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  1. A Nightmare on Elm Street - A True Story

    A Nightmare on Elm Street - A True Story

    The Story You Know:

    A Nightmare on Elm Street boasted a plot that was two parts Halloween, one part Jason and a dash of Christopher Nolan psycho-noir. It introduced a whole generation of children to insomnia in the form of Freddy Krueger, and is arguably the only decent movie Wes Craven ever made.

    What Inspired It:

    A true freaking story. While Freddy Krueger is the amalgamation of a bully from Craven's ...
  2. First day of prep on THE POSSESSION

    Word to all,

    TUESDAY, AUGUST 24, 2010

    So it has officially begun. THE POSSESSION is moving into production!

    Picked up producer Gregg Hale from BWI. Drove out to Hagerstown to look at two possible houses for Molly's joint in the movie. Pretty important since 90% of the film takes place there. House has to be creepy but not haunted house looking. Has to be believable that someone would live in that thing.

    The houses were good. Second one was best. ...
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  3. Family Bones Graphic Novel Review

    Family Bones is a comic book series that ran several years ago. What I'm reviewing here are all the comic books in that series compiled into two graphic novels titled: Family Bones Volume one and two. They're both printed in black and white - which might have originally been to keep costs down - but I found it very fitting for some reason. It’s also worth noting that there will only be two volumes. The story comes to a close by the end of the second book.

    The story is about a young ...

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  4. Horror Movie Freak Book Review

    “Horror Movie Freak” is a compilation book of horror movies that covers a wide range of subgenres and decades. The meat of the book is broken down by different subgenres like: Asian Horror, Monsters, Psychopaths, Ghost Stories, Vampires, Zombies, Aliens, etc. In each of these categories writer Don Summer features anywhere from five to ten films that he believes are the must see's for this subgenre.

    For instance, in the Asian Horror subgenre he includes: Audition, Uzumaki, The Host, ...

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  5. Horror Film Festivals: the Big Scam

    Horror Film Festivals: the Big Scam

    This column is a month late despite my efforts to finish it on time. In truth, I wrote three previous versions but shredded them all because they sounded too angry, which was not my intention. But it’s hard not to sound angry when writing about some of the hucksters who run some of the horror film festivals out there on the backs and wallets of independent filmmakers. And frankly, I don't give a damn who I piss off; I love making films, but I ...
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