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One Undead Step: book review

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The beauty in the deepness of creativity is to be able to delve so far down that the surrounding realm is subterranean to a certain degree - tactile details drape around your neck like a well-worn garment, allowing you to take a bit of each meticulously scripted component along with you - and for that I give you the writing of Mr. Ian McClellan.

I was fortunate enough to read his book "Zombie/ Apocalypse 2012" for review a short time ago (give my review a look), and was even more fortuitous to have been contacted by him recently to check out his latest scroll, titled "One Undead Step", and as good writing would allow, this exceeded my expectations wholeheartedly. The novel itself is about the government stepping in (as usual) to create a smokescreen to block the American public's view of a destructive zombie apocalypse by creating a "lunar landing"....oddly enough, the year is 1969 and the craft is the Apollo 11. We're following a large contingent of varying characters as they attempt to survive the rampaging undead, unbeknownst to them what is actually occurring, and THIS is what makes the story so very strong.

Amidst the horrors of a full-blown zombie outbreak that is ravaging the city (soon to be the country....then the world), our wholesome & decent government (picking up on my sarcasm ?) begins the arduous task of fabricating a celestial touchdown in order to distract the people's consciousness regarding the already disastrous situation they're currently contending with.....gotta love the powers-that-be when their minds are -a - cookin ! Nonetheless, both of the ensuing actions cause people both near & far to alter their thoughts & everyday operations to deal with the ever-changing plane of events - soldiers will begin to question their orders, civilians will test their fate at every turn - the bottom line here is NO ONE, surviving or not, will be the same as memory will serve.

McClellan's industrious attention to the particulars is what makes this read SO dead-on righteous & inviting - each skull-splitting zombie execution is graphically detailed with so much fervor, you'll swear YOU were the one marching out the killing orders yourself. Lovers of humor will have their cravings sufficed as well, as laughing comes in both small & large bites here - a flavorsome blend of fear & apprehension collide with amusing & melodramatic ingredients to create a read that frankly, any reader could jump into - not just necessarily the horror set, but Sci-Fi addicts as well. So, if it's a mix of bloodthirsty zombies combating with the backdrop of an already corrupt governmental system contriving what we thought (as a collective) to be one of U.S. history's greatest moments, then click your mouse till it squeaks on over to Amazon and grab yourself a Kindle copy for only $2.99 - WELL WORTH THE 3 BUCKS, SO DO IT !!

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