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  1. Harold's Going Stiff: review

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    Getting older can definitely have it's downfalls - aches & pains, liver spots, blood-pressure problems......bleeding eye sockets...rigor mortis...okay, maybe I was reaching with those last two instances....or was I ?

    From the creative minds of Director Keith Wright and Producer Richard Guy comes Harold's Going Stiff, a movie that blends both the terror of an impending zombie apocalypse with the tear-jerking emotions of someone ...
  2. It's The Movies About Girls Show! 173rd Edition!

    Check it out as the gang discusses Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me, crazy news, the top five/bottom five dvd's of the week, and stripper jokes!

    We're gonna all laugh together!

    If YouTubing isn't your thing, you can subscribe to us on iTunes!
    Or just listen/download rightcheah!
  3. Flesheater talking Leonard Part 6

  4. Guffaw At The Rich Folk With These Peter Arno Laffs!

  5. My Recent Horror Blu-ray purchases

    I recently did some shopping and got five new blu-ray horror movies. I will list them below and give a brief description of each one.

    Trick R' Treat - A perfect movie for halloween and for my collection. This horror anthology comes with some cool special features including additional scenes and commentary.

    Children of the corn (1984) - When I saw this in the 7.99 bin at Best Buy in needed to get it. Unfortunately it doesn't come with any special features but the ...
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