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  1. Wrecker (2016) DVD: Review

    We have all encountered many tow truck drivers in our lives. Some are incredibly nice people and others fit the stereotype of a big burly man that seems quite unfriendly. We usually imagine a man with long greasy hair and a scraggly beard that either smokes or chews tobacco. This can be an intimidating character for some people. Imagine if you don't really see him and there is a good chance that he may kill you. A Big bad tow truck driver ...
  2. I Know Who Killed Me(2007) - SPOILER! Lindsay Lohan is gross!


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    The rise, and subsequent fall, of Lindsay Lohan, is not as straightforward, and uncomplicated, as what brought down the Roman Empire. To my mind, anyway. Mostly because I canít explain why Lindsay Lohan happened to begin with. Who can? Whatever group mind phenomenon selects who, and who does not, rise to prominence in our culture, ...

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  3. Pieces finally gets a Blu-ray release! (And an anecdote about how I love this site)

    This just in, slasher fans! The company Grindhouse Releasing is finally releasing the 1982 (or 1983, depending on who you ask) Spanish Giallo/Slasher on Blu-ray this February.

    For those uninformed, Pieces is one of the bloodiest, hilarious, and over-the-top films from the 1980's. Everything from the blood-splattered matricidal opening, to the random jackie-chan rip-off, to the repeated shouts of BASTARD!!!!!!! make Pieces a ...

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  4. Scream! Pulls All The Stops For "Brain That Wouldn't Die" (1962)

    A doctor (Jason Evers) experimenting with transplant techniques keeps his girlfriend (Virginia Leith)'s head alive when she is decapitated in a car crash, then goes hunting for a new body.

    This film was made in 1959, but floated around a bit until picked up (and re-cut) by American International and Sam Arkoff. Over the years, and due largely to its falling into public domain, it has become a late-night staple. Many people -- and all horror fans -- have probably seen this film in ...
  5. DVD Review: Flowers

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    Sometimes, you simply need no words to be spoken in order to correctly convey an aspect of fear, and in the case of Phil Stevens's FLOWERS, the more ambient the sounds around you are with the absence of dialogue, the more effective the fright.

    Following the hellish situation a woman is currently in...or is it more than one woman? Any way, she's she dead, or is this simply a cruel act of a tortured subconscious mind? ...
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