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  1. FRANKENSTEIN vs. THE MUMMY - on DVD February 10, 2015

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    On February 10th, 2015, all prospective horror movie lovers should take out a little bit of insurance on their home-entertainment centers, and fortify their living rooms, because when two of the most notable movie monsters collide, there probably won't be much left (structurally speaking) to account for.

    FRANKENSTEIN vs. THE MUMMY, from writer/director Damien Leone, brings you ringside as these two behemoths collide in a throwdown for ...
  2. Review: The Atticus Institute

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    Looking back at THE ATTICUS INSTITUTE, you could simply chalk this up as yet ANOTHER thing that our beloved government decided not to fill us in on, yet offering a chilling proposition of what could possibly be...and it works to some extents.

    Directed and written by Chris Sparling, who managed to take claustrophobia to an all-time high with the 2010 feature that he personally penned, BURIED with Ryan Reynolds. This time, his maiden ...

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  3. Best Horror Films of 2014

    2014 will not be remembered as the year of the horror film. It was light on both quality and quantity. In fact, of the 250 Top grossing films of 2014 there were only 11 films classified as horror. And of those 11, only one makes our list of the Top Horror Films of 2014. So in a year of Annabelle, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones and The Purge: Anarchy what were the 10 best films horror films of 2014? We have our list which is filled surprise entries and a sequel or two. Our list, in alphabetical ...
  4. DVD review: Dark Mountain

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    I guess you could always say "better late than never" when describing Tara Anaise's found-footage thriller DARK MOUNTAIN, simply because it's really not anything you haven't been witness to in the past, but it doesn't necessarily mean that's a bad thing. Onto the show!

    We follow the exploits of three budding filmmakers as they make their way to the Superstition Mountains that run deep into the Arizona desert. Their main focal point is ...
  5. DVD Review: The Houses October Built

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    I've always thought of the people that attend different haunted house attractions could be split into two polarizing groups, those who absolutely run with the fear adrenaline in their veins, getting the highest high from having the cheez-whiz scared out of them, and your first-timers that aren't quite sure of what they're getting themselves into, and only after their first poop-inducing incident at the hands of someone enlisted to frighten them, do ...
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