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  1. Blu-ray Review: "The Creeping Garden" (2014)

    "The Creeping Garden" is a feature length documentary exploring the work of fringe scientists, mycologists and artists, and their relationship with the extraordinary plasmodial slime mold.

    This is not a documentary for everyone. Granted, documentaries themselves are an acquired taste, but this is not the sort that has a lot of action, preaches social justice, or focuses on a forgotten piece of history. Even if we classify it as a nature documentary, it may not appeal to ...
  2. DVD Review: Pig Pen

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    Even horror can take a backseat to the ills of society, and when that perfect storm of all the wrong ingredients comes to pass (they're the right ones, in this case), there will be an incredible shock-wave of terror for the masses to encounter. In Jason Koch's PIG PEN, adolescent infirmity rears its ugly head, and we're all going to have to reap its consequences.

    Employing his own son as the lead character, Lucas Koch is a 13-year old ...

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  3. DVD Review: Child Eater

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    Opting to start off its presentation with a rather shocking occurrence, CHILD EATER begins with a little girl walking aimlessly down the street, clutching in her hand what once was her eyeball, and when she's approached by an adult asking about her safety, her only utterance is "he hurt me." - YOWZA!!

    Talk about a swift kick to the gonads to start your movie off with - and director Erlinger Thoroddsen isn't overly concerned with your safety-level ...
  4. Film Festival Movie Review: "Fraud" (2016)

    A couple (and their young child) live a life beyond their means, putting them in a desperate spot. What will they do and what is the aftermath?

    “Fraud” is one of those films that makes me uncomfortable. Not because the material in the film is controversial, but because I tend to respect the old saying about only speaking nicely or keeping your mouth shut. And, unfortunately, this just does not give me much to work with if I want to be strictly nice.

    One might say it ...
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  5. Film Festival Movie Review: "She's Allergic to Cats" (2016)

    Michael Pinkney (playing himself) is a man struggling with his lower income lifestyle in the shadow of the film industry. His job is degrading, his home is infested with rats and his mind constantly wanders into a lo-fi dreamscape that mirrors his analog video experiments.

    “She’s Allergic to Cats” comes to us from writer-director Michael Reich, who previously co-directed “Video Town” with star Pinkney. We also have Sonja Kinski (“Holidays”) as the romantic lead, as much as this film ...
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