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  1. DVD Review: All Hell Breaks Loose

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    Happy newlyweds, a satanic biker-gang...what could POSSIBLY go wrong here? In Jeremy Garner's dusty, gritty (and deviously funny) 70's exploitation throwback pic, All Hell Breaks Loose, we get to see the pure essence of good vs. evil...that is if you consider the essence of good to be a mousy, nerdy guy who looks like he's employed by The Geek Squad to save the day.

    Nonetheless, our contented and freshly united couple (Nick Forrest, Sarah ...
  2. Greek-American Horror: "The Zero Boys" (1986)

    A group of friends travel to a wilderness area to play a survival game. Soon they unexpectedly find themselves in a real-life survival situation.

    The first thing movie fans will probably notice about this film is that the score comes from Hans Zimmer, who has since become legendary. The score is remarkable, and if this was truly Zimmer's work, it is among his most fun and moving scores. You will not hear another score like it. Although not widely know, Frank Darabont (who is now a ...
  3. Review: Bunny The Killer Thing

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    There comes a time and a place when you've simply got to abandon all hope as far as how high you can hold a film in its regards, and simply say "f**k it - watch this now, just because!" Ladies and germs, welcome to Bunny The Killer Thing.

    With a premise that looks as if it was drawn up by a crowded room of drunk college students, we follow...well, a bunch of drunk youths partying in a secluded cabin. Sex, drugs, and tons of booze are ...
  4. DVD Review: Madness Of Many

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    Madness Of Many, directed by Kasper Juhl, is the stuff of nightmares...not necessarily the ones that keep you up at night with a mind crammed full of nightmarish imagery, but the never-ending feeling as if you still cant make heads or tails out of what the hell you just watched.

    The film follows Victoria, a young woman whose life has indeed been the epitome of trauma: beaten, raped, and neglected at every turn...and that's before things ...
  5. Blu-Ray Review: Bride Of Re-Animator

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    While not exactly the knockout hit that the original Re-Animator was, the next film down the line sure as hell got the Blu-Ray red carpet rolled out for its release from Arrow Films. Bride Of Re-Animator leaps out of your TV and into your lap like a freshly severed (and reanimated head), with a full complement of special features at it's disposal - quite simply, this is a MUST OWN for fans of the series.

    Dr. West (Jeffrey Combs) and Dan ...
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