" in your shorts when the American Executioner from I Spill Your Guts dispatched his own special brand of justice upon his hapless victims, then you should have been PRAYING for a sequel- and if you HAVE been on your knees...(praying that is,) then your wishes have been answered...but it will take all of our aid in making this happen, & here's how it goes. ...

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  2. DVD Review: Macabre (2009)

    I stumbled across Macabre literally by accident. Bored and scanning Netflix relentlessly for something refreshing to watch, I came across this Mo Brother/ Indonesian film that caught my attention with its 4-star approval rating. I had not heard of the film prior and after reading a few user reviews, I was hoping for a The Lovely Ones or a Dream House namely, a film that flew under my radar then impressed me to no end at the conclusion of its screening.

    Directed ...

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  3. "Rage" - starring Nicolas Cage: on Blu-Ray and DVD August 12th

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    Attention all Nicolas Cage-fanatics, this August 12th, the Academy-Award winning actor smashes directly into your home with Rage, the high-intensity thriller from Director Paco Cabezas (The Appeared, Neon Flesh,) that will be available on Blu-Ray, DVD and digital download.

    The movie stars Cage as Paul Maguire as a respected businessman and loving father, peacefully entrenched in the idyllic family life. When his violent past comes ...
  4. Daniel: short film review

    If you like your horror like you like your fast food - hot, fast & fresh (okay, I may be reaching a bit with the fast food thing,) then kick back and focus your peepers on a 3 minute short film from Director Peter Dukes titled: Daniel - the feature is actually LESS than 3 minutes but don't let that sway you - the short is direct to the point and creepy as hell !! I feel as if you'd be wasting your time checking out the film if I even laid out one iota of detail for you, so give it a look and refresh ...

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  5. Septic Man: review

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    Somethin' sure tastes funny with this water...and after watching Director Jesse Thomas Cook's dirty-as-hell film Septic Man, I'll be sticking to the bottled stuff for the remainder of my life, if you don't mind. Upon first impression, this movie looks like another run of the mill gross-out flick, but after settling in for 85 minutes or so I can assess that this movie runs a close parallel to a little Troma feature from years ago that maybe some of you ...

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