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  1. Book Review: McFarland's "Lost Souls of Horror and the Gothic"

    “Lost Souls of Horror and the Gothic: Fifty-Four Neglected Authors, Actors, Artists and Others”, out now from McFarland, is the perfect primer for those who are interested in horror (whether it be movies, books or beyond) and want to venture just outside of the mainstream.

    I say “primer” because the book is not an extended study of any one topic. We have 54 separate entries, each from a different voice, and almost none longer than three pages. If you read those few pages and don’t ...
  2. Movie Review: The Similars (aka Los Paracidos)

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    It only took a few minutes of my eyeballs adjusting to Isaac Ezban's film, The Similars, to realize that I was in for an ultra-trippy throwback to the sci-fi films of some years ago, and I can honestly say that I dug it!

    A rainstorm of epic proportions has managed to seal in an octet of passengers at a bus station - no one in, no one out. The stationmaster is just a few weeks away from a long-deserved retirement, and his disdain for ...
  3. Interview With Amanda Wyss (The ID)

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    I recently had the opportunity to snag a quick interview with Amanda Wyss, who's most recent film, The ID, was released for viewing on multiple platforms. Her performance is already reeling in amazingly positive reviews, and her work in this pic speaks for itself (give my review a peek and you'll see what I'm raving about). But for now, settle in and read on for her take on the character, and what she's got coming up in the future - enjoy!
  4. Movie Review: The ID

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    Caring for an aging parent at home certainly isn't a picnic, and in Thommy Hutson's psychological thriller, The ID, the prospect of sending off a miserable coot of a guardian doesn't seem like such a bad idea!

    Now for those who need to assimilate themselves with Amanda Wyss, first off: you should be ashamed to call yourself a horror fan, and secondly: she's most notably recognized for being Ginsued and whipped around a bedroom by Mr. ...
  5. Film Festival Movie Review: "24X36: A Movie About Movie Posters" (2016)

    A documentary exploring the birth, death, and resurrection of the illustrated movie poster.

    Early on, the film tells us a great truth: posters are often more iconic than any one scene of a movie. "Jaws" comes to mind, as do others, where it is the poster that has become the popular image. And yet, do any of these names sound familiar: John Alvin (1948-2008), Bob Peak (1927-1992), Reynold Brown (1917-1991), Richard Amsel (1947-1985), Drew Struzan (b. 1947). Probably not, ...
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