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  1. Hypnophobia: movie review

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    Supporting burgeoning filmmakers (especially in the horror genre) is both a rewarding (and at times painstaking) task - you can be presented with multiple submissions from a multitude of wishful cinematographers praying to catch that locomotive of promise that speeds by and occasionally grabs one or two lucky laborers of their craft. Could we see the next John Carpenter or James Wan step up from amongst the literal mob scene of directors who ...
  2. Sparks: DVD review

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    Give me any well constructed, aptly produced & decently presented superhero movie, and I'm a totally contented fanboy. In a normal circumstance I'm even willing to forgive overtly cheesy CGI, lame dialogue & the occasional annoying sidekick forgoing ALL logic and causing lapses in mental judgement that put our dynamic duo in eventual jeopardy......cue heroic theatrical music !!

    Okay, so maybe I'm overthinking all this, but I'll admit ...

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  3. Byzantium: A Different Kind of Vampire

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    Neil Jordan must want to live forever. Considering how well he handles the difficult concept and inherent complications of eternal life, Iím sure he must ponder the issue a great deal.

    Jordan directed the superb Interview with a Vampire. Anne Riceís multigenerational tale of a vampire grappling with itís murderous nature was a cultural touchstone for the horror genre. Many accused Jordan of watering down the violent nature of Bram Stokerís dark ...
  4. Outpost: Rise of the Spetsnaz- DVD review

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    In all honesty, I hadn't even heard of the first Outpost movie until I went Blu-Ray shopping about a year ago and picked up the 2nd in the series (Outpost: Black Sun) and was immediately impressed - Nazi Zombies ? Hell, I'm in !!- As good as Dead Snow was, how could you possibly be disappointed ? The first two films themselves were directed to the letter by Steve Barker and assisted in the writing aspect by Kieran Parker, who took over directorial duties ...

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  5. MMA brawler Gina Carano set to rumble "In the Blood" - on DVD & Digital June 3rd !

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    Fans of ass-kicking revenge action thrillers will have their thirsts quenched this coming April 4th, when MMA star Gina Carano hits the big screen in the retribution-white-knuckler "In the Blood", from Anchor Bay Pictures. The film co-stars Cam Gigandet (Twilight Series), Treat Williams (Chicago Fire), Stephen Lang (Avatar), and the one and only Danny Trejo (too many damn movies to fit inside a set of parentheses !)

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