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  1. Review: It Follows (2014)

    Sex in horror films has always been a staple. As Nancy Allen narrates in the 1984 horror documentary Terror in the Aisles, “You are never more vulnerable than when you are naked.” A good horror movie without sex is like toast without butter, peaches without cream, blood pudding without pudding.

    This notion is not lost on writer/director David Robert Mitchell’s new horror feature, It Follows which has travelled the festival circuit the past year picking up momentum ...
  2. DVD Review: The Sins of Dracula

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    The effort in which some filmmakers decide to throw a wet blanket on those "holy-rollin" propaganda films is a gutsy one, indeed, and "if you stray from the flock, and travel the path that Satan has laid down for ya, you'll surely end up on the fastlane to Hell!!'...or something like that.

    Watching THE SINS OF DRACULA reinforced one very strong position for me - don't let others convince you of what you should believe, and Director ...
  3. FLesheater's somewhat video review of Dracula Untold

  4. Interview With Dave Sheridan (The Walking Deceased)

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    I recently had the chance of speaking with a man whose never been short on delivering the laughs - from the inept Deputy Doofy in SCARY MOVIE, to Deputy Dobson in THE DEVILS' REJECTS, and now playing the part of Sheriff Lincoln in THE WALKING DECEASED, opening today in select theaters, VOD services, and iTunes - Dave Sheridan. I can honestly say that this had to have been one of the most entertaining interviews I've ever conducted, and if you read on, ...
  5. Interview with Steve Wolsh, “Muck”

    Who is Steve Wolsh? Someone to keep your eyes on, that’s who. First, be sure you recognize his name is Wolsh, not Walsh… a mistake so common he has named his production company “WithAnO”. He is also not Tony Wash (who also often gets called “Walsh”), despite them both making movies in the last few years with the word “muck” in them. Wolsh made “Muck”, a St. Patrick’s Day horror film about a marsh. Wash made “The Muck” (formerly “M is for Muck”), a 1980s throwback and one of the finest short films ...
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