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  1. The Twilight Zone: Essential Episodes - DVD review

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    Oh, to be a fan of one of television's most interesting (and at times, spooky) series, but the downside to almost any show during an extended run that's been put on DVD is when you have to weed out the great episodes from the so-so ones....if only someone could make a DVD collection of.....WAIT A MINUTE, it's already been done !!

    If you're an aficionado of the legendary 1959 Rod Serling created Twilight Zone series, and you haven't ...
  2. Making Off: DVD review

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    I could say deplorable, but I'd be lying.....I could use the term "reprehensible", but that would be an understatement...how's about "opprobrious" ? Ok, how about this one (and this should sum it up).....ENTERTAINING. - Shocked ya, didn't it ?

    Honestly, I've never been a fan of foreign films (I DESPISE subtitles & the artificial voice-overs); not to say that there haven't been some FANTASTIC overseas horror productions put on in the ...

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  3. Ironclad: Battle For Blood - the war rages on this July !

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    From the creative gladiators that brought you Ironclad, comes the sequel that promises to unleash more fury & ferocity this July (July 11th on VOD & iTunes - July 25th in select theaters). Ironclad: Battle For Blood takes place after the Great Siege of Rochester Castle, and centers on a group of marauding Celtic raiders that attempts to overrun one of the last remaining survivor's family's estate.

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  4. Flesheater's brief edge of tomorrow review

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