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  1. DVD Review: Death's Door

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    I knew it was inevitable. The simple fact that I'd had run such a fair string of halfway decent films led me to believe that my next view would be a turd...and needless to say with THAT concrete prediction, allow me to introduce to you this little nugget of fecal wonderment: DEATH'S DOOR.

    When a mysterious text from an unknown person sent to a group of friends leads them to a dilapidated mansion - the party is on, the doors won't open ...
  2. TADFF: One More Night to Experience The Best in Genre Films!

    ďAnd now, the time is near itís time to face the final curtainĒ

    Tonight marks the end of the 10th Annual Toronto After Dark Film Festival (TADFF) in Toronto. Yes, an exhaustive stretch of 9 days filled with the best in horror, science fiction, action and horror is coming to an end.

    Itís been a decade now since the Toronto After Dark Film Festival light up its first theatre with the glow from the projection ...
  3. Review: Tales Of Halloween

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    With the opening raspy voice of radio dj Adrianne Barbeau introducing us to this night of terror, you just know that you're in for something special, and when TALES OF HALLOWEEN, fired up, my inner horror geek alarm was sounding off for miles. Could we we have the next great fright anthology? Could it rival a heavyweight such as CREEPSHOW? Only time would tell.

    With a complete roster of some of horror's biggest names, and an even more ...
  4. TADFF Review: Nina Forever (2015)

    Itís hard to categorize Nina Forever. Itís not a horror. Itís not a comedy. Itís not a romance either. But it does have elements of all the listed genres and it doesnít so much mix them up in a blender as it does give a polite nod to each on its way to fulfilling our entertainment quota.

    Written and directed by Ben and Chris Blaine, Nina Forever focuses on Rob (Cian Barry), a lost soul who recently attempted suicide in the ...
  5. TADFF Review: A Christmas Horror Story (2015)

    Itís the most wonderful time of the year. To die.

    Directors Grant Harvey, Steve Hoban and Brett Sullivan all lend their talents in an attempt to turn the happiest day of the year into a horrifying movie experience in A Christmas Horror Story.

    Best described as an anthology, A Christmas story interweaves multiple stories with Christmas being the anchor theme. The stories are diverse and in no way repeating. ...
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