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  1. Banshee Chapter: movie review

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    The mere contemplation of a government-born coverup can be terrifying at the basest sense, especially when that coverup involves the design of mind-controlling pharmaceuticals...and their ghastly side-effects.

    As I delved into the Blair Erickson vehicle- "Banshee Chapter", my initial thoughts ranged from sheer boredom (I just can't get into government films) to "how much of this will I have to fast forward ?", and I can honestly ...
  2. Galactic Adventures- 3D Sun/ Mars 3D: DVD review

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    Forget about those boring old sightseeing videos that you used to get by request from various travel agents, THIS is a Blu-Ray that could certainly inspire a lunar vacation ! All kidding aside, the latest release from Image Entertainment - Galactic Adventures: 3DSun/Mars 3D takes the viewers on two separate trips to a couple of the most awe-inspiring locales that the human eye could ever hope to survey.

    You have your choice ...
  3. Sanguivorous: DVD review

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    I've never particularly been a fan of foreign films...there, I've said it. I can't really put my finger as to a stone solid reason why, but there just isn't a whole lot that I can groove with when I'm presented with the opportunity to check out a non-domestic feature.....whether it's the subtitles or odd takes on different aspects..I just don't get it. Let me be clear though - this in NO WAY is me bashing other countries - I just can't get ...
  4. Interview with I Am ZoZo Director Scott Di Lalla

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    Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking for a few minutes with the director of the upcoming horror film "I Am ZoZo"- Scott Di Lalla. Over the past few years he has mainly been directing documentary-style films, so this came as his first venture into the whole psychological-suspense genre. Here is the transcript:

    KR- Can you tell us about the inception of the movie itself ?

    SDL - I've always loved horror type ...
  5. Doyle: Abominator (Album Review)

    DOYLE: Abominator
    reviewed by: Androidvirus

    Many of you heard the latest killerreviews podcast #137, and burried deep in the bowels of the podcast itself you may have heard our interview with Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein . Doyle's latest solo musical effort "Abominator" was as fun to listen to and chalk filled with attitude as Doyle was on the interview. If any of you "Noobs" don't' know who Doyle his here is a quick history lesson. He is he ex guitar player for the legendary ...
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