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  1. Agent 88: web series review

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    Whoever said you couldn't grow old gracefully and still maintain an active lifestyle into your Golden Years needs a well-placed roundhouse from quite possibly THE baddest granny ever to strap on a couple of Beretta 9mms under her bathrobe, Agent 88.

    This recently released web-series from director Digger T. Mesch (Ultraviolet) tells the story of Agent 88, one of the world's greatest unknown assasins......come to think of it...SHE ...

    Updated 08-17-2013 at 01:38 AM by bronxtko

  2. Absence: DVD review

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    Therapy to recover from a devastating loss can be lengthy, expensive and an additional chance of trauma to an already damaged piece of the psyche, and for a couple of prospective parents in the movie ABSENCE, their idea of "therapy" is the worst possible choice anyone could make.....and we as the viewer fall into that group as well.

    In a world of cinematic found-footage movies that have seemed to overwhelm the masses (whether ...

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  3. Angel Falling: graphic novel review

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    Graphic novels don't feel the need to apologize for their subject matter - blatant violence, salacious language & bodies in their "natural" state are all staples of a successful presentation - I mean, if you want safe and sanitary, go and read a kid's book, but if you want a story that makes you feel the need to wash your meathooks afterwards, pick up a graphic novel.

    In the case of Angel Falling, the newest release from creator ...
  4. Brief Elysium vlog

  5. Hatchet III: Blu-Ray review

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    There were many who have thought that once Adam Green turned over his director's chair to B.J. McConnell (camera operator for Hatchet & Hatchet II), the quality of the storyline of Hatchet III would suffer immensely.....boy were they wrong !

    With Green's stellar storywriting and the fantastic direction of McConnell himself, the latest installment into the Victor Crowley Bayou- blood orgy promises to satiate even the most demanding ...
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