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  1. The Last Light - on VOD Services & iTunes June 3rd

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    Via Fox Hill Productions, the North American rights have been acquired for the release of Director/Writer Andrew Hyatt's The Last Light, and it will spring forth onto iTunes & VOD services on June 3rd for all to see, and this sounds good !

    The movie focuses on a group of seven strangers that are trapped in an abandoned building after an apocalyptic event, and amongst the fear and frustration that only a catastrophic doomsday-scenario ...
  2. Anna: Movie Review

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    Everybody knows her....or knew her. That one creepy chick in high school that when she stared in your direction it was enough to make the hairs on the back of your neck want to run down your back and tuck themselves safely inside your Nikes...but here's the illusion - WHY was she that way ? Was she misunderstood ?, mislabeled...or maybe mistreated as a younger child ? Any way you slice it, that person has created the PERFECT self-defense weapon, without ...
  3. Want tickets to see Wolf Creek 2 on May 16th ? All you have to do is LAUGH !

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    There is no denying that Mick Taylor, the deranged Outbacker from the wildly popular hit movie Wolf Creek possesses some of the most vicious torture tactics seen in a long time, but what ramps up his creepiness is that friggin laugh of his ! Now, thanks to the gracious souls at Image Entertainment, YOU can snag tickets for you and three of your favorite backpackers to check out the movie's sequel, Wolf Creek 2 when it premieres in theaters on May ...

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  4. KILLER RACK on Killer Reviews

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    This summer, I hope to direct the funniest screenplay I've ever read. If I pull it together, I believe it will be the biggest cult film I've ever been involved with. That probably sounds like a lot of hyperbole, but keep in mind I never review my own work; I never proclaim myself an "epic visionary director," and I've never bragged about directing my first feature, Slime City, at age 21, as if age has anything to do with talent. I leave it to viewers ...

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