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  1. Interview with Thomas Hammock, "Last Survivors"

    Tom Hammock is a rising star in the world of horror and genre films. A graduate of the American Film Institute, he was the production designer on approximately thirty films, including “You’re Next” and “All The Boys Love Mandy Lane”. He worked on several ad campaigns, including for Grapenuts (which are neither grapes nor nuts). He also happens to be the writer of the 2014 graphic novel “Will o’ the Wisp”.

    For his latest project, Tom is making his directorial debut. “The Last Survivors” ...
  2. DVD Review: House on the Hill

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    House on the Hill, the latest low-budget reenactment portraying the heinous activities of noted serial killer Leonard Lake and his best buddy, Charles Ng back in the late 80's, is a graphic display to set eyes on, and is painful to watch in a multitude of ways - let's jump on in, shall we?

    Reported to have murdered between 11 to 25 victims over a multi-year stretch, the movie focuses on Lake and Ng as they capture, torture, rape, and ...

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  3. Chuckle-worthy Horror Movie Review - Parents(1989)!parents1989/cj9n

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    You know, I learned early on in life that I didn’t have the kind of mind that people were glad to have to deal with. I remember when my sixth grade teacher found me reading a book about World War 2, and we ended up talking about it for a little bit. She found out that I knew all kinds of things ...
  4. Review: 10 Cent Pistol

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    A good heist film has been LONG overdue in movieland, and after my recent viewing of Michael C. Martin's latest, 10 Cent Pistol, I can offer this...I think I may be still waiting for a good heist film to make its arrival on scene.

    Every one of these "crime-gone-wrong" films over the past 20 years or so has followed a specific formula, almost to the t - giving every other filmmaker an over the shoulder look at the directorial playbook, ...

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  5. DVD Review: Reckless

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    Joram Lursen takes a very simple premise and executes the gameplan quite carefully with RECKLESS, and for those who watch it for the first time, please don't look for some radical unearthing of new ideas contained within its 90 minutes, but enjoy it for its simplicity and brutality.

    The night and day criminal duo of Rico (Marwan Kenzari) and Victor (Tygo Gernandt) concoct what some could perceive as a foolproof plan to kidnap a millionaire's ...

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