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  1. Interview with ARMISTICE director Luke Massey

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    On this past January 7th, VOD services began showing a film from British Director Luke Massey entitled "Armistice" - aka "Warhouse" - it's about a Royal British Marine (Joseph Morgan) who wakes up in a home with virtually no escape, and each day he is forced to battle to the death, a demonic entity that threatens his very existence, all the while contending with the crushing effects of isolation & desperation. I can't begin to express the ...

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  2. To 4K or not to 4K

    I was in Best Buy the other day and I caught my first glimpse of the new 4K T.V.'s. Boy, was I impressed. It was like I was looking out of a window. The T.V. I was looking at was the high end Samsung 84" model, pretty much the creme de la creme of Ultra HD T.V.'s.

    You may be asking "Hey killerklown, what's 4K or Ultra HD?". Well, 4K, also known as Ultra HD, is roughly four times the resolution of 1080p. It's also the resolution of almost everything you see in the theater today. It ...

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  3. Movie Review: Sanitarium (2013)

    As horror fans we always claim that we want more anthology films. There are plenty out there for us to watch but there are far too many bad ones. In fact many of us may just pass them over. It is so hard to find a wrap around story that works effectively within an anthology films stories. Sanitarium is the newest anthology film effort this year. The title alone lends well to the wraparound story. The most difficult task has been avoided by simply using the wrap around story of patients in a nut ...
  4. Voodoo Possession: DVD Review

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    The act of relying upon a Hollywood heavyweight in order to make a movie look better merely by slapping their name on a film poster or DVD case is purely reprehensible, and we as the cinematic rubberneckers see these prominent monikers and bob for bait like fish in a bowl, waiting for the payoff that ultimately never arrives.

    "Voodoo Possession" is no exception to the previous paragraph's elongated caviat, and I ONCE AGAIN fell into ...
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