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  1. 31 Other Horror Movies for Halloween

    Itís that time of year again.

    The time where countless lists of horror movies to watch start popping up on just about every website in existence. In an ideal world, there would be a moratorium on just repeating the same group of titles every year, just to keep interest up. I think even the most uninformed Average Joe knows that The Shining, Psycho, Halloween, ...
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  2. Exorcising My Demons: An Actress' Journey to The Exorcist and Beyond - book review

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    With the myriad of autobiographies that literally flood the market like a tsunami of self-serving life-scenarios & sullen tragedies, it is a complete satisfaction to read one's story of both triumph & hardship, and in the end you find yourself standing up to applaud. Now all you need is one of the most terrifying films to grace the silver screen as a backdrop, compliment it with a storyteller that seems to speak to YOU, the reader directly, and there ...
  3. The Prisoners Brief Review!!!!

  4. Fran Drescher Digs The MAG Follies!

    I hope Fran Drescher is the patient type, because we haven't had an episode in a while! In the meantime, check out the website, at http://www.gigglesforguzzlers.com/ !

  5. Auditory Viewpoint: book review

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    Your senses are your lifeblood - through your ability to see, touch, smell, taste & hear, you can revel in every day's surroundings. While some definitely take these senses for granted, there are some that need each and every one to survive the simplest of days, especially when one particular sense may be impaired.

    The second novel from author Lillian R. Melendez, titled "Auditory Viewpoint", spins the story of talk radio host Gloria ...

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