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  1. As TADFF Nears Excitement Follows

    The Toronto After Dark Film Festival is sharpening its teeth to take another bite out of the starving genre market in the heart of the city starting October 16th through October 24th.

    With all screenings at the Scotiabank Theatre (and let me again praise the organizers for this now second year venue), the Toronto After Dark Film Festival or TADFF will showcase the best in horror, science fiction and thrillers over nine days and 19 feature films.

  2. Review: ABC's of Death 2

    The concept behind 2012’s The ABC’s of Death was brilliant in conception. Get 26 different directors to direct 26 different shorts each themed for a letter of the alphabet. The result was everything from Nacho Vigalondo’s “A is for Apocalypse” to Yoshihiro Nishimua’s segment “Z is for Zetsumetsu”. The concept was enticing enough to lure such directors as Ti West, Adam Wingard and Jason Eisener to lend their talents to be sown together in an anthology that had no rules and little ...
  3. DVD Review: The Scribbler

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    Just cause it looks halfway decent in print, doesn't always mean it can translate to film, except in the case of John Suits's adaptation of the graphic novel, The Scribbler, the viewer is left with a movie that looks like a road map of a major metropolitan city, leading viewers to multiple compelling travel routes.

    The film, while not lumped into the "horror" scheme of things, does manage to shoehorn itself into the "psychological/action/fantasy" ...
  4. Movie Review: Housebound

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    I never fully considered myself a horror/comedy aficionado - I prefer my horror to be JUST that - horrific. Now I know that each particular laugher that comes down the pipe can't always be "the one", and some simply should have been flushed before release (and in order to protect the innocent, I'll refrain from any titles...maybe).

    My earliest memory of a "horror/comedy" was Creepshow - and before anyone flips their lids and tries to head-butt ...

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  5. Final Films Announced for 2014's Toronto After Dark Film Festival

    HOUSEBOUND (New Zealand) Toronto Premiere & Opening Gala Film

    HOUSEBOUND is a wickedly fun scary new horror thriller from New Zealand, described as “bloody brilliant” by filmmaking icon Peter Jackson (LORD OF THE RINGS). The film follows a young woman forced to return home and endure a triple threat of being under house arrest, living with her eccentric old mother, and potential ghosts in the house. Full of suspense and frights, and laced with a good dose of dysfunctional family comedy ...
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