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  1. I Apologize on Behalf of Canada

    On behalf of the entire country of Canada, I apologize.

    2013 has been one of those years that we have put ourselves in the spotlight due to stupid people doing stupid things while on the world stage. We used to be the quiet and respected country north of that mess called America. But we have proven in 2013 that we have our own share of Honey Boo Boo’s. Canada has provided the world with a great load of respected talent: Seth Rogan, Lorne Michaels, William Shatner, Ryan Reynolds ...
  2. Movie Review: Sanitarium (2013)

    As horror fans we always claim that we want more anthology films. There are plenty out there for us to watch but there are far too many bad ones. In fact many of us may just pass them over. It is so hard to find a wrap around story that works effectively within an anthology films stories. Sanitarium is the newest anthology film effort this year. The title alone lends well to the wraparound story. The most difficult task has been avoided by simply using the wrap around story of patients in a nut ...
  3. Voodoo Possession: DVD Review

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    The act of relying upon a Hollywood heavyweight in order to make a movie look better merely by slapping their name on a film poster or DVD case is purely reprehensible, and we as the cinematic rubberneckers see these prominent monikers and bob for bait like fish in a bowl, waiting for the payoff that ultimately never arrives.

    "Voodoo Possession" is no exception to the previous paragraph's elongated caviat, and I ONCE AGAIN fell into ...
  4. Movie Review: The Jeffrey Dahmer Files (2012)

    Trig watches something scary all on her very own...

    My Killettes!

    Let’s talk about documentaries. Themz be my jam. There is nothing more thrilling than the terror inducing reality- of reality. I’m an avid Netflixer, and what Netflix tells me to watch- I watch (because the internet is never wrong and can make all my decisions for me). And isn’t everyone grossly fascinated by serial killers? And Dahmer was a cannibal serial killer! It’s the ...

    Updated 12-23-2013 at 12:25 PM by Trigillia

  5. Big-Ass Spider !: DVD Review

    Are you one of those arachnophobes that would rather burn down your own house merely at the sight of a spider crawling across the ceiling as opposed to a flailing, hopeless attempt at squashing the eight-legged intruder into oblivion ?

    Let's ramp up the size & ferocity of one of these nettlesome web-spinners to let's say....the size of a basketball ? Could you retain your tough-guy attitude facing down this angry vermin as it speeds toward your face with its fangs ...

    Updated 12-23-2013 at 08:10 AM by Butcher

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