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  1. DVD Review: The Squeeze (2015)

    Who knew golf and gambling went so well together? In The Squeeze we have a small town amateur golfer named Augie. He has a dream of making it big as a professional golfer. After winning a local tournament he catches the eye of a man known by the name of Riverboat who wants to use him to make some money in a not so honest way. Augie is stuck in an abusive household and the only way he can help out is by using his golf skills to earn so much ...
  2. Interview with Ted Geoghegan, “We Are Still Here”

    Ted Geoghegan was born in Oregon, raised in Montana, and studied English at the University of Montana in Missoula, fine-tuning his skill as a screenwriter under the tutelage of the late Carroll O’Connor. From there, he took an unlikely turn: he went from Montana to being one of the few Americans involved in the underground German horror scene.

    In 2000, Geoghegan co-wrote German director Andreas Schnaas’ first English-language film, “Demonium”, and followed it with numerous genre features ...
  3. Review: Insidious 3

    I was introduced to Insidious in 2010 when director James Wan introduced the film at the Toronto International Film Festival. James Wan had previously been to TIFF six years prior wowing the Midnight Madness crowds with the first of what would become the Saw franchise. So there was some buzz around Insidious, but no one was breaking down the red carpet trailed doors when Wan brought his latest venture to the masses.

    The film was greeted with general acceptance ...

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  4. DVD Review: DEBUG

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    I never considered myself one of those computer aficionados - so much to the point that when one of these "hacker" movies springs up, I either boycott it so as to not hurt my delicate little head, or read up extensively on the feature so that I at least have a modicum of information as to what the hell I'll be watching.

    Fortunately, with David Hewlett's sci-fi/thriller DEBUG, all of the necessary pieces were in order, combined with ...
  5. Your Worst Nightmare, Cannibal Strippers: "Ladies of the House" (2014)

    A birthday outing with two brothers and a friend turns into a horrific fight for survival after they become trapped in a house with a "family" of malevolent women.

    Apparently this film was birthed by a single two-word phrase: "cannibal strippers". How do you take that combination and turn it into a feature-length film? If you happen to be talented (such as these filmmakers are), it apparently comes naturally. ...

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