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  1. "Dismembering Christmas" (2015): Slasher Studios Returns With a Vengeance!

    Not long ago, Slasher Studios screened their film “Don’t Go to the Reunion” before a full house at HorrorHound Indianapolis. The crowd cheered, laughed, and it was a big hit. Maybe not scary, but the kind of movie you want to see with some friends and a few beers.

    Now they're back... with a vengeance. That same great mix of blood and belly laughs, but with an improved video quality, some great camera shots, and a beautiful soundtrack. We even have a killer with black gloves, which ...
  2. An Introduction to Movie Lumps

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    An Introduction to MOVIE LUMPS
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    It’s not easy being as smart as I am. Believe it or not, it’s a goddamn hassle. When you’re smart(not ‘smart’ the way you are, actually smart)every marvel and mystery of the universe, no matter how notorious or confounding, is deconstructed by this prodigious talent; exposed, dismissed, then flung down and ...

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  3. Interview: Chris Mulkey (The Surface)

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    We here at Killer Reviews recently were granted the opportunity of speaking with Chris Mulkey, whose latest film THE SURFACE, was released on September 1st - we talked about his role, his love for music, and his future projects - so settle in and enjoy!

    KR: Can you give us a brief description of the film, as well as your character, Kelly?

    CM: My character Kelly flies a plane that delivers packages around the Midwest - from ...
  4. Review: The Surface

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    Put two guys on a boat for the duration of a film, and who knows what will rise to the surface...or in the case of Gil Cates's latest, THE SURFACE, we could always try to latch onto what hasn't sunk - will someone PLEASE get the life-jackets ready? We're about to have a movie go overboard.

    The film, in its simple premise, stars Sean Astin as Mitch, a solemn man who decides to ready his small boat for a little spin one day on the waters ...
  5. Blu-Ray Review: Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History Of Friday The 13th

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    After its initial release back in 2013, Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday The 13th has been THE go-to for all your Voorhees-needs, and on September 8th, the former 4-disc set has been compacted onto 2 Blu-Ray OR 2 DVD's - it's your choice (really?...and WHY would you even have to choose?)

    All of the same bells and whistles or on the presentation (with a few extra goodies for you Jason-ites) - we've got hundreds of ...
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