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  1. Digital Quarters - Summer of Arcade 2013 Part 1: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

    Hello again. Iíve been itching to get back to writing on a regular basis again and at the same time was looking for new things to write about to keep me going and allow me to mix it up. This is part of a series of blogs Iíll call Digital Quarters which will be all about the XBLA, PSN, and indie games that Iíve become fairly engrossed in during these last few years. For these ...
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  2. It's The Movies About Girls Show! 174th Edition!

    Episode 174 has arrived! This time, Australians discuss the under snatch, and Moped shenanigans! We did it!

    Oh yeah, and Get Christie Love! "You're under arrest sugar!"

    My suggested movie of the week was Horror Rises From The Tomb. As a special bonus for this blog, here are my complete bullet points from the 1973 classic:

    Upside Down Boobies
    A Floating Head
    Car Crash
    A ...
  3. Evidence: DVD Review

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    Evidence is a film that blends elements of found footage with a more traditional style of filmmaking. I will be the first to admit that when the term found footage is mentioned I cringe. So many films over the past few years have made ill fated attempts at making a quick buck exploiting the genre. It's to the point that it is incredibly hard for me to even give one a chance anymore. Luckily I had no idea what Evidence was even about or how the story was ...
  4. TIFF: Day Two

    Day two of the Toronto International Film Festival was full of a tremendous amount of energy.

    We started the day catching a wide release pic in Riddick. It was good with a favourable review to follow. But that was not the reason we headed to the heart of the city.

    We stood in line for an hour to get into All Cheerleaders Die, the latest movie from Lucky McKee (The Woman). McKee was a bit geekier than we expected, but he had an energy and love for film that could ...
  5. Aberration: DVD review

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    Illusion can be a deadly commodity when choosing a movie to watch solely based on the DVD artwork itself. Upon first canvassing of the cover pictorial, you would think that the latest release from Image Entertainment, titled "Aberration", would be a mirror representation of "The Grudge" - some creepy dead kid with his eyes blacked out standing in an ethereal haze, offering you a last glimpse at his ghostly omnipresence before you are whisked ...

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