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  1. DVD Review: Rows

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    From writer-director David Warfield comes Rows, a film about a woman who's managed to scorn another woman...and I think you know how that old passage goes!

    Starring Hannah Schick as Rose, her fateful mistake comes when she drops the eviction-hammer upon a seemingly harmless old woman (ok, so there was apparently a rather nasty rumor attached to the lady's past - don't hold that against her). In any event, Rose delivers the bad news at ...
  2. Emilio Miraglia, Take One: "The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave"

    A wealthy English lord is suffering a mental breakdown following the death of his red-headed wife, Evelyn, whom he feared was cheating on him. He tours local bars and dives, scouring for lovely red-heads willing to come back to his decaying castle in the country, where he seduces them, then tortures and kills them.

    This is the first of two giallo films directed by Emilio Miraglia, and both revolve around a woman named "Evelyn" who has died. Is there something behind this? ...
  3. Six Picture Production And Distribution Slate - All The Details Inside!

    The following press release was sent to us here today from Katrina Wan PR Company, and this sounds like it's going to be good! Read on for the killer news!

    CANNES, May 13, 2016 Minds Eye Entertainment, in association with Bridgegate Pictures and VMI Worldwide, have financed and green lit a six-picture production slate of sci-fi, action and thriller films. Minds Eye Entertainment will distribute the films in North America, while VMI Worldwide will distribute the titles internationally. ...

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  4. Scraping the Barrel: "Sharkansas Women's Prison Massacre" (2016)

    When a fracking environmental accident rips apart the earth's crust, the resulting hole lets out prehistoric sharks from underground. The sharks target a group of women and trap them in a cabin.

    So, what is there to be said about this film? Jim Wynorski filmed in Florida, primarily because of the need for a cave, but also because his investors were Florida-based Cubans. He brought along actress Amy Holt, who has worked with Wynorski a few times, and included Traci Lords, who went ...
  5. Brian Thompson is... "Hired to Kill" (1990)

    A fashion photographer (Brian Thompson) and seven models travel to a South American island fortress, ostensibly to do a fashion shoot. In reality, the photographer is a mercenary and their job is to free an imprisoned rebel leader. The director describes it as "Magnificent Seven" with women.

    This is really the height of 1990s cheese. It has the sensibility of a 1980s action film, and that is not surprisingly since it was probably filmed in 1989. All the excess and over-the-top ...
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