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  1. DVD review: Legend of the Hillbilly Butcher

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    Gritty, sleazy, but most of all...atrocious - the three words listed before you represent the most spot-on descriptive that I could possibly offer, and if by some odd stretch you happen to lay your eyes upon Legend of the Hillbilly Butcher, I'm fairly sure that you'll agree with the following assessment.

    Directed by Joaquin Montalvan, the film tells the story of Carl Henry Jessup (Paul Respass), a backwoods resident that spends his ...
  2. Interview with Director Scott Schirmer (Found)

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    I recently had the opportunity to speak for a few minutes with Director Scott Schirmer (director of the wildly-anticipated horror movie Found), and not only discuss his start at the wee-age of 6, but his take on the negative reactions to the film's much-talked about ending. Read on for an enlightening look at a filmmaker who has his hands full (and bloody!) - Enjoy !

    KR - Could you give the readers a little insight of ...

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  3. DVD review: Jesse

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    I'd always hoped for a sequel to Goodfellas......minus the Academy-Award winning performances, compelling storyline, plausible actions and the ability to enjoy the film as a whole- low and behold, I've found JUST what I was looking for in Fred Carpenter's Jesse.

    The movie plays out just as first identified: a low-budgeted mess that manages to perfect the usage of the term "disabled plot". Carpenter assembles a group of pseudo-mafiosos ...
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