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  1. Should you Check this Disease?

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    I found Contracted under the best circumstances, somebody recommended it to me. They didn’t tell me much but I was instantly curious. The movie has a fascinating premise and a great marketing campaign. The film is about Samantha who is raped at a party. After feeling violently ill, she begins to suspect that she has contracted a sexually transmitted disease. As time wears on however, the situation might prove to be far worse.

    Contracted ...
  2. Interview with "That Guy" - actor Sean Whalen

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    Motion pictures & television programming are made up of SO many integral and imperative pieces, and when all of the components combined come together, there is the creation of something that, to say the least...is impressive to behold. Actors come & go, and there isn't really a decent substitute for a powerhouse performance by a leading actor or actress, but I truly feel that it's the supporting work that does in fact, JUST THAT - "supports" the cast....and ...

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  3. DVD Review: The Raid 2 (2014)

    In September of 2011, we walked into a darkened theatre while attending the Toronto International Film Festival to catch Gareth Evans’, The Raid. Little was known of the film by the sold out audience. But by the time the end credits rolled on screen an action classic was the consensus of the crowd.

    Now three years later, Evans goes for the jugular again with The Raid 2: Berandal, a sequel that knows what a sequel should be – bigger and better than the original. ...
  4. DVD Review: Torture Chamber (2014)

    It is ironic that Torture Chamber contains the word I felt most in tune with while viewing – torture. The new horror film from writer/director Dante Tomaselli (Satan’s Playground) was so bad it was torturous to watch through 93 minutes.

    The film opens with our introduction to 13-year-old Jimmy (Carmen LoPorto). For reasons to be explained later, Jimmy’s first appearance on screen has him bound in an animal cage. His face appears burned and scared making his blue ...
  5. Poseidon Rex: movie review

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    Move over, Sharknado - there's a new sea creature movin' in on your turf - he's scaly, he's green & he's PISSED.....oh yeah, he's in CGI too. His name is Poseidon Rex, and on April 8th in select theaters & iTunes, he'll be swimming to the surface to take a bite out of all reviewers that trash his movie......so I guess I'll be dino-bait.

    Realistically, the movie isn't all THAT bad, I mean if the majority of the readers here managed to ...

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