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Tom Holland's Twisted Tales: DVD review

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Horror anthologies, however they may be presented, can either be a thing of beauty that can be adulated over and over for the glorious celebration of terrifying tales that are encapsulated inside......OR it can be likened to that reaction you get when a friend or relative whips out that pic of their "less than photogenic" child....your stomach tightens up and your facial expressions twist to resemble that of a jackal that has contracted a hybrid-form of rabies....trying your damndest to not projectile-vomit all over them....okay, that last example may have been a LITTLE extreme, but in any fashion a good start to any anthology set is the direction & production of a horror heavyweight that knows how to make the skin crawl...enter Mr. Tom Holland & his "Twisted Tales".

This blockbuster 9-story collection from the director of "Child's Play & "Fright Night" (just to name a couple), and writer of "Psycho II", was a web series that originally aired on FearNet, and features some of the genre's more noticeable faces and offers numerous yarns of revenge, hauntings, & generally anything under the dark & supernatural scope. I'll offer a general rundown of each tale (not wanting to give too much away) - so sit back & read on !

Tale #1: "Fred & His GPS - A murderous husband (AJ Bowen- Hatchet II, You're Next) is a man on the run, looking for a way out after offing his wife- his only friend now is his GPS, which may be providing his best route of escape, or is it ?

Tale #2: "To Hell With You" - A woman (scream queen extraordinaire Danielle Harris) who was recently dumped by her boyfriend, gets the opportunity to exact her revenge at the hands of a mysterious dark stranger (William Forsythe)...but it comes at a LARGE price.

Tale #3: "Boom" - A former Army bomb disposal technician (Noah Hathaway - "Sushi Girl") creates a "game" for his friend to play after suspecting that he and his wife (Sarah Butler - "I Spit on Your Grave") have been spending some time between the sheets.

Tale #4: "Mongo's Magik Mirror" - A mysterious mirror owned by street magician "Mongo the Magnificent" (Ray Wise - "Robocop" & "Twin Peaks") grabs the attention of a young illusionist & his assistant - the device allows users to step inside and see themselves as they've never done before....but does ANYTHING ever truly work properly ?

Tale #5: "Bite" - a treat for all the smokers out there - the latest designer drug has some less than hallucinogenic results for the users involved. Promising visions of the future, a young man (Cameron Banfield- 'Beyond the Darkness") tries out some new product.....and the side-effects are simply ravenous.

Tale #6: "Shockwave" - What could ruin a nice dinner amongst friends other than the prospect of doomsday ?.....well, when the inevitable actually happens, a foursome including Angela Bettis ("May" & "The Woman), & James Duval ("Donnie Darko"), are left to fend for themselves...and against each other...see what the end of the world can do to true friendship.

Tale #7: "Cached: - We all know how frustrating technology can be at times, but can it be the cause of murder ? A couple of low-level muggers (Jose Pablo Cantillo from "The Walking Dead" & Jonathan Chase from "The Gingerdead Man") attempt to rob a distraught man - after he commits suicide, the duo steal his iPad, which contains some VERY interesting content.

Tale #8: "The Pizza Guy" - A teen (Erin Aine Smith - "Quarantine 2"), who still grieves for her dead sister, concocts a satanic ritual in the hopes of contacting her.....then the pizza guy (Marc Senter - " Cabin Fever 2") shows up. Yeah, you heard it right. Get ready for extra toppings with this one !

Tale #9: - "Vampire's Dance" - A woman (Lisa McClowry) who is in search of her missing roommate, stumbles upon a dance club where the patrons party well after the sun goes down....vampire style.

When all's said and done, "Twisted Tales" won't scare the cheeze-whiz out of you, or make your mind tumble with wonderment, but what it WILL do is provide a decent 2 hour time-killer for those who just want some fun, schlocky, midnight entertainment. Tom Holland's ultra-creative mind is definitely on display with this collection, and we as horror aficionados can only appreciate what he has to present us with - the DVD releases on March 18th, so give it a spin & ENJOY !

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