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  1. Fantasia Film Review: "Liberation Day" (2017)

    The Slovenian cult band Laibach becomes the first foreign rock group ever to perform in the fortress state of North Korea. Confronting strict ideology and cultural differences, the band struggles to get their songs through the needle's eye of censorship before they can be unleashed on an audience never before exposed to rock music.

    For those not familiar with Laibach, the band is something of a mix between Devo and Rammstein. In fact, Rammstein freely admits that is influenced by ...
  2. Fantasia Film Review: "The Final Master"

    A Wing Chun master (Fan Liao of “Black Coal, Thin Ice”) has to defeat eight martial arts schools to open his own school. At the same time, he has become a chess piece in the local power dynamics.

    Right off the bat, anyone who loves good cinematography is going to appreciate “The Final Master”. Director of photography Tianlin Wang brings with him a rich color palette that makes even the opening credits appear sharp and vibrant. The hues and crispness bring to life this time period ...
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  3. Fantasia Film Review: "Game of Death" (2017)

    Kill or be killed is the golden rule of the Game of Death. Unfortunately, seven millennials have ignored that rule. Now each one's head will explode unless they kill someone.

    In the simplest terms, this film is “Jumanji” meets “Battle Royale”. Others have said “Jumanji” meets “Natural Born Killers”, which also works. Either way, it is the premise of “Jumanji” (a board game that takes on a life of its own) re-interpreted with a horror theme. In a sense, even “Jumanji” could be seen ...
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  4. Blu-ray Review: "Pulse" (2001)

    A group of young people in Tokyo begin to experience strange phenomena involving missing co-workers and friends, technological breakdown, and a mysterious website which asks the compelling question, "Do you want to meet a ghost?"

    Director Kiyoshi Kurosawa spent years working in the world of "pink" films and direct-to-video movies. He was at this time best known in the west for "Cure" (1997), though it was "Pulse" that would make him an international ...
  5. Fantasia Film review: "Super Dark Times" (2017)

    Teenagers Zach (Owen Campbell) and Josh (Charlie Tahan) have been best friends their whole lives, but when a gruesome accident leads to a cover-up, the secret drives a wedge between them and propels them down a rabbit hole of escalating paranoia and violence. Not to mention both friends are interested in the same girl (Elizabeth Cappuccino).

    Viewers of a certain age and upbringing will latch on to this film almost immediately. This was life in the pre-Internet era, circa 1992, with ...
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