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  1. DVD Review: Knight of the Dead

    Often times directors will try to take an over saturated genre and make something outside the box. Many times this is a complete and utter failure. Is it because we are all bored to death of a specific genre? Or are we too harsh on directors that try to give us something different. Maybe it's a bit of both. Director Mark Atkins has given us a zombie movie that we have never seen before. Taking zombies and mixing them with a story of crusading knights ...
  2. Interview with actress Tiffany Shepis

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    I recently had the pleasure of speaking with long-time horror movie starlet Tiffany Shepis to discuss one of her MANY new releases, "Wrath of the Crows" amongst various other topics - I even put her through a "rapid-fire" Q & A - this was definitely one of the more interesting interviews I've conducted - read on & enjoy !

    KR - I was looking through your worklist on IMDB.com and said "when does this lady have time to take a break ...
  3. Indie Director: DVD review

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    Who says you have to blow $250 million to have a blockbuster of a movie ? Scorsese, Kubrick, Spielberg....all of the aforementioned should take a good hard look at "Indie Director". the informational mockumentary from veteran micro-budget director Bill Zebub, whose previous titles such as "ZombieChrist" & "Antfarm Dickhole" should be enough to inspire the utmost of creative brainpanning in every aspiring filmmaker.

    "Indie Director" ...
  4. Interview with actress Sarah French

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    I recently had the pleasure of speaking with actress Sarah French, a Minnesota native that got her early start after being spotted at a metal concert years ago, and has become a force to be reckoned with in the independent horror movie scene.

    KR - Can you give us an insight into your horror origin ?

    SF - Well, I've always been a huge horror fan ever since I can remember - I've been watching horror films since I was a kid. ...

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  5. "Lord Of Tears" Owlman pays a visit to ChatRoulette

    "Lord Of Tears", the immensely frightening new horror film from Director Lawrie Brewster that has had fans lauding its presence for it's return to classic, gothic terror on film, has decided to up the freaky factor by having it's nightmarish icon show up on ChatRoulette to scare the piss out of some unsuspecting online conversationalists, and the results are both terrifying and hilarious ! Check it ...
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