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Son of Ghostman: DVD review

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If you're looking for horror, look no further......just DON'T look for it with this feature - not that this is a bad thing, you just shouldn't eyeball the cover and expect to have your horror funny-buttons tweaked.

From Director/Writer/Producer/Actor Kurt Larson comes "Son of Ghostman", a fun little romantic comedy that will hit the farcical pinpoints in its narration about a winsome fellow named Denny (Devin Ordoyne) who's life has recently hit the skids - his girlfriend has walked out the door, and he's lost his job, he now spends his days growing roots into his couch and wondering what happened to his past. His main rival in life (and dating back to high-school days), Rick Heenan (played by Larson himself) has the sweet gig of "DraCool", a local cable-TV horror host who is CLEARLY got no clue how to honor and respect the time-tested traditions of the figures of the past - but more importantly....the guy's a class-A DOUCHE....sorry, there's simply no other way to label this more delicately.

Denny yearns for the days of his favorite (retired) shlock emcee, "Ghostman", and his ways of captivating an audience, so why not make that massive jump into the theatre of the bizarre and attempt to carry on the good name of his former hero ? it would be a great way to get back at his hated competitor. So, after a less than successful night of imbibing MANY cocktails, coating his face with some greasepaint (ala Ghostman), and a mini-rant into his Go-pro, Denny wakes up to find his embarrassing actions now in the hands of the local malcontent that resides in his condo-complex, Zack (Matthew Boehm), who thinks Denny MAY be onto something here. We then grab Denny's best bud Carlo (Marlon Correa - in a VERY funny role) to round out the rag-tag production team and dub Denny " Son of Ghostman".

The first production is nothing short of a disaster, but oddly, it catches on amongst the online community - sooner than later, the Son of Ghostman is a certifiable train-wreck kind of hit - you KNOW it's bad, but oddly enough you can't pry your eyes away from it. DraCool is feeling the pressure, and things look to be flowing smoothly - the only problem is Denny's latest love-interest, Claire (Angela Gulner), who is also Zack's aunt, has NO clue who Denny's alter-ego is...somewhat reminiscent of the Superman-Lois Lane-Clark Kent triangle...but
not quite. In any event we're left with a good-feeling kind of film with that nod to the fun days of cable TV monster movie hosts, and Larson provides not only an entertaining look at the aforementioned topic, but does so both behind the screen and in front of it - his performance of DraCool reminds us all of that guy in school (and life) that just needs that one punch to solve all of your troubles - good stuff indeed.

Overall, I'd definitely recommend "Son of Ghostman" to those who are looking for a fun way to spend 90+ minutes, so grab the one you love, settle in, and enjoy a movie created (and maintained) on a shoestring budget that not only looks great, but charms the viewer as well - watch and enjoy !

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