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  1. I Could Never Be A Festival Organizer

    I couldn’t imagine the stress of being a programmer or organizer of a film festival. The trips to Costco leading up to opening night to buy Imodium and Pepto-Bismol in bulk for the likes of Jesse Wente, Colin Geddes and Adam Lopez must be wearing out the tires on their wood paneled station wagons.

    In just 9 days, The Toronto After Dark Film Festival opens in Toronto showcasing over 20 films between October 18th and October 26th. It is classified as the best of horror, science ...
  2. Jaws Finds Company - I Am Getting Soft In My Old Age

    I am getting soft in my old age.

    For most of my life I’ve proclaimed that my favorite movie of all-time was the only film to which I would give a perfect 5 out of 5 stars to in any critical review. The feelings that I have towards Steven Spielberg’s Jaws are unshakable. And even with putting the movie through the scrutiny of today’s ‘we’ll-fix-that-in-post-production’ eyes, I was steadfast in my appraisal hailing Jaws as the only perfect movie in my classification ratings system. ...
  3. Revisiting the After Dark Horrorfest 3

    After such a hiatus of blogging, returning to talk about such a mediocre series of films might be an odd choice to spotlight. However, a recent compilation of all eight films was released a week or two back at a cost of about $10, seventy bucks less than what I paid for them originally. I hope this quick look back at the series helps provide some insight for those that were interested in ...
  4. Ziggurat Review

    (this is a review ive been sitting on for a couple months....)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    A malevolent race of alien beings has invaded earth and wiped out every man woman and child....all except for you, the last remaining human. You know trying to win this war is a useless act, so you do the only thing you can...arm up your trusty shotgun laser blaster, climb to the top of the tallest pyramid you can find ...
  5. Fear


    Fear is not something that we all experience on a daily basis in our life. Sure, we like to be scared. Especially this time of year: a haunted house, a spooky hayride or a good horror film. But this is a passing feeling, a few seconds of fright, a quick reflex to an outside stimulus. Few of us experience true sustained fear in our lives. On DefTone’s latest project, we explore that type of fear. Not just the quick, pulse-increasing attack of the jump-scare in a low budget ...
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