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  1. Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy: Blu-Ray review

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    Attention all "Fred-Heads" - the documentary explaining all of the mayhem behind the #1 dream killer's franchise has finally hit Blu-Ray, and we all as a collective group of dream warriors can certainly appreciate a killer 2-disc set such as this.....even if it is lacking in a few aspects....but more on that in a bit.

    The documentary, originally released in 2010 is PACKED full of interviews on it's first disc, taking us right from ...
  2. Best Rock Documentary of All-Time. Too Bad You Can't See It.

    I have seen the best, most quintessential and raw rock ní roll documentary of all time. You, likely, havenít and, most unfortunately, canít.

    The film is Cocksucker Blues, a 1972 film by directed Robert Frank that followed the members of The Rolling Stones during their North American Exile on Main St. tour in 1972.

    The film has never been released thanks to the bandís court order as they claimed the footage would be both embarrassing and even legally incriminating ...
  3. Interview with Director Kieran Parker (Outpost III)

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    I recently had the opportunity to speak with Director Kieran Parker about the release of his latest film Outpost III: Rise of the Spetsnaz, the third installment into the hugely popular Nazi-Zombie series - he had worked on the previous 2 Outpost films as a producer under Steve Barker, so with this being his first foray into the directorial aspect, I had to ask if he noticed any differences between the two, amongst other inquiries - check it out ! ...

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  4. The Night Crew - principal photography begins NOW !

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    Palm Springs, CA is the current hotspot for insane pyro, gigantic guns & Danny Trejo...NEED I SAY MORE ? Via press release from Premiere Entertainment Group, Director Christian Sesma has begun initial shooting on his latest movie, titled "The Night Crew", starring Luke Goss (Hellboy II), Danny Trejo (Machete), Bokeem Woodbine (Riddick) & Chastity Ballesteros (Final Destination 5).

    The movie centers on a group of desperate-for-business ...
  5. Stonados: DVD review

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    Weather phenomenons have always creeped me out to a certain extent, and it seems as if there isn't a place in this glorious world where you can't escape some certain type of wrath from Mother Nature - living in the East ?, then get ready to have shovelfuls of snow crammed in your crack each winter - a resident of the West Coast ?..how's about some wildfires & earthquakes to rattle your hiney out of bed...then there are the poor denizens of the middle ...
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