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  1. TIFF Update: Films are so-so, Whiplash was fantastic, actors are tiny

    The Toronto International Film Festival is almost at the half way mark and for us, the results have been a mixed bag. The weather has been terrific and the volunteers seem more educated and equipped to crowd manage this year. All good things in city that bustles with stars and VIPís while showcasing oer 350 films from around the world.

    Our selection of films could have been better though. The Drop and The Keeping Room both disappointed. Neither film was able to reach the dramatic ...
  2. Interview with actor Nick Principe

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    I recently had the chance to have an interview with an actor who's work I've admired for some time - Nick Principe (the man who sliced and diced his way through two Laid to Rest films as the silently demented killer, Chromeskull) - his body of work is all the more impressive simply due to the fact that he's a jack-of-all-trades: Acting, writing, producing, stuntwork, you name it, he's done it - as a matter of fact he took time out of his busy schedule ...
  3. TIFF Review: The Keeping Room

    The setting is the South Carolina in the final days of the American Civil War. Three southern women (Brit Marling, Hailee Steinfeld and Muna Otaru) learn to survive by farming, hunting and other daily chores they are thrust to complete due to the absence of men who are off fighting. Their farm is isolated, so help is not readily available. They must struggle and work to survive.

    Their tedious and repetitive days are brought into turmoil when two Yankee scouts ...
  4. DVD review: The Paranormal Diaries: Clophill

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    Perhaps the correct brand of eyewash will assist me in flushing the copious amounts of fecal matter from my sockets after watching The Paranormal Diaries: Clophill. I think I could have possibly enjoyed a roughly 90 minute jog on the interstate in the wrong direction more than this drawn out knock off of Ghost Hunters. Buckle yourselves in, children...cause this ain't going to be pretty.

    The movie, directed by Michael Bartlett and ...

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  5. Acid Bath Productions releases the 1st trailer for "Bite School"

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    Just when you thought the lunacy had been contained, the ambassador of imbalance: James Balsamo, returns with the first trailer for his latest film. Bite School from Acid Bath Productions. The movie tells the story of millionaire womanizer Tony Canoni and the struggle he faces when he's caught between a psychotic cult practicing Satanism, and the underworld activities of the Japanese Yakuza.

    Now simply dealing with the aforementioned ...
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