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  1. AndroidVirus presents: Halloween playlist 1-31!

    Tiss the season. Pumpkin carving. Days getting shorter, nights getting crisper. Why not add some soundtrack to the festivities with none other than Androidvirus's first Annual Halloween playlist 1-31! For all the days in October get it! When 31 is reached thats my #1 song for Halloween this year

    #1: Rob Zombie - Halloween (She Get So Mean)
    #2: Type O Negative-Creepy Green Light
    #3: Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures' - Honky Tonk Halloween
    #4: Groovie ...
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  2. Lord of Tears: DVD review

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    There are some filmmakers out there in celluloid-land that are completely content to crank out piece by piece of candy coated assembly line teenybopper crap, happily pocketing a lame paycheck regardless of how their work has been received by the masses...and then there are directors like Lawrie Brewster, who you can tell by his first terrifying creation, has the stuff to last a very long time in the industry, and does it with pride and respect for ...
  3. Halloween Home Haunts: DVD review

    Summary - Follow eight Home Haunters in their pursuit to transform their suburban homes into visions of the macabre. Their obsession with Halloween has lead them to spend thousands of dollars, dedicate countless hours and resources to create their horrific attractions. We'll meet all sorts of different haunters from basic yard haunts to some so extreme they go beyond their property lines.

    The question that weighs heavy on the haunter's mind while watching this DVD ...

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  4. Here's That Shaft Parody That Nobody Asked For

  5. Animated Childrens Movie Review: Monsterous Holiday

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    I know you guys are thinking that this is a strange review for the site. Since many of our readers have children and are often looking for something Halloween related to watch with their children. I was offered the opportunity to check out Monsterous Holiday and thought some of you would appreciate it for your children. Monsetrous Holiday has many big names attached to it. The voice actors include Drake Bell, Matthew Lillard, Jon Heder, Brooke Shields ...

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