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  1. No One Lives: DVD review

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    The day that World Wrestling Entertainment announced that they had jumped into the filmmaking industry, the collective movie fanbase almost universally groaned in unison, following the massive splat that the XFL Football experiment left in the sports world years before. Should Vince McMahon have just stuck to perfecting the money-making empire he had taken over from his father ? Could a considerable gap in creative brainpanning translate into dollars ...
  2. Monsters Wanted: An Interview With Director Brian Cunningham

    How did Monsters Wanted come about?

    Totally by accident is the short answer to that. My girlfriend Kaley came to me one day and told me that she was going to be a stage manager for a haunted house which I thought was interesting. Iíd been to haunted houses but I didnít know what they were all about. She was going to go meet with this guy Rich who was going to be her boss who owned the haunted house and she wanted me to go with her.
  3. Monster Wanted

    Monsters Wanted is a 2013 documentary tracking the evolution of the Asylum Haunted Scream Park from a smaller haunted house into a giant Halloween themed attraction in the fall of 2011. Clocking in at an hour and a half, it's a feature length presentation and one that any horror fan worth their salt should definitely see.

    Upon my initial viewing I wasnít sure what to expect from Monsters Wanted. I am not a documentary

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  4. Prowl (2010)

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    Can we all agree that getting into a semi trailer driven by a creepy truck driver is a bad idea? When you decide to smoke lots of pot and consume bottles of booze along the way trouble is sure to be ahead. This will always end badly for everyone involved. At least don't be dumb enough to drag your friends along like Amber did in the After Dark original film Prowl. A trip to move Amber to the big city goes south after their van breaks down. In effort to ...
  5. I'm Not Guilty: Ted Bundy- The Development of the Violent Mind: book review

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    What possesses the criminal mind to commit such atrocities against humanity ? Is there a deep-seeded detestation that is already implanted at birth or does it come from years and years of negative feelings & experiences at the hands of others ?

    Ted Bundy, one of the U.S.'s most prolific serial killers, pulled off between 30-35 murders (actual number is to this day, still unknown) and was convicted on July 24th, 1979 for the first ...
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