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  1. Blu-ray Review: "A Taste of Blood" (1967)

    A Miami businessman, John Stone (Bill Rogers, "Santo Versus the Vampire Women"), receives a parcel from England containing two old bottles of Slivovitz brandy from his recently deceased ancestor, and after drinking both bottles, becomes a vampire.

    The story started from a screenplay by Donald Stanford (his only credit), who claimed to Lewis that he intended this film to be a vehicle for Frank Sinatra. Originally, the film had a title referencing "Dr. Alucard", ...
  2. SiREN Trailer Is Unleashed - See It Here!

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    Good news for fans of the mysterious woman who swears "I like you!" - Based upon the short film from the first V/H/S movie, this full-length feature will be hitting select theaters on December 2nd of this year, and will be followed by a run on VOD, Digital HD and DVD on December 6th. If you can't wait any longer, feel free to feast your eyes on the trailer below.

  3. Movie Review: The Windmill (2016)

    The Windmill is the newest film form Nick Jongerius. He has worked on several films over the years from producer, writer, and director but most notably he was a producer/second unit director for Frankensteinís Army. Frankensteinís Army was a film that was a surprise hit to many taking on a unique approach to the found Footage genre. After hearing he was working on an upcoming slasher flick it had my interest immediately. Let me give you ...
  4. DVD Review: The Inhabitants

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    When approached with the possibility of purchasing and subsequently fixing up a dilapidated New England bed and breakfast, a seemingly happy couple (Michael Reed and Elise Couture Stone) find out that their new lease on life might just be the beginning of the end for their lives...did that tease make you cringe with fear? Yeah, me neither.

    Directed by Michael and Shawn Rasmussen, The Inhabitants uses a little bit of The Salem Witch Trials ...
  5. DVD Review: The Invoking 3: Poltergeist Dimensions

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    There comes a time when the white flag has just GOT to be raised, whether it's an admission of defeat, surrender, or someone on the opposing team saying "give me a f**king break, I've had enough!" In any event, by the time the third curtain had lifted on the Invoking series of films, it's safe to say that the aforementioned flag should have been waving loud and proud a long time ago.

    This installment, titled The Invoking 3: Poltergeist ...
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