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  1. Interview with Leigh Whannell

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    I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Leigh Whannell, the multi-talented actor/director/writer of such horror staples as the Saw and Insidious series, and his latest feature, The Mule, which opens in select theaters tomorrow, November 21st. He pulls double-duty as a lead character and co-writer with his longtime friend Angus Sampson, and we chatted about his character in the film, writing exploits, and feature projects - read on and enjoy!
  2. XLRator Media Snags U.S Distribution For Wrecker

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    Just when you thought AAA had it's shortcomings... - XLRator Media has recently announced the acquisition for the U.S. distribution rights from IndustryWorks Pictures at the American Film Market for the newest wave of demonic vehicle-possession, and it's called Wrecker.

    Scheduled to release in Summer 2015 under the Macabre genre-label, the movie takes two best friends (Anna Hutchison from The Cabin in the Woods and Drea Whitburn on a ...
  3. DVD Review: Phobia

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    Jumping into the pool of simplicity can be a very refreshing dip, I must admit - one guy, suffering from agoraphobia after a hellacious car crash that claimed his wife, is now dealing with horrific visions that further threaten his already fragile mental state - easy as pie, right?

    From director Rory Douglas Abel comes Phobia, a look inside an afflicted man's everyday doings after a life-altering accident. John's (Michael Jefferson) ...
  4. Movie Review: The Mule

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    For all the good this movie has done, I could have shoved it up my...Oh, hello! Allow yourself to join me on a venture down the small intestine to review a movie that certainly doesn't come off as a "waste" of time. In fact, you'll probably keel over from the pains in your gut after checking out co-directors' Tony Mahony and Angus Sampson's excrementally humorous new release, The Mule.

    Think one part well-paced crime drama, and one ...
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