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  1. Brian Thompson is... "Hired to Kill" (1990)

    A fashion photographer (Brian Thompson) and seven models travel to a South American island fortress, ostensibly to do a fashion shoot. In reality, the photographer is a mercenary and their job is to free an imprisoned rebel leader. The director describes it as "Magnificent Seven" with women.

    This is really the height of 1990s cheese. It has the sensibility of a 1980s action film, and that is not surprisingly since it was probably filmed in 1989. All the excess and over-the-top ...
  2. Film Review: Restoration

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    For all intents and purposes, I was completely into Restoration, directed by Zack Ward, who many of us remember as the ginger-haired bully Scut Farkus in the holiday classic A Christmas Story. He now turns his efforts towards the directorial chair, and with the help of James Cullen Bressack in a producer's role, the two manage to create something that looks good on paper, but slowly spirals downwards using cheap parlor tricks and very slow pacing. ...
  3. DVD Review: The Haunting Of Alice D

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    Whatever happened to the good old days of just partying with a group of pals at one of their houses? Now we've progressed into nights of hedonistic lasciviousness in an abandoned brothel? WHOA! In director Jessica Sonneborn's "angry dead hooker" gone wild film, The Haunting Of Alice D we get to see why in the future it is markedly safer to party under one's roof that people know and are familiar with.

    The film's premise is as follows: ...
  4. DVD Review: Earthrise

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    With the fact that the Earth is losing the sustainability to keep its inhabitants on the planet, Mars has more than flourished, allowing the populous to reside with the hopes of becoming a strong civilization yet that I've dropped the premise, I think I'll just take a little nap, and what do you know? I've got JUST the movie to help me drift off into la-la land: Glenn Payne's Earthrise.

    Taking a page out of the theory that ...
  5. DVD Review: All Hell Breaks Loose

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    Happy newlyweds, a satanic biker-gang...what could POSSIBLY go wrong here? In Jeremy Garner's dusty, gritty (and deviously funny) 70's exploitation throwback pic, All Hell Breaks Loose, we get to see the pure essence of good vs. evil...that is if you consider the essence of good to be a mousy, nerdy guy who looks like he's employed by The Geek Squad to save the day.

    Nonetheless, our contented and freshly united couple (Nick Forrest, Sarah ...
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