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  1. What More Could You Want? "Avalanche Sharks" (2013)

    "Avalanche Sharks" tells the story of a bikini contest that turns into a horrifying affair when it is hit by a shark avalanche.

    Checking this film on IMDb in June 2015, and you will see it hovering around a 2.1 out of 10. That, obviously, is pretty awful. But that also is incredibly inaccurate and unfair. Not that this is a masterpiece, but compared to thousands of other low budget films in recent years, it has a certain charm to it.

    Sure, the acting is a ...
  2. Cheesy Sequel Fun: Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers (1988)

    Angela Baker (Pamela Springsteen) has undergone years of therapy, electro-shock and sexual reassignment surgeries, and finally landed herself a job in the last place she should be working -- Camp Rolling Hills.

    How did this strange sequel come to be? It can be credited to one man. Producer Jerry Silva thought the first part was too dark, so he bought the rights to the franchise to give them more of a comedy angle. (Many see no connection between parts one and two due to Angela being ...
  3. Review: As Night Comes

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    Ah, the perils of disaffected youth, for they are forever disenchanted with society, and are only too happy to express themselves in the most violent and destructive of ways. Some of their ills are valid, yet all they truly need is a square ass-kicking to set them straight - am I wrong in my thinking?

    Allow me to introduce to you "The Misfits" (no, no the band) - I'm talking about the unhappy conglomeration on display in director ...
  4. Review: Horsehead

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    I think we all can attest that nightmares, regardless of intensity, can be debilitating to some extent, especially when someone is plagued by them incessantly, and to literally be scared to close one's eyes can be an even bigger roadblock on the road to a good night's sleep, and in Romain Basset's slumber-deprivation spine-chiller HORSEHEAD, we get a very close look at how these night terrors can infest someone's mind.

    Lilly Fleur-Pointeaux ...

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  5. DVD Review: The Squeeze (2015)

    Who knew golf and gambling went so well together? In The Squeeze we have a small town amateur golfer named Augie. He has a dream of making it big as a professional golfer. After winning a local tournament he catches the eye of a man known by the name of Riverboat who wants to use him to make some money in a not so honest way. Augie is stuck in an abusive household and the only way he can help out is by using his golf skills to earn so much ...
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