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  1. McConaughey's career rises from the ashes

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    Just when you thought McConaughey's career was turning into mud with such flops as Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past and Failure To Launch which could have also been the title of his career he wows film viewers with Mud!!! A movie that could be his second turn around. The first being Killer Joe. Matty McC gives a great performance as a man in hiding after shooting and killing a man who abused the woman he loves and with the help of two teenage boys he must win ...
  2. Movie Review: The Orphan Killer

    You have to admire an independent film maker with passion, vision and enthusiasm. Names like Loyd Kaufman, Roger Corman, Ryan Nicholson, Steven C. Miller, Ulli Lommel and Uwe Boll spring to mind. These are all low-budget filmmakers that have managed to define their own style and build a fan base due to their unique styles. While you may not like all of their films, you have to admire the fact that they continue to make honest to god horror ...
  3. The Orphan Killer: Interview with Director Matt Farnsworth

    The following is an abridged interview with director Matt Farnsworth about his new slasher opus, The Orphan Killer. Look for the review from KR also...

    How did you come up with the Orphan killer?

    It happened when I was making my first film, Iowa. A fan brought me a crazy looking sculpture that was nailed to this black board. It was this mask and I named it silver face. I kept looking at it and thinking it would be
  4. The Thirteenth Child: book review

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    There is normally always a sense of apprehension when you have the chance to read a new author's book, and you can find yourself questioning your inner reader with non-stop queries such as "will this hold my interest ?"- " Will it be able to effectively convey a conducive storyline and keep me immersed in atmospheric details ?".....does anyone else find themselves asking these questions ?......or is it only me ?

    When ...
  5. The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh: DVD review

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    Let's face it, people can be scared of MANY things for many different reasons. It's all inherent, it's just a chemical response in your brain that triggers your "internal fear switch" when something shudders you in the base of your spine. Whether it be a movie about genetically ravenous spiders, an escaped psychotic killer fresh from a stint in the local loony bin, or an otherworldly supernatural presence that wants to evict new homeowners from settling ...
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