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  1. Another Take on the Exorcism Story: "Asmodexia" (2014)

    Five days in the lives of exorcist Eloy de Palma (Lluis Marco) and his granddaughter Alba (Claudia Pons), working in the Barcelona area.

    We get a strong opening, with great use of camera technique and color, along with a gripping score from Jordi Dalmau. The New York Times refers to Dalmau's work as "an eerie, echoing sound design of plinking pianos and ghostly choirs." It is that and much more. Of course, this level of greatness is not maintained for the full duration, ...
  2. Review: The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence)

    Itís been six years since The Human Centipede was released to the masses quickly becoming one of the most talked about films of 2009. The original Tom Six film told the story of a maniacal doctor who attaches three unwitting victims surgically ass-to-mouth in a medical procedure that creates a bastardized human centipede. The Human Centipede has been parodied on South Park, been a joke on SNL and can be seen in crude diagram form on t-shirts sold at most horror conventions. It ...
  3. DVD Review: Blood Slaughter Massacre

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    Anyone that is willing to toss a pic back to those glorious 80's in terms of reflection and resurrection, than I'm all about it, and thanks to director Manny Serrano, we've got something that might not be perfect, but it sure is a nice way to remind the true horror fan that the 80's kicked some serious ass.

    BLOOD SLAUGHTER MASSACRE tells the tale of a hardened police detective, James Fincher (Matt W. Cody), who 10 years ago, narrowly ...
  4. Review: Poltergeist (2015)

    If I were to list my favorite movies of all-time, both Poltergeist and The Road Warrior would find a place quite high in the pecking order. So when Hollywood brass green-lit an updated version for both franchises, I was both jubilant and downright terrified that they might taint two of my fondest movie theatre experiences of the 1980ís. So far so good. George Millerís Mad Max: Fury Road was released last week and it lived up to my expectations while winning over critics (an incredible ...
  5. DVD Review: Infected

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    Toss literally every zombie movie that you've seen over the past few years into a blender, hit "puree," and scrape the remnants off the wall AFTER you realized that you've left the lid off, and use those remnants to make your own zombie film...and I'll guarantee you that it will ring with an eerie similarity to all those prior films about the undead that have shambled before it, and Andrew Gilbert's INFECTED is no exception to that rule by any stretch. ...
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