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  1. Interview with Director Joe Stauffer (Pieces Of Talent)

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    I always seem to get the most interesting (and revealing) interviews whenever I set one up with an independent director, and this one is certainly NO exception. Joe Stauffer got an early start behind the camera with music videos & various shorts, but recently his latest feature Pieces Of Talent, has garnered a slew of indie awards and has become the rage of discussion amongst the underground DVD set. My chat with him was filled with lots of info, and ...

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  2. Pieces of Talent: DVD review

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    If not for the utterly amazing works of some fine independent directors, our beloved genre of horror would be a hurtin' unit, and Pieces Of Talent is without a doubt, THE shot in the arm that a fledgling category desperately needs right now. It's advertised as "beautiful horror", and no truer words could possibly be listed to describe this movie that should be on every horror fan's MUST-SEE list, so let's get to it, shall we ?

    Director ...

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  3. Interview with Director Jonathan English (Ironclad series)

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    I recently had the opportunity of speaking with the man responsible for the popular Ironclad series: Director Jonathan English, whose medieval bloodbaths that have encompassed two films, with the latest: Ironclad: Battle For Blood, releasing July 11th on VOD services & iTunes, with a selected theatrical run slated for July 25th. His origins were discussed among other topics, so read on & enjoy !

    KR - For those people who might not be familiar ...
  4. Wolf Creek 2 - On Blu-Ray & DVD NOW !

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    I never considered myself an international traveler...sure, there are places I'd LIKE to visit - to see where my relatives resided in Ireland, or to cruise the canals in a gondola in Italy...but after watching "Crocodile Dundee" WAY back when I was a little turd back in 1986, all I wanted to see was the Australian Outback, the roos, the Aborigines...just the scenery.....then 19 years later, I was introduced to Mick Taylor....and needless to ...
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