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  1. Review: Big Game

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    In the scope of my eye, Samuel L. Jackson can literally do NO wrong - he's played a myriad of characters over the course of his career, and even to this day he's still going strong...alas, there comes a time when some actors need to NOT pick up the damn phone when their agent calls.

    BIG GAME, from director Jalmari Helander, is an action film that has a feel-good premise and resolution attached to it, and I'm not slamming Sam for any ...

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  2. Fear, Inc. Commences Production in Los Angeles

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    Lone Suspect has just announced that production has commenced today (August 6th, 2015) on their latest film, FEAR, INC. in the Los Angeles area. The movie is written by Luke Barnett and will be directed by Vincent Masciale, who have both been involved with the insanely popular internet series "Funny Or Die" (courtesy of Will Ferrell).

    The movie follows a group of lowlifes who for the right price, can bring all of your greatest fears ...

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  3. Review: Cub (2015)

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    The following review simply cements my staunch opposition for never joining the Boy Scouts, or the Cub Scouts, or any weekending bunch of backpackers that find roughing it in the woods to be a relaxing way to spend a weekend - that's it, cut and dry - someone put me up in the penthouse sweet with a locked mini-bar, because that's as close to "roughing it" as I'd like to get. Attention all campers: get ready for a very fun hike into some dangerous territory ...

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  4. DVD Review: Future Justice

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    For all of the fans of outer space classics such as ALIEN, THE BLACK HOLE, and even those STAR-something films (give me time, it'll come to me), pay close attention to this one. If you're a purist, and enjoy the premise of something galactic to entice your lunar senses, then might I suggest Richard Griffin's goofier-than goofy FUTURE JUSTICE to tide you over, at least until that new STAR-something movie comes out in December (dammit, why can't I think ...
  5. Interview with Amon Amarth Frontman Johan Hegg (Northmen - A Viking Saga)

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    When you make a movie about Vikings, you don't go out for a casting call and round up a bunch of unionites with their no-foam lattes, waiting to get suited up in Nordic attire, you blow the biggest horn you can find on the mountainside and see what comes marching! Such as the case with Johan Hegg, the lead singer from the death metal band Amon Amarth - his role of Valli from NORTHMEN - A VIKING SAGA was as authentic as you could have hoped for, and aside ...

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