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  1. Never Too Young to Die(1987)

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    I grew up in an era exemplified by gender confusion, fear, and paranoia - monsters that played out on television every night, but were more like multiple personalities every messed-up human being shared. As a child, I went sleepless well into the night, burdened by my impending doom. Missiles, in far ...
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  2. DVD Review: Auteur

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    "Just cause you share the last name of yer Daddy, doesn't mean that your product will be the same!"

    I'll have to forgive myself for ripping AUTEUR a new one, because it's not necessarily the WORST product that's been tossed down the hopper, but on the other hand, I wouldn't go as far to label this groundbreaking either. Director G.Cameron Romero (son of zombie emperor George) lays down a feature that takes the indie filmmaking industry ...
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  3. DVD Review: Roadside

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    Chalk yet ANOTHER reason as to why you shouldn't decide to take that road trip to relatives' homes to celebrate Christmas, because if it ain't the price of fuel or the crappy weather conditions, its the homicidal maniac hiding in the woods with a bolt-action rifle, waiting to snipe someone's head off of their shoulders...was it the high gas prices that scared ya?

    From Director Eric England (CONTRACTED) comes the back-road terror ROADSIDE ...
  4. Review: The Dooms Chapel Horror

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    Take 1 part of documentary-styled footage, plus 1 part creepy cult-like activity, and sprinkle with a little creature-feature on top, and you've got a really nice concoction that will act as a remedy for those blues you get when you're feigning for some of that late 80's midnight-madness horror we all used to watch way back in the day.

    THE DOOMS CHAPEL HORROR, directed by John Holt, and produced by Chris Bower, more than fills the bill ...

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  5. Review: It Follows (2014)

    Sex in horror films has always been a staple. As Nancy Allen narrates in the 1984 horror documentary Terror in the Aisles, “You are never more vulnerable than when you are naked.” A good horror movie without sex is like toast without butter, peaches without cream, blood pudding without pudding.

    This notion is not lost on writer/director David Robert Mitchell’s new horror feature, It Follows which has travelled the festival circuit the past year picking up momentum ...
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