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  1. Life Tracker: DVD review

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    Imagine a world where a company existed that could systematically predict biological events in your life ? Always wanted to know if you were going to contract a disease ? Or have a baby ? More so, would you want to know the results of specific findings ?......could you handle it ?

    Director Joe McLean has thrown this possible scenario in our faces in his new thriller called "Life Tracker", about documentary filmmaker Dillon ...
  2. POW!!!! Brief Ender's Game Review!!!!!

  3. The Twilight Zone - The Complete Series: DVD review

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    It's safe to say "they don't make em' like they used to", however, you can fix em' up and make look better than they ever did before, and no truer words were spoken than to describe Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone: The Complete Series, which will be released on November 19th from RLJ Entertainment.

    The groundbreaking anthology once again will be presented in all it's 156-episode glory, spread out over 28 discs in a 5 DVD set, ...
  4. I Am ZoZo: DVD review

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    Like a driver using a malfunctioning GPS, I Am ZoZo just keeps circling & circling with seemingly no hope of arriving at it's final destination.

    Directed by Scott DiLalla, the movie centers on a group of five teens that are spending a Halloween weekend at one of their parents "Island Getaways"...I was hoping for Bora Bora, and I got Seattle.....will someone PLEASE contact my travel agent ? The weekend starts innocently enough ...
  5. Canopic Jars:Tales of Mummies & Mummification:book review

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    Looking back over the course of centuries, there has got to be a stone solid argument to look at mummies as some of the most terrifying creatures that were ever conceived. Whether you can subscribe to the theory that they actually rose from their sealed tombs of fate after many years to wreak havoc upon those who caused them harm in their mortal lives is of your own choosing, but just knowing how the preparations were made for mummification are enough ...
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