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  1. Fantasia Film Fest 2016: A Review of "Aloys"

    A lonely private investigator (Georg Friedrich) is contacted by a mysterious woman (Tilde von Overbeck) who pulls him into a mind game known as 'telephone walking'. Fascinated by her voice, Aloys discovers an imaginary universe that allows him to break out of his isolation.

    Although Aloys is a private investigator and is expected to be listening and watching at all times, we know something is off from the very first scene: he is intently watching (and filming) his own deceased father. ...
  2. Fantasia Film Fest 2016: A Review of "The Alchemist Cookbook"

    Suffering from delusions of fortune, a young hermit (Ty Hickson, GIMME THE LOOT) hides out in the forest hoping to crack an ancient mystery, but pays a price for his mania.

    When I saw that Joel Potrykus was the film’s writer-director, I was immediately on board. His last feature, “Buzzard”, really struck a nerve with me, and I feel a sense of pride that an upper Midwest filmmaker is making a go of it. In my review for “Buzzard”, I noted a connection to Richard Linklater’s early work ...
  3. Fantasia Film Fest 2016: A Review of "White Coffin"

    Virginia (Julieta Cardinali) will do the impossible in order to rescue her little daughter (Fiorela Duranda) who has been abducted. After an accident, she has the chance to live one day more to save her. On her path, she will find out that there are worst things than death.

    “White Coffin”, with the subtitle “A Diabolical Game”, has been in the works for a long time, at least as early as 2007. At that time, Adrián García Bogliano and his brother had a script, but the film collected ...
  4. Fantasia Film Fest 2016: A Review of "Hunt for the Wilderpeople"

    A national manhunt is ordered for a rebellious kid (Julian Dennison) and his foster uncle (Sam Neill) who go missing in the wild New Zealand bush.

    Director Taika Waititi has been on quite a role, moving up in the world one big step at a time. “Wilderpeople” is his fourth film to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, after “Eagle Vs Shark”, “Boy” and “What We Do in the Shadows”, which have all opened to critical acclaim. “Boy” was nominated for an Oscar, and “Shadows” is already ...
  5. Fantasia Film Fest 2016: A Review of "Never Tear Us Apart"

    Longtime friends James and Colin travel down a path in the middle of the woods looking for James’ long lost grandparents. When they arrive at a dilapidated cabin, they quickly realize they’re in the wrong place.

    This short film comes to us from director Sid Zanforlin, who has already won the Best Short award at Fantasia in 2014 with “Attack of the Brainsucker”. Will this be his second Fantasia win?

    “Never Tear Us Apart” is a horror-comedy that teaches us there’s more ...
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