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  1. DVD Review: Infected

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    Toss literally every zombie movie that you've seen over the past few years into a blender, hit "puree," and scrape the remnants off the wall AFTER you realized that you've left the lid off, and use those remnants to make your own zombie film...and I'll guarantee you that it will ring with an eerie similarity to all those prior films about the undead that have shambled before it, and Andrew Gilbert's INFECTED is no exception to that rule by any stretch. ...
  2. DVD Review: The Poltergeist Of Borley Forest

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    PLEASE, for the love of all that's unholy, don't take a squirt on my boot and tell me it's raining...and the same can be said for horror films. Don't advertise a movie with the premise of scaring me to death and after the credits have rolled, I received a bigger chill down my spine from watching those "little people" shows on TV (sorry, they creep me out - call me evil) - regardless, the selling point of saying you're going to give people nightmares ...
  3. Flesheater's Fury Road Blog

  4. DVD Review: On Tender Hooks

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    I've been cut from the mold as one of those horror film fanatics that can literally stomach ANYTHING that you splash at me - from beheadings to eviscerations, immolations, amputations and impalings ask me if I can stomach getting my blood drawn, or sitting through a lengthy tattoo session. Call me a skirt if the mood strikes you, but when the real blood starts even dripping, you'll probably find me on the floor.

    When ...
  5. DVD Review: Captain Z & the Terror Of Leviathan

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    Doomed: likely to have an unfortunate and inescapable outcome. The aforementioned definition seemed aptly put when I picked up the DVD artwork for Steve Rudzinski's Captain Z & the Terror Of Leviathan - obvious to even the simplest soul, this was going to be a low-budgeted presentation of the highest caliber, and with the best of intentions - let's stroll the plank, shall we?

    The movie's opening takes place in 1714, where a possessed ...

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